Monday, April 22, 2024

The death of empathy

A wheelchair-bound girl is beaten, and we need to talk about it

A recent video shows a disabled girl confined to a wheelchair being bullied at her middle school. She’s taunted, struck, and tossed around. Those watching and videotaping giggle hysterically. It’s horrible. It also shows sociopathic behavior that is increasingly normalized in America, especially among blacks. This isn’t because blacks are inherently sociopaths. It’s because the Democrat party has deliberately stolen from them the societal institutions that create decency.

Note: I am not saying that blacks are inherently criminal, sociopathic, stupid, or whatever other words a Democrat would put into my mouth. To say so—to say that negative traits, values, and behaviors are tied to skin color—would be deeply evil and racist.

However, the reality is that at two levels in black America—the underclasses and the academic classes—pathologies reign supreme. Democrats have stripped many black Americans in these communities of their core humanity and then weaponized them against other Americans and against America itself.

Here’s the video, if you have the stomach for it:

The Daily Mail reports that the 12-year-old who was attacked had been bullied for weeks, lives with a single mother (although her father is part of her life), and that the school never bothered to let the parents know what was happening (and it’s cleared itself of wrongdoing).

I see a different story, which is several young girls utterly lacking in empathy. They are sociopaths, unconstrained by laws or morals. We see a lot of that nowadays, especially among blacks.

We saw it when a young woman repeatedly smashed Kaylee Gain’s head into the pavement. Gain may not have been without sin, because the two girls had a running feud, but the mindless brutality that ended the fight was sociopathic. We see it when a 15-year-old girl working at McDonald’s has her skull smashed by a 25-year-old man during one of those wild brawls that keep popping up on social media. We see it when two boys joyride and, for the fun of it, kill a grandfather riding his bicycle. We see it when a mob beats 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis to death near a school.  We see it in airport brawls, poolside brawls, street mobs, BLM riots, endless criminal and gang activity, and much more.

And it’s not police posting videos. It’s the participants proudly publicizing what they’re doing.

We also know that blacks are overrepresented in America’s criminal class. In 2021, the Bureau of Justice Statistics acknowledged that, as of 2018 (i.e., before BLM and “burn it all down”), “black people were overrepresented among persons arrested for nonfatal violent crimes (33%) and for serious nonfatal violent crimes (36%) relative to their representative in the U.S. population (13%).”

Currently, much of this criminal activity, especially murders, is blacks against blacks. However, as the BLM riots show, this violent energy can easily be turned anywhere against anyone. Predators prey on those in their community, but they can be led to other communities.This moral degradation in the black community began with the Democrats’ “Great Society,” which made fathers irrelevant. In his excellent (and now out-of-print) Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America, John McWhorter explains how blacks were rising fast economically and had intact families at almost the same rate as whites. Black men took umbrage at the idea of welfare, but earnest white college students explained to them that these were reparations.

With welfare let loose among blacks, men—that is, fathers—suddenly became a liability, standing between a mother and her reliable government paycheck. Men without purpose are men who get into trouble. Likewise, boys without fathers grow up to be criminals. The stage was set for the collapse of too many black men in America.

Having led black men into the wilderness, leftists proceeded to attack the remaining prop of the black community: faith. Faith was ridiculed, and in churches, the focus was no longer on God, morals, and family. Instead, we had Obama’s pastor, Rev. Wright, used his pulpit time to damn America. In schools, Democrats replaced faith in God with faith in government, all the while teaching blacks that whites were the reason for their misery.

Most recently, Democrats are legalizing marijuana—and I don’t care how much you tell me that marijuana is innocuous. It’s not. At best, it merely destroys ambition and initiative. At worst, it unlocks psychopathic behavior, which, I have no doubt, includes that sociopathy I mentioned at the start of this essay. The black community is awash in marijuana.

As for the blacks at the other end of the economic scale, the ones who went to college, they are no better. Whether it’s Joy Reid, Stacey Abrams, Sheila Jackson Lee, Leticia James, Fanni Willis, Ibram X. Kendi, or the eight black members of the House of Representatives who introduced a bill begging for Trump’s assassination (one disgraceful Jewish rep joined them, signaling the grotesque pathology of leftist Jews in America), these are people who have also become unmoored from morality, empathy, and the rule of law.

They have been indoctrinated into narcissistic malignancy in Democrat-run institutions. They won’t commit the violence themselves, though. Instead, they’ll pave the way for the underclasses to do it for them.

Democrats have stripped too many blacks of their humanity and are turning them into the military arm of the Democrat party, whether foot soldiers or junior officers. This is evil, whether one looks at it from the point of view of America, whites, or the black community itself.

UPDATE (April 22): And right on time, this is the top story in this morning's Daily Mail:

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