“Top Gun” actress Kelly McGillis posted a harrowing account of an attack she experienced earlier this month.
McGillis wrote on Facebook that she returned to her Hendersonville home June 17 to find a light on and her front door unlocked. She says she was soon confronted by a woman who attacked her when she ran outside to call 911 and took her cellphone.
Fortunately, McGillis escaped the attack with only minor scratches and bruises. However, the incident has inspired the actress, already a gun owner, to “get a conceal and carry permit.”
WTVD-TV reports 38-year-old Laurence Dorn was arrested. She’s charged with stalking, assault and battery and other counts. There was no phone listing for her.
Less than a week after the home invasion, McGillis proved she is serious about defending herself with a firearm. She has taken the required course and visited a range to practice her gun skills.
Judging from the photo posted on her Facebook page, intruders might think twice about breaking into her home.
One of McGillis’ Facebook fans saw the photo from the gun range and commented, “Good shot girl post that on your front door!!!!”
Read the entire account of the home invasion and McGillis’ survival:
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