If you need to catch a cab you may want to try the Upper West Side, since some who live next to the Islamic Cultural Center on Riverside Drive say their neighborhood is being flooded with parked taxis every week.

"They are everywhere, hundreds of them. I joke with my doorman every Friday I can't find a cab," said John Hart, who lives across the street in a high-rise building.

"I have to pray," said a cabbie who did not want to give his name," I have no choice but to break the rules."

The Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center, Abdur Rahman, told PIX11 News, muslims must pray several times a day and that he urges his worshippers not to break any parking rules to pray. "A good muslim does not offend anybody. I wish the City, though, could give us 45 minutes on Fridays to pray, like Christians on Sunday," said Rahman.

"I don't know how they get away with it," said Hart, who hopes the N.Y.P.D. will crack down on parking violators. "It's a sea of yellow and its got to stop," continued Hart.