Friday, November 19, 2021

How many lives has the Progressives 'jailbreak' philosophy murdered?

         Horowitz: 43% of Indianapolis murder suspects were out on pretrial release at time of murders     

The Indiana governor and legislature have no interest in holding a special session to deal with COVID-related human rights violations, but perhaps they will have an appetite to deal with the record crime. For those who think the crime wave is limited to blue states, many have forgotten that red states have signed onto the same jailbreak de-incarceration agenda items most directly responsible for the crime bubble. Now the chickens are coming home to roost, with the same career criminals who are released early going on to commit the lion's share of the crime. 

For those wondering why a city like Indianapolis is experiencing record homicides, look no farther than the percentage of felons let out of jail. A new Fox 59 investigation found that 43% of murder suspects arrested in Indianapolis through October of this year were either out on pretrial release or serving post-conviction sentences. And this report does not even include the juvenile suspects who almost assuredly would have gotten a lenient sentence or pretrial release stemming from prior criminal chargesRepublicans like to focus the debate on crime exclusively on funding for the police, but most of them tacitly agree with the Democrat premise that somehow we have an over-incarceration problem, when in fact we have a de-incarceration problem. Career criminals are not being properly deterred with tough sentences any more. Moreover, too many criminals are being released on low bail, and then it takes forever for a trial to commence. 

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