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Anti Semitism at UC Berkelet...welcome to America's Third Reich!

Will The UC Regents permit this outrage?

groups at UC Berkeley School of Law have recently amended their bylaws to "sanction" and prohibit speakers supportive of Israel or Zionism. The Jewish Journal reports that this would amount to a ban on 90% of Jewish students speaking, as well as Berkeley Law's progressive Zionist dean, Erwin Chemerinsky.

According to the group promoting this segregation, "Free speech and the exchange of ideas cannot be romanticized ... The action of affinity groups ... choosing not to platform Zionists, who are either active or complicit in causing harm to Palestinians, from being platformed in their spaces is absolutely a tenable action."

The nine groups supportive of the amendments include the Queer Caucus, the Berkeley Law Muslim Student Association, the Middle Eastern and North African Law Students Association, Women of Berkeley Law, and the "Womxn of Color Collective."'

Anti-Semitism's promotion on campus

In a August 21 Instagram post, Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine (BLSJP) thanked these groups and others for "refusing to be complicit in Israeli apartheid by adopting a pro-BDS bylaw."

Each group that embraced the so-called pro-BDS bylaw is henceforth "committed to providing a supportive community space for all indigenous peoples globally, including movements for Palestinian liberation."

These groups have bound themselves to boycott, sanction, and divest funds "from institutions, organizations, companies, and any entity that participated in or is directly/indirectly complicit in the occupation of the Palestinian territories and/or supports the actions of the apartheid state of Israel."

Explicit in this commitment is the promise not to "invite speakers that have expressed and continued to hold views or host/sponsor/promote events in support of Zionism, the apartheid state of Israel, and the occupation of Palestine."

Despite requiring these student groups to prohibit speakers who have an affinity for or link to Israel, the BLSJP emphasized its commitment to "equality and inclusion."

The law students now barring most Jews from speaking also agreed to participate in a "Palestine 101" training seminar. The seminar, which last took place on September 21, details "the goals of the Palestinian liberation movement, and ways the broader Berkeley Law community can be involved."

The group putting on the seminar has elsewhere claimed that Israel "was established — just like the United States — through the genocide and displacement of indigenous people."

The response

In an August 27 statement, the Jewish Students Association at the school expressed concern over "the impact this by-law is having on our Jewish community ... This by-law alienates many Jewish students from certain groups on campus."

The group suggested that students "can advocate for Palestinians and criticize Israeli policies without denying Israel the right to exist or attacking the identity of other students. To say otherwise is antithetical to the dialogue around which our educational community is built."

Noting that many Jewish students' "identities are intertwined with the existence of Israel as an ancestral homeland," this bylaw amounts to denigration and exclusion.

The dean of the law school, Erwin Chemerinsky, was reportedlyprompted to comment when members of Women of Berkeley Law came to him, expressing great uneasiness. He said that it is "the First Amendment right of students to express their views on any issues," although it "is troubling to broadly exclude a particular viewpoint from being expressed."

Kenneth Marcus, a Berkeley Law alumnus and chairman of the Louis D. Brendeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, wrote on September 28 that the students "should be ashamed of themselves ... [a]s should grownups who stand quietly by or mutter meekly about free speech as university spaces go as the Nazis' infamous call, judenfrei. Jewish-free."

Marcus previously said that, unlike previous "wrongheaded political nonsense," this latest student initiative "is different, because it's not just a political stunt. It is tinged with antisemitism and anti-Israel national origin discrimination." 

The trend

The University of California is not the only academic hotbed for anti-Semitism in the nation. 

A recent watchdog group's report regarding anti-Semitism on U.S. college and university campuses gave Columbia University, New York University, Swathmore College, CUNY's Brooklyn College, and the University of Southern California failing grades. Berkeley also received an F-rating. These ratings were conferred on the basis of protection, "allyship," identity, and policy measures.

The problem is not limited to students or student groups, although it has been suggested that anti-Semitism will graduate with them. The New York Post reported that this year's commencement speaker at the taxpayer-funded CUNY's Brooklyn College was Nerdeen Mohsen Kiswani, an advocate for "Intifada revolution" and the complete eradication of Israel.

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Chevron is selling its global headquarters in California as it continues to move its operations and employees to Texas, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The oil giant sold 92 acres of offices in San Ramon as its workers continue to relocate to its Houston campus, where it has three times the number of employees that California has, according to the WSJ. Chevron will follow in the footsteps of other large companies like Tesla and American Airlines that have left California in recent years for various reasons. (RELATED: Biden Threatens To Investigate Oil Companies If They Raise Gas Prices During Hurricane Ian)

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An elderly homeowner in Tulsa, Oklahoma, fatally shot an intruder who climbed through a back window and into the house near East 14th Street and South Florence Place around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, Tulsa police said.

What are the details?

KJRH-TV broadcast indicated the burglar pried open the window. According to the station's story, a confrontation ensued between the elderly homeowner and the burglar, after which the homeowner shot the intruder.

The suspect then jumped out of the window and ran around to the front of the house, police said. KTUL-TV reported he collapsed on the home's front yard. Police added that the suspect was pronounced dead when first responders arrived.

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A note to women against incarceration

Quavon Ewing, 32, appeared in court on Saturday after he failed to register as a sex offender for a previous conviction. According to prosecutors, Cook County Judge Maryam Ahmad released Ewing on the promise that he would return to court.

The following day, Ewing allegedly attacked three women in three separate incidents within 45 minutes. 

During a Wednesday bond hearing, prosecutors told the judge that Ewing put one victim into a bear hug. The 45-year-old female was able to escape the grip of her attacker by biting his neck. Prosecutors said that during the assault, the assailant moaned, groaned, and referred to the victim as “baby.”

Just 15 minutes after the first attack, Ewing allegedly grabbed another female by the shoulders. He punched her repeatedly and tried to shove her into his vehicle, prosecutors stated. A Lyft driver noticed the incident and intervened. The woman was able to get away from her attacker, who fled the scene.

Minutes later, Chicago Transit Authority subway station surveillance cameras captured a man believed to be Ewing urinating into a bottle and then throwing the bottle on a female.

Entitled to theft

L to R: Latticia L. Carter; Danyelle A. Collins; Miyana A. Garner; Chantazea S. Roebuck; Marquisha D. Friend (Image source: Peoria County Jail, Illinois, composite)

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Facebook Tucson Police K9 Video Screenshot

Bodycam video shows the disturbing moment when Arizona cops fatally shoot a man after he pointed a loaded gun at a police dog. 

Tucson Police Department SWAT officers were conducting surveillance on 49-year-old Francisco Javier Galarza. Police were tracking Galarza – who had active felony arrest warrants for a home invasion and bank robbery. 

At 11:51 a.m. on Aug. 25, Tucson SWAT police spotted Galarza at a Circle K convenience store. The suspect exited the store. 

"He's out, just say when," an officer is heard saying in the bodycam footage. Another officer responds, "Take him here."

Police officers confronted Galarza in the store's parking lot, and he immediately ran away. 

Officers yell at the fleeing suspect, “Police! Get down! Police! Get down!” 

Cops chase Galazra with guns drawn. 

Officer Barrie Pedersen released his police dog named Kiro. The K-9 trips up the suspect, and he falls to the ground. The police dog bites Galarza in the leg. Galarza then pulls out a handgun and points it at the dog's head.

Tucson Police Department Officers Ernest Ortiz and Pedersen responded by opening fire on the armed suspect. Galarza dropped the firearm. 

Officers attempted life-saving procedures, but Galarza was pronounced dead at the scene.