Monday, September 18, 2023

The murder of a Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy exposes the failures California's Democrat policies

After Horrific Execution of LA Sheriff's Deputy, Empty Words From Empty Suit Politicians While still dealing with the fallout from Saturday night's murder of a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy, those in power were jockeying to make their statements about caring and having sympathy and the usual platitudes they use in times like this. Watching the press conference later in the night with Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna, I believed what he said and took his comments for what they were; a commander that lost one of his own. There was genuine sadness, sympathy, sorrow, and a sense of urgency when it came to finding the animal responsible for the execution of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer.By Matt Dempsey | 6:00 AM on September 18, 2023 

Today, while working up the courage to write my own piece about the incident, part of the motivation for hitting the keyboard was seeing the disgusting anti-cop posts and comments from the rabid leftist activists who would love nothing more to see law enforcement cease to exist and see more of us murdered. But then I saw something more infuriating: the leftist politicians who say their usual line of BS about having sympathies for the family and blah blah blah. I say that because when it comes to policing in America, the left, specifically here in California, is constantly and continuously spouting anti-cop rhetoric as much as they can. Furthermore, in California, in addition to their rhetoric, they propose and pass laws that restrict law enforcement, defund us, pass laws that make it easier for criminals to re-offend, or laws that just benefit the lawless element in this state. As I wrote in August:

Since the passage of AB109 and Props 47 and 57, state Democrats have made an already hard job almost impossible. A Deputy Sheriff in Southern California, whose identity RedState is not publishing due to the nature of their job, said:

We took a vote, just the patrol guys, and we agreed that we wouldn't do any more t-stops unless we absolutely have to, like a deuce (drunk driver) or stolen car. If we do, we're requesting a unit backup and a sergeant. We won't roll to a call without a partner anymore or a sergeant. We basically just want to shut it down. We're more afraid of our own department trying to fire us than we are of getting hurt or killed. It's just not worth it anymore.

California Democrats, along with Sen. Bradford, are hell-bent on destroying policing as we know it. A perfect example of this would be West Hollywood and their infamous "safety ambassadors," who are just unarmed city employees who just watch the crime happen and report it. Oh, and they eliminated five Sheriff's Deputies from the contract budget to hire the ambassadors. Your car is getting damaged by a crazed lunatic right in front of the Sheriff's Station? They'll just watch.

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