Sunday, February 5, 2023

What passes for intelligence in the white hating black racists

Anti-Racism Center at U. Minnesota Blames White Supremacy for Killing of Tyre Nichols

“We reject the dehumanization of structural racism, and we refuse to grow numb to racialized violence.”

Proof government has too much money on hand

Texas Company Obtains $150 Million in Funding to Bring Back Dodo Bird

Fortunately, returning T-Rex is not on the agenda.

Violence and drugs

Cocaine capital: Antwerp fears drug-related attacks may rise

Teri Schultz in Antwerp
February 4, 2023

Europe's second-biggest port of Antwerp is its No.1 cocaine hub. Teri Schultz looks at how a looming crackdown on the booming trade may affect levels of violence.

Have you ever made a financial decision based on a celebrity endorsement?

Apologize for what? ... sensitivity as a fragile are the kids?

New York school, food vendor apologize for serving chicken and waffles on first day of Black History Month

One by one leaving NYC

NYC crime drove ‘Mama Bear’ and family to ‘calmer’ surroundings in South Carolina

Why Democrats hate Gov. Desantis

Exclusive — Vice Chair of FL GOP Christian Ziegler: Only 17,000 of the Net 1 Million Moving to the State Registered Democrat

Hot Air: No Global Warming for Eight Years

Hot Air: No Global Warming for Eight Years

Not very bright terrorists

Militant NY couple get a combined 20 yrs in prison for providing material support to Islamic State terrorists

ouch,,,Tifosi will wear

$240K Ferrari gets stuck in elevator shaft in Palm Beach, Florida

The Pulitzer Prize turns out to be nothing more then another Democrat operation with no morals

The "Russiagate" narrative, which permeated mainstream news coverage during the Trump years, was dismantled in an exhaustive four-part series in the Columbia Journalism Review by investigative reporter Jeff Gerth.

The panel that awarded Pulitzer Prizes to the New York Times and Washington Post for reporting related to the discredited Trump-Russia collusion narrative has gone mum as it faces new scrutiny following publication of a four-part series in the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) documenting the establishment media pillars' lapses from their claimed journalistic standards. 

Dishonesty from the President and (politicized) military leaders.There is something not quite right here

Report: Biden Administration Tried to Hide Chinese Spy Balloon from American Public

The Biden administration was aware of the Chinese spy balloon entering United States airspace on January 28 but tried to hide its existence from the American people until being forced to go public, according to a report on Saturday.

Bloomberg News reported that the Biden administration was “well aware” that the balloon had entered U.S. airspace on Saturday, January 28, but decided to keep quiet about it so as not to ruin a planned trip by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to China.

A request worthy of North Korea

Meth the destroyer of lives


Pedophiles are a real societal problem


Fentanyl ?

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Naked Russian imperialism: Moldova

Russia steps up threats against Republic of Moldova

Vitalie Calugareanu | Robert Schwartz
4 hours ago

Russia's foreign minister has warned that Moldova could meet the same fate as Ukraine. He says that the West is stirring up anti-Russian sentiment. Moldova has rejected his comments as propaganda.

Leftist governments care about the environment except when it's inconvenient

Brazil sinks warship in Atlantic amid environmental concerns

21 hours ago

The ghost ship had been rejected entry by multiple ports after concerns over toxic material. Environmental groups said the move was "dangerous," while Brazil insisted the sinking was carried out safely.

Truth in humor

Those of us old enough to recall when "Seinfeld" ruled the TV universe in the waning years of the previous century no doubt remember a famous scene showing Jerry answering a phone call from a telemarketer who asks if he's interested in switching long-distance phone carriers.

"I can't talk right now," Jerry replies. "Why don't you give me your home phone number, and I'll call you later?"

Settled science is a myth!

Jupiter's moon count jumps to 92, most in solar system

Astronomers have discovered 12 new moons around Jupiter, putting the total count at a record-breaking 92.|

Musk acquitted

Jury clears Elon Musk of wrongdoing related to 2018 Tesla tweets

The verdict by the nine jurors was reached after less that two hours of deliberation following a three-week trial and represents a major vindication for Elon Musk.|

Criminal gangs destroy the fabric of society

Two gang members arrested after gunfight with cops over killing of teen mom clutching baby, five relatives

Guilty as charged

Rensselaer county exec accuses AG Letitia James of anti-white racism

The hubris of the Greens face the realities of nature

Arctic blast freezes the Northeast: Mount Washington records wind chills of -104F - the lowest temperature EVER recorded in the US as officials warn icy weather could cause frost bite in just 10 minutes in most areas

  • New Hampshire's Mount Washington, the Northeast's highest peak measured record breaking wind chills of -104 F and wind speeds over 100mph 
  • Dangerous wind chills were likely in an area stretching from northern Pennsylvania to Maine starting early on Friday and through Saturday evening
  • As Northeast was dealing with the cold blast, Texas and parts of the South were dealing with the aftermath of a winter storm that brought days of freezing rain

Unbelievable job numbers largely seasonal adjustments...who watches the BLS?

January’s ‘too good to be true’ jobs report was based on 'adjustments'

Bloomberg, which exists to serve active traders on Wall Street, is throwing shade on the January jobs report that “surprised” a lot of people with its positive numbers. Before addressing the technical factors used to produce the rosy numbers, consider the buried lede hundreds of words into the piece: Stripped of all the technical jargon is this stark reality:

On an unadjusted basis, payrolls actually fell by 2.5 million last month.

 Molly Smith writes:

Employers added 517,000 jobs in January — nearly double the prior month’s advance and above all estimates in a Bloomberg survey. The unemployment rate also unexpectedly retreated to 3.4%, the lowest since 1969, according to Labor Department data released Friday.

Those are the numbers that grabbed headlines and enabled Team Biden to claim credit for what they want to bamboozle the public into thinking we have a great economy.  But it turns out that there were changes in the way the data were gathered and reported that made things look rosier:

The Balloon is intended to distract from the bad for Biden news cycle. Remember this US General? Are we compromized?

Exclusive — Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke on Chinese Spy Balloon: ‘An Embarrassment We Took No Action’

Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke (R) called the Biden administration allowing the Chinese to float a spy balloon into the United States’s airspace “an embarrassment.”

“I think it’s an embarrassment that we took no action, not even diplomatically and say, you know, ‘Warning, warning warning, don’t do this. We’re gonna follow it,'” he told Breitbart News on Friday in an exclusive phone interview.

U.S. top general secretly called China over fears Trump could spark war -report

WASHINGTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) - The top U.S. general secretly called his Chinese counterpart twice over concerns then-President Donald Trump could spark a war with China as his potential election loss loomed and in its aftermath, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

U.S. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called General Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army on Oct. 30, 2020 - four days before the election - and again on Jan. 8, two days after Trump supporters led a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol, the newspaper reported.

"I do not need to tell of you the dangers posed by senior military officers leaking classified information on U.S. military operations, but I will underscore that such subversion undermines the President’s ability to negotiate and leverage one of this nation’s instruments of national power in his interactions with foreign nations," Rubio said in a letter to Biden.

Homeless people are the activists's how they either make their living or virtue signal


This is how free pedophile teachers feel in the schools