Sunday, June 26, 2016

The EU made this happen and now they want someone else to deal with it. The Brits were right to leave this cesspool of tyranny.

'MOVE JUNGLE TO UK' Calais mayor sparks furious row after demanding that squalid migrant camp be moved to Britain

French politicians say if we want to take back our freedom then we have to take back our border
THE mayor of Calais says migrants living in the Jungle camp and others in France should be moved to Britain so Brits “take the consequences” of Brexit.
Natacha Bouchart wants a revision of the border deal between France and the UK, which at the moment sees border checks carried out in Calais to stop those trying to get to Britain illegally.
Jungle camp
Migrant camps are becoming a political issue in France again after Britain voted to leave the EU
Jungle camp
Natacha Bouchart says the migrant camps should be moved to Britain because we voted to leave the EU

Natacha Bouchart
Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart is pushing for Britain to take back its border
Speaking on French TV station BFM, she said: “The British must take the consequences of their choice.
“We are in a strong position to push, to press this request for a review and we are asking the president [Francois Hollande] to bring his weight [to the issue].”
“It is we who accept the hot potato.”

    The mayor says Britain voting for Brexit undermines the so-called Bouquet deal reached between the two countries in 2003 which defined the rules of border control between France and Britain.
    Ms Bouchart said the deal requires renegotiation and said: “there must be an element of division, of sharing.”
    Her view is backed up by the president of the Hauts-de-France region, Xavier Bertrand, who said: “The English wanted to take back their freedom, they must take back their border.”
    Xavier Bertrand
    President of the Hauts-de-France region Xavier Bertrand backs the Calais mayor’s view about what should happen to the camps
    Earlier this year he referred to the Touquet treaty as “obsolete and outdated”.
    But a French government spokeswoman said Brexit would not affect bilateral immigration agreements.
    She said: “On the question of immigration, to be clear, British exit from the European Union will not lead to changes in terms of immigration treaties with United Kingdom.
    “These are bilateral treaties.”

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