Tuesday, November 30, 2021

She supported the people who were behind the Defund the Police meme


The Biden protection racket that is our media

The Biden Grift-and-Influence Machine Is Even Worse Than You Thought

Because Democrats support anti Semites

Rep. Boebert: Ilhan Omar Hung Up on Me When I Asked Her to Apologize for Antisemitic Rhetoric 

Mao smiles

Kyle Rittenhouse is No Longer a Student at ASU After Unhinged Students Issue List of Demands Calling For Him to Be Kicked Out of School

Gun violence: as if guns are running wild on the streets. Shading reality

The University statement:

"Gun violence continues to affect local communities, and especially young lives, across our city and our nation," Leone went on to say. "We fully understand concerns about individual safety, especially at a time when Philadelphia, like so many other U.S. cities, has experienced a sharp increase in violent crime over the past year."

The right to self defense

Monday, November 29, 2021

The kleptocrat class rules

Joe Biden was involved in a deal with a Chinese giant — and was expecting a 10 percent cut

Assisted suicide by laughter

In Germany, You Must Be Fully Vaxxed before Your Death by Assisted Suicide

Schadenfreude from a distance

Students at a Pro-Transgender Women's College Decry Its Anti-Nonbinary Attitude

Obedience is the goal. Lives be damned...

Hospital Struggles To Treat 18 Waukesha Parade Victims Because Of Vaccine Mandate

A high-ranking official said the hospital currently has hundreds of open positions and attributes much of the staffing shortage to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.


The largest children’s hospital in Wisconsin has been struggling to care for patients in injured in the Waukesha Christmas parade attack on Nov. 21 in large part because of staffing shortages stemming from its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, multiple sources say.

Eighteen children were brought to the Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee Hospital with injuries suffered when a driver plowed into parade-goers that Sunday afternoon. Several remain in critical or serious condition, and an eight-year-old boy died of his injuries Tuesday. As of Monday morning, the hospital was still treating seven victims.

VDH weighs in...

A Tale of Two Cities: Kenosha vs. Waukesha 

How your tax dollars are wasted...

Feds pay billions to fraudsters tied to China and Russia in COVID-19 schemes

Preventable foreign-fraud schemes netted $175 billion, much of it going to governments

Justice is defined as when they get their way.

Liberal students at Arizona State University are demanding school administrators take action against Kyle Rittenhouse, who has been attending the school as an online student.

What are the details?

Four student groups — Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine, Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, and MEChA de ASU — released a statement recycling tired and untrue tropes about Rittenhouse while demanding his expulsion from the school.

The groups are planning a rally for Dec. 1 "to get murderer Kyle Rittenhouse off our campus." Rittenhouse, however, is not a murderer — he was acquitted of all criminal charges against him, including two counts of first-degree murder — nor can ASU administrators remove Rittenhouse from the Phoenix-based university campus because Rittenhouse is an online student.