Saturday, October 31, 2020

Another protect the criminal riot...

Vancouver, Washington erupts after cops fatally shoot black man

A police killing of an armed black man in Washington state touched off a violent showdown between Black Lives Matter and Antifa followers that raged until the early hours of Saturday.

Dozens from both movements descended on Vancouver from nearby Portland, Oregon, roughly 15 miles away, to protest the death of Kevin Peterson Jr., a 21-year-old black man who sheriff’s deputies fatally shot Thursday night after he fired on them, a journalist on the scene reported.

The demonstrators infiltrated a crowd that gathered Friday evening to honor Peterson, who played football in high school and just had a new daughter.

Shortly before the candlelight vigil, hundreds chanted “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “Black Lives Matter!” the Columbian reported. Signs on the fence of a bank parking lot nearby read “Scream His Name” and “Stop the Lynching.”

Down the street stood counterprotesters of all kinds — some carrying weapons, others waving American flags and pro-Trump flags. Then, tempers flared. The sides went after each other.

They pulled each other to the pavement, throwing jabs and kicking. They moved to smash the windows of businesses, burned American flags, fired guns into the air and cursed the police, journalist Andy Ngo tweeted.

“Death to your f–king empire,” shouted a man burning a flag.

In the crowd was Jarrett Byrd, a Black man, who came to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

“There’s a lawlessness in our law enforcement,” Byrd told the Columbian.

Peterson’s family remembered their loved one on social media and questioned why the Clark County Sheriff’s Office took so long to make the shooting public, the Seattle Times reported.

“Kevin did everything for me … doesn’t matter what it was or what time he always came when i asked. I regret every argument please come back,” his girlfriend, Olivia Selto, wrote on Twitter. “I miss him so much already.”

Narcotics officers, according to Sheriff Chuck Atkins, believed Peterson was selling illegal drugs and met him in a motel parking lot. A chase followed. Peterson showed a handgun. The officers backed off and Peterson ran again.

Vigil Held For Black Man Shot And Killed By Police In Washington State

A short time later, three deputies fired at Peterson. They found a handgun at the scene. Atkins expressed condolences to Peterson’s family and urged the community not to rush to judgment.

“There is always the potential for misinformation, doubt and confusion — and there may be those who wish to sow seeds of doubt,” he said in a statement.

The investigation has been turned over to the Southwest Washington Independent Investigation Team, and the Camas Police Department is taking the lead, Atkins said.

The left hates police unless it suits their needs

Trump supporters gave the Biden-Harris bus a big Texas welcome

Joe Biden is a thug no different then Antifa or BLM rioters

The presidential candidates are ready to throw down

"chased away by the mob and ridiculed as being part of the “synagogue of Satan" BLM is Louis Farrakhan in spirit and purpose

BLM mob violently chases Jewish men showing ‘solidarity’ at Philadelphia protest

Jewish men who said they were trying to show “solidarity” with Black Lives Matter protesters were violently chased away by the mob and ridiculed as being part of the “synagogue of Satan,” according to disturbing video posted online.

The minute-long clip circulating on social mediashows three men standing in the street during the protests sparked by the deadly police shooting of troubled local black man Walter Wallace.

“Amalek, what y’all doing down here? You don’t live here,” someone asks the men, referencing the Amalek tribe, which the Jewish Virtual Library sayswas the first enemy of the ancient Israelites.

“Y’all know we the real Jews, right?” continues the raspy-voiced man, who appears to be the one filming the clip.

“This ain’t your fight. Y’all gotta go,” another man tells them, as others start ganging up on them, shouting for them to leave.

“We’re just showing solidarity,” one of the Jewish men politely tells them, agreeing to leave but being surrounded and repeatedly told, “Get the f–k out!”

One of the protest group, hiding behind a full-face mask, violently pushes one of the Jewish men, and several appear to follow them as the abuse continues as they leave.

“Philly waking up. Revelation 2:09, the synagogue of Satan,” the man who confronted them says as they leave.

Enlarge ImageA video on twitter showing men wearing yarmulkes being asked to leave the protest in Philadelphia

The term is commonly used by extremists in the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Yaacov Behrman, the founder of the Jewish Future Alliance, said he spoke to one of the victims, who told him he “feared for his life.”

“This needs to be condemned by all!” wrote Behrman, who is also a spokesman for Lubavitch Chabad.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center said it showed that “40 years of Louis Farrakhan’s themes of poisonous Jew-hatred” was “now embedded among young protesters.”

Liora Rez, director of the Stop Antisemitism watchdog group, told the Jewish Journal that throughout recent protests, “Jews have been right by the side of the African American community.”

“This physical and verbal assault is a spit in our faces,” Rez said. “We have enough division in this country, the African American leaders need to step up and denounce this immediately!”

The group also shared a tweet saying, “Fighting racism with antisemitism is not fighting racism. it’s just spreading more hatred.”

What happens when history is not taught and the virus of the left is left to fester


“Not Pro-Black”: Wisconsin Students Unanimously Vote To Remove Lincoln Statue As Racist

We previously discussed the effort at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to have the famous statue of Abraham Lincoln removed as racist.  The student government has now voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that calls for the removal of the Abraham Lincoln statue on campus. The students declared that the president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, advocated for the 13th Amendment, and led the war against the South and slavery was “not pro-Black” and a “remnant of White Supremacy.”  That would likely have come as something of a surprise to John Wilkes Booth.

One issue that was raised by student is that Lincoln ordered the execution of 38 Dakota men and signed the Homestead Act, which gave settlers land forcibly taken from Native Americans.

1904paintingAttackNewUlmAntonGagAs I previously discussed, Lincoln’s role in the Dakota executions is legitimately controversial but has been presented without some countervailing facts.  The Sioux or Dakota uprising occurred not long after Minnesota became a state and involved the death of hundreds of settlers.  The Army crushed the Sioux and captured hundreds.  A military tribunal sentenced 303 to death for alleged crimes against civilians and other crimes.  The trial itself was a farce with no real representation or reliable evidence.  Lincoln reviewed the transcripts of the 303 and told the Senate:

“Anxious to not act with so much clemency as to encourage another outbreak on one hand, nor with so much severity as to be real cruelty on the other, I ordered a careful examination of the records of the trials to be made, in view of first ordering the execution of such as had been proved guilty of violating females.”

However, only two men were found guilty of rape and Lincoln later expanded the criteria to include those who participated in “massacres” of civilians as opposed to battles with the Army.

Lincoln however commuted the sentence of 264 of the 303 convicted.

This is not the first time Lincoln has faced the ire of some in Wisconsin. When Lincoln called the nation to war against the South, many in Wisconsin did not support the cause and rioted against Lincoln.  Ultimately, however, Wisconsin sent multiple regiments who fought valiantly in the War and sacrificed much to defeat both the South and slavery.

Having a statue to a leader like Lincoln is not an endorsement of his entire legacy. I have heavily criticized Lincoln for the unconstitutional suspension of habeas corpus and the loss of free speech rights as well as other decisions.  We learn from such public memorials, which can be augmented with a more full historical context and criticism.  However, to say that Lincoln is a symbol of white supremacy ignores his pivotal role in fighting slavery, a cause for which he would ultimately give his own life.

Here is the  petition in support of keeping the statue where it is if you want to support Old Abe.

The players in the DNC created Russiagate hoax

Memos show Clinton-DNC effort to tie Trump to Russia began as early as May 2016 in Ukraine, but Mueller didn't include in final report.

Updated: October 31, 2020 - 11:20am

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office gathered evidence suggesting that Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee launched a political "smear job" in spring 2016 tying Donald Trump to Russia collusion through the lobbying work of his campaign chairman Paul Manafort in Ukraine, according to memos that were excluded from the prosecutor's final report.

The evidence, reviewed by Just the News, includes information obtained by State Department officials from a trusted Ukrainian source, a private investigator's report, and an email exchange suggesting Tony Podesta — a Manafort business associate and brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta — tried at one point to slow down the opposition research project.

The evidence — which is additional to records showing the law firm for the Clinton campaign and the DNC funded the infamous "Steele dossier" given to the FBI — was never mentioned in last year's vast, two-volume Mueller Report, which concluded that no Americans colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

The newly surfaced evidence bolsters separate intelligence reporting that Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe made public recently showing the Obama CIA also believed Clinton's campaign had launched a political dirty trick to "vilify" Trump on Russia in an effort to distract from her own controversies.

"We did have evidence to show that early collusion allegations against Trump and Manafort were created or propagated by people who either worked for the DNC or the Clinton campaign, including some efforts that went beyond the Steele dossier," a person with direct knowledge of the Mueller probe told Just the News.

The person spoke only on condition of anonymity because the person did not have permission to speak to the news media.

Asked why the Mueller report did not mention the Clinton campaign tactics, the source answered: "Our job was to report on and prosecute crimes, not write an essay on how political opposition research was conducted by the two parties."

Unredacted emails and other documents gathered by Mueller's team suggest the earliest hint of the Democrats' Russia collusion smear campaign emerged in a May 2016 email exchange between Democratic super-lobbyist Tony Podesta and Manafort's lead business manager in Ukraine, Rick Gates, who also worked as a deputy campaign manager for the Trump campaign. The thread appeared under the subject line: "DNC and Paul Manafort."

Though on opposite sides of the political spectrum, Tony Podesta, Manafort and Gates worked together on lobbying and political consulting projects related to Ukraine's Party of Regions and former President Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted from power in 2014.

"Last Friday APAC had a meeting at DNC organized by their ethnic outreach office, presenting Democratic Party strategies for presidential elections," Gates emailed Tony Podesta on May 17, 2016. "One of the subjects was a smear campaign against Paul Manafort, which will be launched in a couple of days. The head of the ethnic outreach is of Ukrainian descent and has connections in Ukraine.

"She was able to produce documents linking Manafort to Moscow during his time as adviser to Victor Yanukowych (cq), ousted former Ukrainian president. They will try to link Donald Trump to Putin through Manafort's engagement and money trail of over [a] billion dollars. This was a formal presentation on the part of DNC — I am trying to obtain an audio tape from the meeting. I just wanted to share this with you to make you aware before they start."

Tony Podesta responded by asking what APAC was and Gates wrote back: "You will love this one ... the American Polish Advisory Council."

A few days later, Podesta reported back to Gates in a May 23, 2016 email: "Think I slowed this down."

Other documents show how Gates and Manafort got a first-hand account of what happened at the APAC event with Chalupa from an official with the Polish lobby. 

In an interview, Gates confirmed to Just the News that the email exchanges occurred and said that Podesta eventually disclosed to the Manafort team that the DNC's lead figure on the opposition research campaign targeting Trump was a Ukrainian-American woman and DNC contractor named Alexandra Chalupa.

Gates, who later pled guilty to financial crimes and became a cooperating witness in the Mueller probe, added that he was questioned by the prosecutor's team about Chalupa's work and his contacts with Podesta.

"In interview sessions with the Special Counsel's office I was asked about two issues related to Tony Podesta," Gates said. "The first was a series of emails between Tony and me about questions posed by the Associated Press in relation to the lobbying work that Paul's firm and Tony's firm did in Ukraine.

"The second issue was an email exchange I had with Tony Podesta in spring 2016 requesting Tony's help and support about a political opposition project that was being orchestrated by the DNC against Paul Manafort to falsely tie him to Russia as a means of suggesting Trump was tied to Russia," he added. "I told the Special Counsel I reached out to Tony at Paul's request to see if he could help."Tony came back to me and identified the DNC operative who was running the operation as Alexandra Chalupa, the head of their ethnic coalitions. Tony also indicated he believed he had been successful in slowing down the opposition research against Paul."

In answers to emailed questions, Tony Podesta told Just the News that the May 2016 email exchange "looks authentic," but he vehemently disputed Gates' claim that he intervened with the DNC to slow down any anti-Trump research or even knew Chalupa's name.

"Never did anything," Podesta wrote. "Didn't tell him Chalupa was at DNC. Didn't know about Chalupa."

"Don't remember what it refers to but clearly not Chalupa and Manafort," he added.  

Chalupa, John Podesta, the DNC and Hillary Clinton's office did not immediately return requests seeking comment.

Chalupa's name first emerged in January 2017, when a Politico article reported she had contacts with the Ukrainian embassy in Washington and worked extensively to try to expose Manafort's and Trump's ties to Russia during the 2016 election.

In early spring 2016, according to the article, she briefed the DNC's communications staff on Manafort, Trump and their ties to Russia. In an email to the DNC communications director, she said that she'd provided information on Manafort to journalist Michael Isikoff and connected him to Ukrainian journalists for more dirt on Manafort.DNC officials told Politico at the time that Chalupa undertook her investigations into Trump, Manafort and Russia on her own. Chalupa told CNN In July 2017 that she "was not an opposition researcher for the DNC, and the DNC never asked me to go to the Ukrainian Embassy to collect information." She posted on Facebook shortly after publication of the Politico story that it was nonsense.

However, according to Politico, a former DNC official acknowledged that Chalupa was encouraged by the DNC to ask embassy staff to arrange to have then-Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko discuss Manafort's ties to former president Yanukovych. 

Democrats have tried over the years to impugn the article, but the Ukrainian embassy in 2019 confirmed to The Hill newspaper that Chalupa did in fact solicit the embassy's help on her opposition research but the Ukrainians turned her down.

Whatever the case, the Gates-Manafort email exchange provided Mueller's team with evidence that Democrats were working to create a narrative of Trump-Russia collusion. It wasn't the only evidence.

Mueller's investigation also obtained from Gates' computers a private investigator's report commissioned by Manafort's office entitled "Unmasking the Left's Red Scare Anti-Trump Operatives." The report purportedly traced Chalupa's activities in Ukraine and the United States during the 2016 election.

"The DNC predictably is trying to distance itself from Chalupa, noting that it paid her to do outreach for its political department, not for her research," the 2017 report concluded. "But there is no question that she was paid by the DNC throughout the election cycle and that the research she provided informed and shaped Clinton campaign strategy."

Separately, in August 2016, a State Department official named Eric Schultz received from Konstantin Kilimnik — a trusted, longtime source in Kiev — similar intelligence about a Clinton campaign in Ukraine to tie Trump to Russia through Manafort.

"First, it is definitely HRC and her HQ who launched this shitstorm trying to use construction of "Putin = very bad, Putin = Manafort, Manafort = Trump, therefore Trump = Putin = very bad," Kilimnik emailed Schultz on Aug. 22, 2016 (around the time the stories that would force Manafort to resign as Trump campaign chairman started emerging).

Kilimnik was a Ukrainian businessman who worked with Manafort and Gates. He was routinely interviewed as a sensitive source by U.S. officials in the Kiev embassy. State Department officials told Mueller's team they considered Kilimnik to be one of the few reliable Ukrainians who helped the Obama administration.

Mueller's team, however, has since charged Kilimnik with financial crimes related to the Manafort case and concluded in its final report he was believed to have ties to Russian intelligence, a charge Kilimnik denies. He remains at large.

A month before Kilimnik's Aug. 22 message to Schultz, CIA officials obtained almost identical information from Russian sources that Clinton had ordered a campaign "stirring up" false Russia collusion allegations to tar Trump, according to evidence recently declassified by Ratcliffe.

The CIA was concerned enough about the intelligence that it briefed President Obama and then made an investigative referral to the FBI, which was leading the investigation known as Crossfire Hurricane into alleged Trump-Russia collusion.

In the end, none of the warning signs about the Steele dossier and the Clinton campaign's dirty trick stopped the FBI from continuing its investigation. And the evidence Mueller gathered showing Clinton ties to the smear campaign mostly remained secret until the last few weeks.