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Climate frauds hoaxes abound

Majority Of Carbon Offset Projects Globally Are "Likely Junk"

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TUESDAY, SEP 26, 2023 - 04:20 AM

By Annabel Cossins-Smith of Power Technology

The “vast majority” of environmental projects most commonly used within the voluntary carbon market (VCM) to offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions seem to have “fundamental failings” and cannot be relied upon to tackle global warming, according to a joint investigation from the Guardian and non-profit climate watchdog Corporate Accountability.


Time to focus on the cancerous NGO's whose activities are completely undemocratic

Italy's Meloni complains to Scholz over migrant NGO funds

24 hours ago

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wrote that she learned with "astonishment" of a German government plan to finance two migrant charity groups, one operating rescue boats in the Mediterranean.


Inflation caused by crime

Germany: Copper theft hits crucial infrastructure, business

Dirk Kaufmann
6 hours ago

Metal theft by criminal gangs in Germany is alarming the public and businesses. The resulting disruptions will worsen as copper prices rise.


Plumbing the depths of depravity: bestiality,animanl abuse and child pornography. The symbiosis of the left and the sexually deviant

Zoologist Adam Britton guilty of bestiality, animal abuse and possessing child exploitation material charges 

It is about race. Anti white racism. How to create a society that empowers black violence

BREAKING: Brothers who beat Ethan Liming to death outside LeBron James’ ‘I Promise’ school found guilty of lesser assault charges

The jury failed to reach a verdict on a count of first-degree felony involuntary manslaughter levelled against the elder brother.


10 Reasons Not To Own An EV

10 Reasons Not To Own An EV

The mandates are an egregious abuse of power. Where do government officials, both elected and unelected, derive the authority to tell Americans what vehicles they cannot own and what vehicles they must own? There is none. Yes, there are laws intended to keep dangerous cars and trucks off the streets for safety reasons. But no automobile is a threat just because it burns gasoline or diesel. Dare we say that those who buy an EV are complicit in securing for the state a power it was never intended to have?

The mandates are an egregious abuse of power Part ll. The federal government oversteps its constitutional limits when it tells manufacturers that two-thirds of the vehicles they build must be electrified.

EVs are not zero-emission vehicles. As one of our contributors wrote in a well-researched, heavily sourced piece, life-cycle assessments show that the “manufacturing, charging, operating, and disposing of electric vehicles produces more of every major category of pollutants than conventional cars.” 

The EV manufacturing chain is an environmental malignancy. That same writer, James D. Agresti, president of Just Facts, has also noted “the ‘environmental implications’ of mining lithium to make batteries for electric cars ‘would directly counter the intent’ of ‘incentivizing electric vehicle adoption.’” He further makes the case by citing a Brookings Institution study, which “found that ‘continued reliance on China’ will ‘increase the risk that sourcing of critical minerals will cause or contribute to serious social or environmental harms.'”

EVs are fire hazards. All automobiles catch fire, but EVs burn hotter, longer, and take far more water to extinguish than a conventional car that’s burning. Firefighters use about 500 gallons of water to put out regular car fires. EV fires can require from 6,000 gallons to 20,000 gallons to get the job done. Oh, yes, the smoke from an EV fire is particularly toxic, not terribly dissimilar to that of Zyklon B.

EVs are destructive. Because their batteries are so heavy, EVs weigh more than conventional automobiles of similar size. This means they accelerate the damage to road surfaces. The excess weight also increases the pressure on tires and brakes, which in breaking down produce unhealthy particulate matter. Furthermore, their weight problem may overwhelm parking garages and cause them to collapse.

Slaves helped build that EV. The mining operations in developing countries that produce the raw materials needed for EV batteries “exploit child labor,” says author and energy analyst Ronald Stein, “and are responsible for the most egregious human rights violations of vulnerable minority populations.” Conditions have grown so dire that Washington “is cracking down on” EV components that have “links to Chinese Uyghur slave labor.”

Exorbitant insurance premiums. Because they can be totaled by a minor fender bender, and the concern over fires is growing, insuring already-costly EVs can be painfully expensive. When Nerd Wallet compared rates, it found the “national median rate for a 2023 Tesla Model 3 was $2,574 per year for full coverage insurance … almost 45% higher than the national median cost of car insurance.”

Crashing the grid. What happens when tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of EVs are charging on a system powered by renewable energy sources that cannot meet the increased demand? We become California, where, only days after the state Air Resources Board approved the governor’s unilaterally issued EV mandate last year, the grid operator asked the few EV owners (not even a million) to forgo charging their cars between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. due to anticipated “supply deficiencies.” Or, worse, we become Venezuela, where blackouts are common.

Looking shallow. EVs provide almost unmatched opportunities for virtue signaling, and that is of course why a lot of people choose to buy them. It’s quite a spectacle of vacuity.

There are no solutions, economist Thomas Sowell tells us, only trade-offs, and the deal we’re being forced by government to make is a poor one.

 — Written by the I&I Editorial Board


Why Democrats are so focused on keeping power: Former Clinton staffer faces years behind bars after pleading guilty to illegal money grab

Former Clinton staffer faces years behind bars after pleading guilty to illegal money grab

A longtime associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton is facing up to six years behind bars after he pleaded guilty on Monday to one count of felony theft.

Attorney Steve Bachar, touted as a “socially responsible” investor, served as the co-chair of the Clinton Global Initiative prior to his arrest in October 2021.

As BizPac Review previously reported, the Denver district attorney’s office accused Bachar of stealing up to $1 million and then lying to an investor “in connection with the offer, sale or purchase of a security.” The crimes took place between October 2017 and August 2018.

At the time, Bachar called the allegations “outrageous, unfounded, and false” and said he was looking forward to letting “the facts come to light.”

That all ended on Monday when the founder of Denver-based Empowerment Capital LLC pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $182,000 in restitution.

press release from the office of Denver District Attorney Beth McCann detailed Bachar’s now-admitted crime.

“In October 2017, an investor wired $75,000 to Empowerment Law, a subsidiary of Empowerment Capital, after Bachar offered him a 10% interest in Empowerment’s profits,” the release states. “Two months later, after Bachar offered him an additional 6% or 10% interest in Empowerment Capital’s profits, the investor wired  $50,000 to Empowerment Acquisition, another subsidiary of Empowerment Capital.”

“Bachar never invested or repaid the money, instead spending most of the investor’s $125,000 for personal use,” the DA’s office said.

“In fact, Bachar never sought the approval for the sharing of profits with his Empowerment Capital business partner,” CBS News reports. “That approval was legally required to approve of the offer Bachar made to the investor.”

According to the redacted affidavit in the case, “Mr. Bachar never asked for his consent to admit any new members to Empowerment Capital.”

The unidentified investor said “he met Mr. Bachar in 1992 when they both worked on a presidential campaign and subsequent administration,” the affidavit states, adding that, “over the years” the investor and Bachar “developed a strong working relationship and friendship.”

As BizPac Review reported at the time of his arrest, Bachar “served under former President Bill Clinton as White House advance lead and in the Treasury Department before he co-chaired the Clinton Global Initiative. Bachar served on the national finance committee for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential run in 2016. He was also an adviser to former governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO).”

In August, the disgraced attorney lost his license to practice law in Colorado, CBS News reports.

“He was disbarred by the state following two civil lawsuits against he and Empowerment Capital involving the delivery of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to the outlet. “Judges ruled Bachar and Empowerment Capital were legally responsible for judgements of $700,000 and $4 million in those cases.”

“Steven Bachar violated the trust of an investor – who was also a close friend of his — and, for that, he is being held accountable, as he should be. I want to thank the prosecutors and investigators in my office whose hard work over several years has resulted in the successful resolution of the case,” said DA McCann following Bachar’s guilty plea.

Bachar “will be sentenced on November 6,” according to the DA’s office.  “He faces either probation or between two and six years in prison.”

Good riddance to General Milley

Boychuk: Who the hell does Mark Milley think he is?

OPINION & ANALYSIShttps://www.theblaze.com/column/boychuk-who-the-hell-does-mark-milley-think-he-is