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Bidenomics is fooling nobody

"Seven F*cking Dollars!": Social Media Influencer Rages After Paying $7 For An Apple At Whole Foods

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SUNDAY, APR 21, 2024 - 09:15 AM

We're being told that Bidenomics is working and that inflation is under control.

The Taliban's expansionist policies is the face of Islamic terrorism

Why did the Afghan Taliban sour on Pakistan?

Zia Ur Rehman in Karachi

April 20, 2024

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has drastically altered the relationship with the country's partners in Pakistan. Kabul refuses to submit to Islamabad.

Ecuador:: murder rate in the past year has risen to 43 per 100,000 inhabitants, up from six in 2018, according to official records.

Ecuador votes on security measures amid wave of violence

9 hours ago

Ecuadorians are to vote in a referendum on President Noboa's plans to crack down on criminal gangs and bring the security situation under control. The South American country is reeling from a recent uptick in violence.

Ecuadorians head to the polls on Sunday for a referendum on a series of measures to tackle gang violence and unrest gripping the South American nation.

Voters will be asked to answer 11 security-related questions, such as whether they would support deploying the military in the fight against gangs, making it easier to extradite accused criminals, and increasing sentences for crimes such as terrorism and murder.

Nearly 13.6 million people are eligible to cast a "yes" or "no" vote.

Ecuador, otherwise known as a peaceful nation, has been seeing a wave of violence spilling over from Colombia, which is the world's largest cocaine producer. 

What is the referendum for?

Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa, who has been in power since November last year, is seeking popular backing for his plans to bring the situation under control. He also wants to change the constitution to make it easier for Ecuadorians who are wanted in other countries on organized crime charges to be extradited.

The recent spike in violence has been attributed to gangs who have connections with international cartels, which use Ecuadorian ports to transport drugs to the US and Europe. The country is also facing water and power shortages amid strained ties with Mexico.

In January, a major drug lord broke out of jail and gangs kidnapped dozens of people, including police and prison guards. Gangsters also opened fire at a TV studio during a live broadcast, killing 20. Following the unrest, Noboa declared a state of "internal armed conflict," allowing him to use emergency powers to deploy the army. 

At least a dozen politicians have been killed in the past year, including presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio

Ecuador's murder rate in the past year has risen to 43 per 100,000 inhabitants, up from six in 2018, according to official records.

Noboa, 36, mobilized the country's forces to take control of the security situation, especially prisons which had become a ground for violence and gang operations. Nevertheless, the violence has continued.

Ecuador is heading to elections next year, and Noboa is in the final 18 months of his tenure. 

He took office after being elected in the wake of former President Guillermo Lasso's resignation. Lasso stepped down amid an investigation into alleged corruption by congress.

Bless these folks

Good Samaritans save driver trapped inside car engulfed in flames on Minnesota highway

Cowardly school administrators are a threat to your children...if the attacker had misgendered someone

Student recounts watching girl, 13, brutally bash classmate in head with Stanley cup during unprovoked attack: ‘Blood everywhere’

SEC illegally tracking Americans who invest in the stock market, lawsuit claims

SEC illegally tracking Americans who invest in the stock market, lawsuit claims

Regan's 'Star Wars' led to the Iron Dome...and guess who voted against it. Yep, Joe Biden

‘Star Wars’ vindicated!

I was in the United States Navy, embarked on a guided missile frigate, when President Ronald Reagan gave his landmark speech in 1983 introducing the concept of an advanced integrated weapons system to defend the United States and our allies from attacks from nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.  Reagan was a staunch critic of the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD, which since the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the 1950s had been in place to in theory preclude the first use of nuclear weapons.

Despite pushback from many scientists in private industry and even military senior leadership, Reagan was convinced that the Soviet Union would be unable to match the United States in its quest to build a similar defensive weapons system.  The concept was termed the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or, derisively by many, simply as “Star Wars.” 

Afterward, some lauded Reagan’s vision as an example of embracing technology as a distributive platform to defend against Soviet nuclear weapons.  However, many of his opponents and the media mocked him and called the concept sheer fantasy, which would never come to fruition.  In spite of this, Reagan pressed on and was convinced that the former Soviet Union would not have the financial resources or the advanced technology to field a similar system. 

Fast-forward to 1991, and I was sitting at the U.S. Army War College, watching the Berlin Wall being torn down.  Before our eyes, the former Soviet Bear was imploding, due to a faltering economy and the realization that the USSR could not complete with the United States militarily — especially if we implemented Star Wars, which would render its massive nuclear arsenal obsolete.

Although not directly a space-based platform, we witnessed Reagan’s concept of a large-scale integrated weapons defense system in action last week, when Israel intercepted almost all of Iran’s 300 cruise missiles, drones, and rockets aimed at Israel with aircraft and the Iron Dome, and Arrow Missile defense systems.  This was only round one, and I suspect we will witness several more missile and drone barrages from Iran before the conflict is brought to its logical conclusion.

I am sure that The Gipper was smiling from above, knowing that a concept he envisioned almost forty years ago was brought to bear against the country that held American hostages for 444 under the Carter administration and then released only hours before his inauguration.  A coincidence?  I think not.

Strategic leaders craft a vision and inspire others to achieve beyond what they thought possible.  Other “leaders” just keep the seat warm.  I will let you draw your own conclusions.

Tiffany Henyard hopefully on her way to the prisoners jump suit. Finally the FBI awakens

FBI agents serve subpoenas in the Chicago suburb where scandal-ridden Mayor Tiffany Henyard is in charge

A heinous murder by a criminal wanted on gn charges...

Police arrest person of interest in violent Florida carjacking that left one woman burned alive

More evidence of the UN's anti Israel polciesi

UN newsletter told pro-Palestine activists how to protest against Israel in the US on Tax Day

Fighting pedophilia

People are saying Bill Maher's monologue rebuking pedophilia in Hollywood, gender identity politics might be his best takedown ever

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Haiti has nothing but a lot of ammunition

Haiti: UN says deaths rising sharply as gangs vie for power

14 hours ago

A quarterly UN report on the situation in Haiti has logged a 50% increase in deaths in the country. Long plagued by gangs, several of them recently allied to target the unelected government and police more directly.

Is this the future for America?

Mexico: 2 more mayoral candidates killed ahead of election

7 hours ago

7 hours ago

The two mayoral candidates were reported killed on the same day. Their deaths bring the number of local politicians killed in the lead up to Mexico's June elections to 17.

Democrats are scum

Democrats Move to Strip Trump of Secret Service Protection

Entitled to murder...there is a serious problem coming from a certain segment of the population

“B**ch You Dead, B**ch You Dead!” – Woman Caught on Tape Brutally Killing Terrified Young Mother Execution-Style in Downtown Seattle Alley (VIDEO)

Shocking footage captured the moment a vile woman brutally murdered a young mother in a downtown Seattle alley.

As KIRO News reported, 33-year-old Rickesha Overton overpowered her victim, 20-year-old Alisia DeCoteau and forced her down the stairs of the 3rd floor of the Ellis Court Apartments and into the alley where DeCoteau drew her last breath.

Alisia DeCoteau Credit: KIRO 7 News Screenshot

The violent murder occurred on March 3, just after 1 A.M.. However, a journalist named Jonathan Choe leaked video footage of the crime just yesterday.

The video shows Overton forcing a terrified and screaming DeCoteau down a flight of stairs with a gun to her head. While marching down the stairs, Overton tells DeCoteau, “I’ll blow your mouth! Say I won’t! Say I won’t!”

The shooter, Rickesha Overton Credit: @choeshow and @libsoftiktok

Overton then opens the door and shoves her sobbing victim into the alley before going back inside for a few seconds. Once Overton returns, she yells at DeCoteau before shooting her twice at close range, including once in the head.


Overton next tries to unload even more bullets but cannot do so. Police detectives say she ran out of ammunition.

The deranged woman then starts kicking a lifeless DeCoteau several times while screaming, “B**ch you dead, B**ch you dead!” But Overton, for some reason, begins to think her victim is still alive and exclaims that she is still breathing.

A crowd from the alleyway then starts screaming at her in the background. Overton tells the nearby crowd, “That b**ch is crazy; she tried to kill me!”

Overton is about to return inside before the crowd screams at her again. She turns around and rushes toward them with her gun while screaming obscenities.

The video footage ends with Overton once again screaming and pointing her gun at the crowd, yelling, “I’ll blow your mother f**king brains out!”KIRO 7 News notes this is not the first time Overton allegedly attacked DeCoteau. Police revealed they were called to the same apartment building on January 1 at roughly 2:35 p.m. and arrested Overton for assaulting DeCoteau.

While court documents did not describe the relationship between Overton and DeCoteau, family members confirmed to KIRO 7 News the two were friends on Facebook.

Overton is charged with first-degree murder and second-degree assault. Her bail has been set at $5,000,000.

DeCoteau leaves behind a one-year-old daughter, Mariah, who is now being cared for by her older sister, Jessica Ceja.