Friday, September 30, 2022

Transgender U.S. Army couple indicted on espionage for Russia ( a not very friendly place for trannies)

The first transgender officer in the U.S. Army and wife have both been indicted for allegedly attempting to communicate with Russian officials in the hopes of giving them kompromat on some members of the military and their spouses.

Over the summer, Major Jamie Lee Henry, 39, and wife Dr. Anna Gabrielian, 36, had reportedly made contact with someone whom they thought worked at the Russian embassy but who was actually an undercover FBI agent. Henry, an internist, is a medical doctor with security clearance at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, one of the largest military installations in the entire world. Gabrielian, an anesthesiology and critical care instructor at Johns Hopkins, allegedly expressed hope to the FBI agent that they could use her husband's security clearance to obtain the private medical records of some strategic members of the military and/or their spouses and relatives that Russian officials could then "exploit."

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