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What will Mexico look like without tourism?

‘Stinking black water’ floods into famed Acapulco beach

Domestic terrorism? Yes, it is.

BBQ Restaurant Cancels Catering Job with “Back the Blue” Police Supporters After Leftists Threaten to Burn Down their Business

Rubicon Crossed – DNC Official 2020 Position: Celebrating July 4th Equals White Supremacy….without the race card the DNC has bupkis.

Rubicon Crossed – DNC Official 2020 Position: Celebrating July 4th Equals White Supremacy….

Under normal conditions one might expect to identify this moment as the official moment the rubicon of DNC insanity has been crossed.  However, it’s 2020;… therefore as soon as you think the boundaries of DNC stupidity have been reached, the DNC will bring out their stupid boundary stretchers.
In a tweet earlier tonight the DNC takes the official position that celebrating the fourth of July is the equivalent of celebrating white supremacy: [Archived]
Anyone who identifies as a party Democrat will now have to rebuke the fourth of July to retain their party position.   Additionally, any democrat caught celebrating the Fourth of July holiday will now be joining a celebration of white supremacy.

Time to Expose the Fraud That Launched BLM

Time to Expose the Fraud That Launched BLM

On Black Lives Matter's website, the organization's radical founders trace the creation of their movement "to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's murderer, George Zimmerman."
Had those founders paid any attention to the trial, they would have known that Zimmerman should never have been charged with murder, let alone tried.  The fact that he was arrested can be attributed to a stunningly blatant fraud orchestrated by the attorney who has been prominently milking the racial divide he helped create, Benjamin Crump.
As it happens, the one person capable of exposing this fraud is George Zimmerman.  All Zimmerman needs is his own Atticus Finch, an attorney brave enough to resist the howling mob and stand up for the truth.
In the way of background, Zimmerman has filed a suit in the Circuit Court of Florida's Tenth Judicial Circuit.  The evidence is overwhelming that Trayvon Martin's support team, including Martin's parents and their attorney, Benjamin Crump, knowingly substituted an imposter witness for the real "phone witness" in order to secure Zimmerman's arrest for the 2012 shooting death of Martin.
Also named in the suit are the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE); the State of Florida; former state attorneys Bernie de la Rionda, John Guy, and Angela Corey, and HarperCollins, the publisher of Crump's defamatory book, Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People.

In a 2012 deposition, the perjured testimony of the imposter in question, Rachel Jeantel, enabled the State of Florida to arrest Zimmerman and take him to trial.  Evidence strongly suggests that state attorneys knew that the witness was a fraud.
Zimmerman was inspired to launch the suit based on the dogged research done by Los Angeles filmmaker Joel Gilbert for his documentary film and book of the same name, The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America.
Attorney Larry Klayman was brave enough to file the suit, but Zimmerman has parted ways with him and is now seeking a Florida attorney with a strong knowledge of state procedures to push the suit through to its conclusion.
The defendants effectively ruined Zimmerman's life on April 2, 2012, five weeks after the shooting.  On that fateful day, de la Rionda flew to Miami from Jacksonville to depose Brittany "Diamond" Eugene, the girl who was on the phone with Trayvon up to the moment of his death.
Trayvon's mother, Sybrina Fulton, had met with the real Diamond Eugene at least once before in mid-March.  Crump may have met with her as well.  He certainly coached her to follow his fraudulent script of a raging Zimmerman stalking and killing the scared little boy Trayvon Martin.  His phone interview with Diamond was recorded by ABC's Matt Gutman and broadcast.
On April 2, when Fulton drove with de la Rionda to Diamond's home, they were redirected to another address.  "I knocked on the door and asked for Diamond," Fulton said in a 2013 deposition.  According to the lawsuit, "[r]ather than Defendant Eugene coming to the door, Defendant Jeantel appeared and claimed that she was 'Diamond Eugene.'"
In The Trayvon Hoax, Gilbert did a brilliant job identifying and locating the real Diamond Eugene, a then-16-year-old Haitian-American hottie who stole Trayvon's heart.
State attorneys had full access to the steamy text exchanges between Diamond and Trayvon, many of which had photos attached.  Reads the suit, "Defendant Eugene could in no way be mistaken for Defendant Jeantel, who was 2 years older, 5 inches taller, and about 120 pounds heavier than Defendant Eugene."  While we are on the subject of height, little Trayvon was about half a foot taller than Zimmerman.
There is overwhelming evidence that Crump orchestrated the witness switch when the real Diamond refused to lie under oath.  Someone then recruited Diamond's mentally challenged half-sister, Jeantel, to pretend to be Diamond.
Of all those being sued, it is only Sybrina Fulton who provably knew that Jeantel was an imposter.  Fulton is running for commissioner in Miami-Dade County with Hillary Clinton's open support.
As Trayvon's mother, Fulton has emerged as something of an icon in national Democratic politics.  The media have done everything possible to protect not just Fulton, despite her obvious involvement, but the entire phony narrative.  The response of the Miami Herald to this scandal has been nothing short of disgraceful.   
Zimmerman remains impressively upbeat.  Although "disheartened to see Crump using the same playbook to divide the country," he has been encouraged by the response to the Trayvon Hoax film since Gilbert put it up for free on YouTube.
"My faith in humanity has been restored by reading the comments on Joel's movie," Zimmerman told me recently.  He particularly appreciates hearing from young people whose minds have been changed from watching the film.  Some sample responses:
I had thought Zimmerman was the man the media made him out to be. Thank god, you made an excellent documentary with much class & dignity. Thank you for showing up & balancing the real scales of justice. Wow.
20 min in and I'm mad as s---, and I'm black.
Wow, I am in complete shock! Thank you!
I'm black and I knew something was up. I couldn't find enough information on the case. This is amazing, thanks man, I've been trying to convince people it was self defense, they won't listen.
I thought I had made it to the peak of my disgust for the media's blatant lies, but this, this is a WHOLE new level!! This is BETRAYAL to a young black man traumatized by the fear-mongering pushed out as a result of this case, and indoctrinated at TWELVE YEARS OLD with the idea that I was being "hunted down everywhere I went" because of my race. BETRAYAL!!.
The last quote nails it. One brave attorney can help undo the racial madness into which much of this country has descended since the death of Trayvon Martin.  If interested, please contact gzattorneycontact@gmail.com.
@jackcashill's forthcoming book, Unmasking Obama, is available for pre-order at Amazon.
Image: Johnny Silvercloud via Flickr (cropped).

Some things are so stupid only a socialist/communist can mouth them. Isn't CHOP a great socialist experiment in self governance?

On the heels of the shooting death of a black 16-year-old male at Seattle's infamous autonomous zone — the Capitol Hill Organized Protest — radical leftist councilwoman Kshama Sawant is refusing to blame CHOP for the latest killing there.

No, for Sawant — a card-carrying socialist — the fault, of course, lies with capitalism.
"While we await details of this tragic killing, it highlights capitalism's brutality & endemic violence," Sawant tweeted. "Our movement rejects insinuations & falsehoods perpetuated by corporate & conservative media that this violence is outcome of CHOP or of our movement."
That statement was a follow-up to her tweet saying, "Deepest condolences from Socialist Alternative and my Council office to the family and friends and fellow activists of the community member who was tragically killed in the drive-by shooting at the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP)."

What else do we know about Sawant?

Sawant has aligned herself with the leftist protesters inside CHOP from the start of their occupation of downtown Seattle. In fact, she and her staff let hundreds of George Floyd protesters inside City Hall one night earlier this month, after which she appeared to call her fellow council members "sellouts" while protesters called for Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign.

The socialist councilwoman — who told an adoring crowd during a Bernie Sanders campaign rally earlier this year that "we need a powerful socialist movement to end all capitalist oppression and exploitation!" — showed up Sunday with protesters outside Durkan's home following the mayor's insistence that CHOP's time was over.
Durkan was none too pleased with Sawant, calling her participation in the protest yet another one of her "political stunts."

What do we know about the latest shooting death?

Police responded to CHOP around 3 a.m. Monday and found a Jeep Cherokee "riddled with bullets," Police Chief Carmen Best told KING-TV.
Police told the station a 16-year-old unidentified male was shot and later died after being taken to a hospital and that a 14-year-old male was in critical condition after being shot. Both victims are black, NBC News said.
Detectives interviewed protesters who said they were in CHOP at the time of the shooting, but Best said people aren't cooperating, KING reported, adding that this is at least the fourth shooting in or near the CHOP in nine days.
Seattle officials said barriers around CHOP would be dismantled Sunday, but the autonomous zone was still standing Monday morning, KING added.
"Enough is enough," Best said in reaction to the multiple killings, adding that "two African American men dead at a place where they claim to be working for Black Lives Matter. But they're gone, they're dead now and we've had multiple other incidents — assaults, rape, robbery, shootings — and so this is something that's going to need to change."

The so-called protestors are a herd of armed thugs. Lopez had previously been arrested on June 17 for inciting a riot and disorderly conduct. He was armed with two fully loaded handguns at the time of his previous arrest.

A photographer who was sympathetic to Black Lives Matter and who had been documenting protests in Louisville, Kentucky, was shot and killed in a protest camp Saturday night when one protester fired into the camp, allegedly due to a conflict with another protester, the Courier Journalreported.

Tyler Gerth, 27, was reportedly shot in the face as an innocent bystander when Steven Nelson Lopez showed up at the protest camp and fired his gun into the air before shooting into the camp. Other armed bystanders returned fire at Lopez, shooting him in the leg and preventing further potential casualties.
Lopez had been a participant in the Louisville protests for at least the previous 12 days, having been sighted there multiple times by protesters and reporters. He has been charged with murder and first-degree wanton endangerment.
Other protesters said Lopez had been escorted away from the camp multiple times leading up to the Saturday night shooting after getting into altercations. Lopez had previously been arrested on June 17 for inciting a riot and disorderly conduct. He was armed with two fully loaded handguns at the time of his previous arrest.

A witness recorded video of Lopez shooting into the crowd on Saturday.
Gerth was a photographer who regularly posted pictures of Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of Breonna Taylor's death at the hands of Louisville Metro Police. He was apparently not the target of Lopez's attack on the protest camp.
"Tyler was incredibly kind, tender-hearted and generous, holding deep convictions and faith," Gerth's family wrote in a statement. "It was this sense of justice that drove Tyler to be part of the peaceful demonstrations advocating for the destruction of the systemic racism within our society's systems. This, combined with his passion of photography led to a strong need within him to be there, documenting the movement, capturing and communicating the messages of peace and justice."

Scream, run and hide. The virus is running its course unaffected by human panic and ministrations. Still believe the CDC and The the WHO?

Coronavirus: US officials warn 'this is just the beginning'

  • 33 minutes ago
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shoppers wearing masksImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionMany states are pausing their plans to reopen as virus cases surge
Health officials across the US have expressed growing concern about the nation's ability and willingness to slow or end the coronavirus pandemic. 
A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expert said on Monday the US has "way too much virus" to control.
It comes as top US disease expert Anthony Fauci, who is due to testify to Congress, says an "alarmingly large" number of Americans are "anti-science".
Many US states have paused reopenings as their infection caseloads balloon.
On Tuesday, cases rose by more than 40,000 in one day for the fourth time in the past five days.
The surge - which is occurring particularly strongly in southern and western states - has forced at least 16 states to pause or reverse their reopening plans, according to CNN. 
For some the new measures come over a month after they first began to reopen their economies.
Dr Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), warned that the US is not responding like other countries who have shown success in containing the coronavirus, and has allowed the virus to spread much more widely and rapidly.
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"We're not in the situation of New Zealand or Singapore or Korea where a new case is rapidly identified and all the contacts are traced and people are isolated who are sick and people who are exposed are quarantined and they can keep things under control," Dr Schuchat said in an interview with The Journal of the American Medical Association on Monday.
"We have way too much virus across the country for that right now, so it's very discouraging."
New Zealand declared the country infection-free on 8 June, and since then has had to contain several cases that came from international travellers. South Korea has aggressively employed contract tracers, and since 1 April has recorded fewer than 100 cases per day. Singapore's outbreak peaked in mid-April when 1,400 new cases were reported in one day.
The US has recorded 2,682,897 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University, and has a total of 129,544 deaths.
"This is really the beginning," Dr Schuchat added.
"I think there was a lot of wishful thinking around the country that, 'hey it's summer'. Everything's going to be fine. We're over this and we are not even beginning to be over this. There are a lot of worrisome factors about the last week or so."
On Tuesday, Dr Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - along with CDC Director Robert Redfield - are testifying to the Senate on the subject of "getting back to work and school".
Dr Fauci warned on Monday that the US is "unlikely" to develop herd immunity to the coronavirus even once a vaccine is available, which he earlier predicted could be available by early 2021.
He said this was due to the combination of a vaccine that is potentially only partially effective, and the large number of Americans who might refuse to get it. 
"There is a general anti-science, anti-authority, anti-vaccine feeling among some people in this country - an alarmingly large percentage of people, relatively speaking," he said, calling for more education to promote confidence in vaccines.
Dr Fauci added that he would gladly "settle" for a vaccine that is only 70% to 75% effective at first.
According to the CDC website, herd immunity is reached when "a sufficient proportion of a population is immune to an infectious disease (through vaccination and/or prior illness) to make its spread from