Sunday, November 21, 2021

But how do you count mixed race people? We need Nurnberg race laws to appease the human loons

Teachers' union in Canada introduces 'weighted voting' for minority members

In the name of promoting racial equity in that hotbed of racism known as Canada, a labor union representing 60,000 teachers and other educational employees there has restructured its voting system to weight the votes of minority members at the expense of others, in order to ensure an particular outcome in voting on the claim of racial equity.

Here's what National Post columnist Jonathan Kay found:

On Monday, @OSSTFD20TEACHER (Ont Sec School Teachers' Fed, District 20) announced that their rules would be changed so that each non-white union member would have his/her vote weighted more than white members. Here are the slides they used to justify the decision to rank & file

What with racial blending these days, it will be interesting to see how they plan to sort their members out. Will a member with three white and one black grandparent get a quarter vote? Or will everyone go the Elizabeth Warren route and note that 1/1,024 percent of Native American ancestry? Frankly, it's none of anyone's business what someone's color is, and many people don't actually know their entire racial story. 

But here we are, with the fanatics in charge, demanding a right to place people in racial boxes same way the plantation owners did in the old days, on the disgusting presumption that they are all cogs in a machine who only vote their own racial interests. These de facto racists pulling this have every intention of rigging the votes to grandly claim that they have eliminated racism. What they will do is institutionalize racism, intensify racial grievances, and turn whites into a racial tribe same as the others.

Here's how they say it will work:


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