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German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers. Are you entitled to live unmolested?

German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers

Waiting for all the facts to be in is not a liberal strongpoint when the opportunity to blame whites is available.

St. Louis Church Arsons: A Suspect Is Nabbed 

Officials said they arrested David Lopez Jackson, a 35-year-old black man, and charged him with two of the fires.

"David A. Love, a prominent journalist and commenter on African American topics, told Hatewatch today that the “arson of five black churches in St. Louis in 10 days is both alarming and not surprising. 
“This is alarming because domestic terrorism is alive and well,” Love said.  “It is such a problem that the U.S. Department of Justice recently predicted increases in violent acts by white extremists who are responding to a new reality in which people of color will become a majority in America.’
“At the same time,” Love said, “there is a vicious cycle created by rightwing politicians, the NRA and hate groups who stir up anger, fear and resentment over changing demographics and want their country back.  Arson and other crimes are a natural outgrowth of that.  These groups need a scapegoat, whether African Americans, Latino immigrants, the LGBTQ community or others.”
In a follow-up comment to Hatewatch, Love noted that, "It is interesting, and more than coincidence, that St. Louis has also witnessed a great deal of racial tension and violence, in light of the events in Ferguson. In an environment which fosters government sponsored racism -- police violence against black residents, racial profiling and economic exploitation through a system of court fees amounting to a black debtors' prisons -- it does not take such a stretch of the imagination to consider that some private citizens may feel emboldened to take matters in their own hands." 

Noe neighbor says don't call thieves 'criminals' To be a liberal in San Francisco one must feel everyone's pain and be a "good" politically correct person no matter the outcome.

Noe neighbor says don't call thieves 'criminals'

A new extreme in political correctness?

Is it wrong to call someone who steals a "criminal"?
In a recent thread on NextDoor, a group of neighbors living in the Noe Valley-Glen Park area were engaged in a discussion around the city's crime and debated whether labeling a person who commits petty theft as a "criminal" is offensive.
In the site's Crime and Safety area, where residents share strategies for fighting crime, Malkia Cyril asks her Noe Valley neighbors to stop using the label because it shows lack of empathy and understanding.
Cyril suggested that instead of calling the thief who took the bicycle from your garage a criminal, you should be more respectful and call him or her "the person who stole my bicycle."
"I [suggest] that people who commit property crimes are human and deserved to be referred to in terms that acknowledge that," Cyril, who's the executive director of the Center for Media Justice in Oakland, writes in the thread.
"I think we should think twice before speaking in disparaging terms about 'those criminals,'" she adds later in the thread.
Cyril started the thread because she wanted to shift the NextDoor conversations about security cameras, alarms and the police to more thoughtful discussions about strategies for addressing the cause of crime. In her posts, she blames our societal problems — gentrification, economic inequality, lack of affordable housing, the defunding of public schools — for pushing people into lives of crime. And because these criminals are trapped in a troubled society, she seems to feel it's unfair to give them a demeaning label.  
"Police can't stop what desperation will drive folk to," Cyril wrote. "Imagine risking your freedom to steal a few thousand dollars worth of goods. A cell phone. Most folk here don't know that life.
"But perhaps, if you took a moment to look around and see what this city has become, you'll understand."
In a world of extreme political correctness, washing away words that have been deemed inappropriate is becoming commonplace. Many of these words are blatantly inappropriate, but with others, such as "criminal," the offensive implication is subtle. These less obvious insults are often referred to as microggressions, which a recent article in the Atlantic Monthlyexplains are "small actions or word choices that seem on their face to have no malicious intent but that are thought of as a kind of violence nonetheless."
Is referring to a person who steals as a "criminal" an example of a microaggression?
That question was hashed out in the debate sparked by Cyril's NextDoor thread, which resulted in 85 comments and sparked a lively discourse among people living in San Francisco's Mission, Noe Valley, Glen Park and Castro neighborhoods. 
While several agreed with Cyril (61 NextDoor members gave her virtual thanks for her thoughtful and compassionate viewpoint), many took an opposite view.
A sample of the comments on the thread:

Importing Islamic tensions to the EU and America is sure to work out well, right? Anyone who conflates these people with civilized refugees is delusional. Importing young third world men with an entitlement mentality is simply dumb.

Refugee crisis: Syrians and Iraqis clash with Afghans as ethnic tensions rise near Slovenian border

Jamie Merrill reports from the Sentilj transit camp where violence, or the threat of it, does not feel far away
“The Afghans push and fight,” says Waddah Haj Ali, a lawyer from Aleppo in Syria, pointing at a large crowd of men of all nationalities pushed up against the Austrian border gate. “We left Syria as we want to feel like human beings. We lost our humanity there, but I am scared of the Afghans. We dare not go to the border point as they push through. They don’t know the systems.”
Mr Haj Ali and his wife are waiting in the no-man’s-land beyond the official transit camp at Sentilj in northern Slovenia. Police do not enter. Nor do the aid agencies. The only food for the lucky few is pizza passed over the fence by volunteers. Back inside the camp the scent of sweat on weeks-old clothes hangs in the air. At night more than 1,500 Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian refugees arrived and, by the next morning, Sentijl is at capacity.
The refugees are taken by bus or train most of the way from the Croatian border to Sentilj, where they will rest before moving across to Austria. There have been tensions in Slovenia between refugee groups, say police, who earlier this week broke up a fight between Syrian and Afghan men who smashed their camp beds to build make-shift weapons. “I’m sorry to say this,” says a young Syrian university lecturer travelling with Mr Haj Ali. “And I know it sounds racist, but on our journey we have all seen what the Afghans do.” She does not want to give her name or show her face, citing family in Syria, but says large groups of Afghan men are “intimidating” Syrian families.
Rumours travel fast in camps where overstretched aid workers are concentrating on reuniting family groups, and it is hard to get to the truth of these disputes, but one of the biggest issue is refugees jumping the queue for buses or at border gates. There is pushing and shoving at Sentilj, but none of the violence that has been seen elsewhere in Slovenia in recent weeks. Last week riot police were put on standby after a fire broke out at a camp in the south of the country, amid reports it was started by young men Afghan men in protest at conditions. Regardless of the truth, many Syrian and Iraqi refugees now feel young Afghan men are causing problems. Violence, or the threat of it, does not feel far away.
I know it sounds racist, but on our journey we have all seen what the Afghans do
A Syrian refugee
“It’s easier for Syrians to get to Germany than it is for us,” says Mohammad Shinwar, 26, an Afghan who is trying to make it back to Britain. He was deported in 2014 after living in Manchester “without paper” for two years, but says he “could not stand” life in Jalalabad. He is travelling with four friends, all young men, all from towns and cities plagued by war. “The Syrians get better treatment than us. But that is life. That is what the governments have decided. I have made good friends on the way, but not everyone is so good. We have all come from bad situations.”
Another man, Irja, from Helmand, says many of his countrymen react badly as they are forced to walk long distances in the cold. “We have to push to get through. We are afraid they will stop us. We want to go to Germany,” he says.
There is also a different kind of argument here – a political one. “I am a Shia and I left Iraq after violence in Baghdad where we lived,” says Mohammed al-Muswi, who is travelling with his wife Bushra and six children. “We have to be careful. We don’t know who is here.” In Iraq he worked as a contract driver for a US defence contractor, so feels he has more reason than some to be worried. Elsewhere families from opposite sides of the Syrian conflict share tents, helping to feed each other regardless of their differences.
Slovenian police said 102,757 refugees had entered the small country in the last two weeks, with more than 5,000 of these arriving this morning. This came as the European head of the World Health Organisation warned that refugees urgently need heated shelters, warm meals and proper clothes, but also flu vaccines as they are “more prone to suffer hypothermia and frostbite”.
Jernej Vidmar, 29, a volunteer with the Slovenian Red Cross, said there was less “chaos” than a week ago and fewer disputes between groups, but that there were concerns over “missing children and the risk of human trafficking”. He said: “There is still not enough co-ordination between countries. Sometimes refugees arrive from Croatia when we are full and there is no room to move them on to Austria. The police are doing what they can, but it is going to get very cold in a few days.”

The left coddles the worst parts of society to keep the narrative and their revolution going. Follow link in headline for videos.

The Viral Videos the Anti-Police Left Won’t Publicize (Images via YouTube) 

 by DAVID FRENCH October 30, 2015 3:55 PM @DAVIDAFRENCH Narratives of oppression are simple; life is complicated. After the Internet lit up over video of a South Carolina police officer dragging a high-school student from her desk, tossing her to the ground, and handcuffing her, the Left instinctively began making its “larger points” about the “school-to-prison pipeline,” police brutality, and institutional racism. It was the launching pad for another “national conversation” on the Left’s terms, about one of the Left’s favorite topics: the big, bad, racist police. Yet videos from other schools show more complex realities. Campus teachers, administrators, and police officers often do face the real threat of violence — and waiting to intervene until after a fight breaks out can be terribly dangerous. Consider the incident, this week in Sacramento, where a student slammed a school principal to the ground in a lunchroom brawl: Or consider the incident, during an after-school fight in Allentown, Pa., yesterday, in which a female officer was dragged to the ground and beaten by at least one person, and four other officers were injured: 

And if you think it’s safe to try taking away a student’s cell phone, think again. Blogger Matt Walsh highlighted the video — apparently from earlier this year — of a student slamming his 62-year-old teacher to the ground in a classroom altercation: In a piece earlier this week, I noted that police officers in schools aren’t symbols of an oppressive state but rather symptoms of a “cultural disease — a crisis of morality and responsibility.” In other words, cops are in schools because we need them in schools, and videos like the three above show us why. RELATED: Don’t Like Police Officers in Public Schools? Blame Lousy Parents There are very good reasons why prosecutors and juries have generally shown deference to the snap judgments of police officers. Officers have the experience to understand the consequences of failing to keep the peace, they have mere seconds to make crucial decisions, and it is plainly difficult — if not impossible — to use force in any way that looks gentle or respectful. That doesn’t mean cops are always right — no group of human beings is infallible — nor does it mean that we shouldn’t film police encounters. But it does mean that Monday-morning quarterbacking should be done with a great deal of care and humility.

Is this why there are a so many blacks in prison?

The violent aggressive way a certain segment of our population thinks of the law and police.

Raw Dash Cam Video: Woman Backs Car Up at High Speed With Police Officer Half-Inside, Injuring Him

Another hero for the Black lives Matter crowd.

Del Taco Drive-Thru Customer Gets Impatient Waiting for Order, Asks for a Refund — and Finally Pulls Out a Gun

The restaurant’s surveillance video showed the man smiling while speaking to the cashier at the drive-thru window.
Image source:
Image source: WJBK-TV
But after paying for his post-3 a.m. order, the mood shifted drastically.
The customer apparently got upset over a long wait, demanded a refund and then exited his car and pulled out a gun, the Detroit Free-Press reported.
Image source: WJBK-TV
Image source: WJBK-TV
The cashier and other employees fled, police said, and the man got back into his car and drove off.
“I’m shocked that this happened in this area over here first of all,” one person told WJBK-TV regarding the Detroit suburb.
Another seemed disturbed, telling the station that “the world is changing.”
Police have a clear view of the man’s face and hope to catch up to him with help from the public.
Image source: WJBK-TV
Image source: WJBK-TV
All of the Del Taco employees are OK and have returned to work, WJBK said.

Dan Rather the propagandist whines among friends. The left has reached a point where it can no longer distinguish fact from fiction.

Banned from CBS News Forever, Former Anchor Dan Rather Likens Network’s Actions to Soviet Union

Wrapping up the interview, Gregg “Opie” Hughes asked Rather about his banishment from CBS News and his inability to be able to even walk into “Black Rock” — the CBS headquarters building on 6th Avenue in New York City.
“That’s unbelievable. We grew up with you every night. You were CBS,” an incredulous Hughes said.
Image source: YouTube
Image source: YouTube
“I appreciate that,” Rather said, adding, “I long ago made my peace with what happened at CBS.”
After Rather confirmed that he indeed cannot even walk into the lobby of the CBS building without being stopped, Hughes laughed, saying that the idea is “ridiculous.”
“On my better days, I can laugh at it too,” Rather said.
“That’s one thing to say you’re not welcome here. It’s another thing to say we’re going to expunge you from our history. It’s a little like what the Soviets used to do,” Rather continued. “They airbrush you out of the picture.”
“I think for a news operation, that’s pretty serious,” Rather said. “To say we’re not going to be honest with you about our history. I gently suggest that’s very serious.”
The main focus of the interview was Rather’s controversial 2004 story questioning former President George W. Bush’s military service — the story that ended the veteran newsman’s career at CBS.
During the “Opie and Jimmy” program, Rather discussed the state of journalism today and the new film “Truth” which is based on former CBS News producer Mary Mapes’ memoir “Truth and Duty.” CBS has refused to show advertisements for the film on its network.
The 84-year-old newsman also shared stories about covering the JFK assassination and being one of the first people to see the famous Zapruder film that captured the historic moment.
Watch a clip of Rather’s interview below.

New Clinton Emails Show Tripoli Embassy Warned D.C. Not to ‘Conflate’ Video With Benghazi Attack. Hillary is the Democrat Party -- power by any means.

New Clinton Emails Show Tripoli Embassy Warned D.C. Not to ‘Conflate’ Video With Benghazi Attack

According to the email from the official in Libya on Sept. 14, 2012, “it is becoming increasingly clear that the series of events in Benghazi was much more terrorist attack than a protest which escalated into violence.” The email was released Friday in the first dump since Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi committee last week.
“It is our opinion that in our messaging, we want to distinguish, not conflate, the events in other countries with this well-planned attack by militant extremists,” the official, whose name has been redacted, wrote in the email.
Democratic presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton looks at an email sent by Ambassador Chris Stevens during her testimony before the House Benghazi Committee, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015, on Capitol Hill in Washington.  (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Democratic presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton looks at an email sent by Ambassador Chris Stevens during her testimony before the House Benghazi Committee, Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
The official also said the films were not “as explosive an issue here as it appears to be in other countries in the region.”
Clinton continued to cite a controversial YouTube video as the reasoning behind the 2012 attack that killed four Americans. Family members have said that Clinton blamed the video in her conversations with them — even after the email from the Embassy Tripoli.
“This email shows that State Department staff privately raised concerns about conflating the terrorist attacks in Benghazi with a video on the Internet, even as the Secretary of State and other Obama administration officials continued to do so publicly,” Matt Wolking, the House Select Committee on Benghazi press secretary, told TheBlaze in a statement Saturday morning. “Furthermore, according to the former head of the CIA, intelligence ‘analysts never said the video was a factor in the Benghazi attacks.’ So while Secretary Clinton may use the ‘fog of war’ as a convenient excuse for why she said one thing in private and something else in public, the reality is that’s just another smokescreen.” 
Clinton also came under fire during her testimony in front of the Select Committee for an email she sent to her daughter Chelsea, under the pseudonym Diane Reynolds, on the night of the attack — which she told Chelsea was the result of “an Al Queda-like group.”
In a conversation with Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil, detailed in an email on Sept. 12, 2012, Clinton said based on information she had then, she believed the group that claimed responsibility for the attacks was affiliated with al-Qaeda.
“We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film,” Clinton reportedly told Kandil then. “It was a planned attack — not a protest.”

Another despicable self absorbed actor.

Harry Hamlin steps out in Nazi T-shirt as Sid Vicious

Modal Trigger
Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin as Sid and NancyPhoto:
What the heil?!
Actor Harry Hamlin, seen with longtime love and fellow thespian Lisa Rinna, made an offensive choice for his Halloween costume this year, stepping out as Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and sporting a red T-shirt with a swastika in the center underneath a black leather jacket.
Rinna did her part in a curly blonde wig and low-cut top as the pair made their way to George Clooney’s Casamigos Halloween Party in Beverly Hills.
The rock ‘n’ roll legend made waves when he wore the shirt in a 1978 mockumentary made by the band called, The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindler.

Bangladeshi secular publisher hacked to death.

Bangladeshi secular publisher hacked to death

Mr Dipon's father Abul Kashem Fazlul Haq talks to media after his son's deathImage copyrightAP
Image captionMr Dipon's father said he saw him lying in a pool of blood
A Bangladeshi publisher of secular books has been hacked to death in the capital Dhaka in the second attack of its kind on Saturday, police say.
Faisal Arefin Dipon, 43, was killed at his office in the city centre, hours after another publisher and two secular writers were injured in an attack.
They are the latest victims in a series of deadly attacks on secularists since blogger Avijit Roy was hacked to death by suspected Islamists in February. 
Both publishers published Mr Roy.
Mr Dipon was found dead at the Jagriti Prokashoni publishing house, in his third-floor office.
"I saw him lying upside down and in a massive pool of blood. They slaughtered his neck. He is dead," his father, the writer Abul Kashem Fazlul Haq, said, quoted by AFP.
Earlier on Saturday, armed men burst into the offices of publisher Ahmedur Rashid Tutul.
Women protest against bloggers' deaths - 11 AugustImage copyrightAP
Image captionThe bloggers' deaths have raised passions in Bangladesh
They stabbed Mr Tutul and two writers who were with him, locked them in an office and fled the scene, police said.
The three men were rushed to hospital, and at least one of them is in a critical condition.
Mr Roy, a US citizen of Bangladeshi origin and critic of radical Islamism, was murdered in February. His wife and fellow blogger Bonya Ahmed was badly injured in the attack.
Three other bloggers have since been killed.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Is this science or speculation? A tort lawyers dream (who funded the grant). More portfolio for the enviro-fascists.

VW diesel emissions cheats could cause 59 early deaths

The focus of the Volkswagen diesel emissions news so far has been the legal and financial ramifications for the company. In the US alone, the company's regional boss, Michael Horn, has already been called before Congress as the embattled automaker faces potentially billions of dollars in fines. A new study, published in the peer-reviewed Environmental Research Letters, shifts that focus onto the human cost of the scandal.

A team from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that the additional pollution caused by the 2.0-liter, turbodiesel four-cylinders and their emissions defeat devices could be responsible for 59 premature deaths in America alone. 

59 deaths in a country of nearly 320 million people doesn't seem like a lot – until you realize that VWonly sold around 482,000 of its high-pollution diesels here. The German company has recalled 11 million 2.0-liter diesels around the world. For the sake of simple math, let's say there're 60 premature deaths for every 500,000 diesel vehicles. Our back-of-napkin math works out to 1,320 premature deaths around the globe. While this is almost certainly an oversimplification on our part – a quick look at the methodology of the study is enough to show that coming up with an accurate global estimation would require far more than just multiplying the US findings – it gives a ballpark estimation of the human toll that VW's emissions cheat may have caused.

Beyond the estimates of premature deaths, the scientists from Harvard and MIT also estimate that the premature deaths had a societal cost of $450 million, and that if VW can fix all its affected vehicles in the US by the end of next year it will prevent an additional 130 early deaths. The study also notes that while VW warns of ozone exposure from the TDI's high NOx emissions being a major concern, it estimates that ozone was only responsible for 13 percent of early deaths. The rest were blamed on exposure to fine particulate matter.

If you've got a lot of time on your hands and the desire to read through the research findings, you can check out the entire study from Environmental Research Letters here.

An encouraging sign. Students march against disruptive behavior.

Hundreds of Spring Valley High School Students Stage Walkout in Support of Fired Deputy Ben Fields

Hundreds of students at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina, staged a walkout on Friday in support of school resource officer Ben Fields, the deputy who was fired after being caught on video flipping a student out of her desk.
Principal Jeff Temoney confronted students after they convened in the school’s atrium and told them their voices were heard no one would be “suspended,” but they needed to return to class.
“We’ve heard your voices, OK? We appreciate you taking time to do this, but again, as you know, we always focus on teaching and learning, so let’s head on back to class,” he said.
Look for this story in the mainstream media...good luck