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Turkish rally in Cologne: support for democracy or the Islamist Erdogan

Erdogan demos and counter protests put Cologne on edge

Tens of thousands of people attended a series of rallies in Cologne on Sunday in reaction to the recent coup attempt in Turkey. The main event attracted more than 20,000 Turks living in Germany. Sertan Sanderson reports.
Held at the site of a former shipyard in central Cologne, the biggest rally held in Germany in response to the failed coup attempt in Turkey earlier in July filled up within a matter of hours, becoming a virtual sea of Turkish flags.
There were reportedly more than 20,000 people attending the controversial rally - and probably even more flags.
Organizers stressed, however, that this was not a demonstration solely in support of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but rather one in support of democracy.

Our free speech rights are being slow boiled by a black supremacist philosophy.

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A student government leader at the University of Houston was suspended for 50 days and ordered to attend a diversity seminar after she criticized the Black Lives Matter movement online.
Shortly after the July 7 shooting in Dallas that killed five officers, Rohini Sethi went on Facebook and opined “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.” The statement was later deleted, but only after numerous UH students denounced it as incredibly offensive or even hateful.
“Just for her to say, ‘forget Black Lives Matter,’ is a punch in the stomach,” student Nala Hughes told a local press outlet at the time.
Sethi serves as the vice president of UH’s student government association (SGA), and several UH students demanded her immediate removal.
A full removal of Sethi has significant hurdles, though. The student government constitution requires the student body president, president of the student senate and three-fourths of present student senators to approve impeachment proceedings. Sethi would then be tried by the student supreme court. (RELATED: U-Houston Faculty Told To Avoid Sensitive Topics To Keep Students From Shooting Them)
Instead of going through that arduous process, the student senate approved a measure giving SGA president Shane Smith exceptional one-time powers to punish Sethi as he saw fit. In response, Smith released a letter Friday outlining a set of five punishments for Sethi. The punishments include:
  • A 50-day suspension from SGA starting August 1. This suspension will be unpaid (she currently receives a stipend of about $700 a month).
  • A requirement to attend a three-day diversity workshop in mid-August.
  • A requirement to attend three “UH cultural events” each month from September through March, excluding December.
  • An order to write a “letter of reflection” about how her harmful actions have impacted SGA and the UH student body
  • An order to put on a public presentation Sept. 28 detailing “the knowledge she has gained about cultural issues facing our society.”
If Sethi refuses or fails any of the requirements, she will be kicked out of SGA entirely.
[dcquiz] Smith notes in his letter that the punishment was particularly harsh because, in his view, Sethi hadn’t recognized the severity of her offense in declaring that all people’s lives matter.
“Since her original post, I have not felt that she has understood or respected how her actions have affected the people around her, as well as the reputation of SGA and the university,” Smith says.
He also said that despite UH being a public university, free speech considerations did not factor into the punishment.
“The first amendment [sic] prevents a person from being jailed by the governmetn for what they say. But [it] does not prevent people from receiving other consequences for what they say.”

Media hypocrisy about grieving parents on full display. But, Hillary can call the mother of a Benghazi soldier a liar!

Remind Mr. Khan his son was killed by Muslims not Donald Trump. Count how many Muslims have been killed by non Muslims in America with how many Americans have been killed by Muslims. Is Mr. Khan an Islamist supporter? Don't let your heartstrings cloud reality.

Media hypocrisy about grieving parents on full display

The media found a new hero in the grieving parents of fallen soldier Humayun S.M. Khan, they delivered a scathing speech against Donald Trump at the DNC and are publicly mourning their son by campaigning for Hillary Clinton.
Despite that several statements in Khan’s speech were hyperbole and just well done political theater, the media has praised them as redefining American politics.
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 11.27.00 AM
Yet when Pat Smith, the mother of a victim of the terrorist attack in Benghazi spoke she was fact checked and attacked by members of the mainstream media. Chris Matthews bashedSmith, calling her comments “a gross accusation” and said of the grieving widow “I don’t care what that woman felt.”
No one in the mainstream media made similar comments about the Khan’s strange accusation that Trump wouldn’t have allowed them to immigrate to America, hasn’t read the constitution, and that the Equal Protection clause somehow protects foreign citizens.
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The most glaring display of the media’s hypocrisy is Steve Benen who writes for Rachel Maddow’s website. He said the RNC was manipulating the grief of a mother who lost her son but praised the DNC for doing the same exact thing.
The Khans are just the latest in a long line of grieving victims that the Democrat use to attack Republicans and the media spends the entire election cycle obsessing about, just ask Cindy SheehanKristen Breitweiser, and Joe Soptic.

Some facts from comments to this article:

You may believe you're not at war with Islam, they don't.
Another mass slaughter many of them murdered children to add to the list. This doesn't include thousands dead and injured in a decade of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the proxy wars Libya, Syria, Nigeria, Yemen.etc
Since Obama Presidency Islamic terrorists control more territory today then they did before 911. Empires, 3500 hundreds of history always fell to the crude, barbarians knocking at the door, Empires alway believe their supremacy and that advanced society were too much for crude barbarians and have always been proven wrong.
The shoe bomber was a Muslim.
The Beltway snipers were Muslims.
The U.S.S. Cole bombers were Muslims.
The Madrid train bombers were Muslims.
The Bali Nightclub bombers were Muslims.
The London subway bombers were Muslims.
The Moscow theater attackers were Muslims.
The Pan-Am Flight #93 bombers were Muslims.
The Air France Entebbe hijackers were Muslims.
The Iranian Embassy takeover were by Muslims.
The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims.
The Buenos Aires suicide bombers were Muslims.
The Israeli Olympic team attackers were Muslims.
The Kenyan U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims.
The Saudi, Khobar Towers bombers were Muslims.
The Beirut Marine barracks bombers were Muslims.
The Beslan Russian school attackers were Muslims.
The first World Trade Center bombers were Muslims.
The Bombay and Mumbai India attackers were Muslims.
The Achillie Lauro cruise ship hijackers were Muslims.
The 9/11 airline hijackers were all Muslims.
The underwear bomber was a Muslim.
The Boston marathon bombers were Muslims.
The U.S. Embassy slaughter in Benghazi were all Muslims.
The Chattanooga, TN, recruiting center shooter was Muslim.
The Oregon - Umpqua Community College shooter Muslim.
The Fort Hood shooter was a Muslim.
The Charles Hobo mass murders were Muslims 
The Paris terrorist attackers were Muslims 
The San Bernardino terrorist attackers were Muslim.
The downing of a Russian passenger airliner by Muslims
The Belgium terrorist attackers were Muslim
The Orlando terrorist attacker was Muslim
The Istanbul airport terrorist attackers were Muslim 
Th Nice terrorist attackers were Muslims 
The Normandy beheaded Priest was committed by Muslims
The Munich mass shooting committed by a Muslim

BOTTOM LINE: Until Muslim military veteran deaths dying for the USA surpasses the USA muslim vets killing fellow non-muslim vets-in the name of allah I have no sympathy for the dead musilm or his parents
Below are names of MUSLIM active duty military members and MUSLIM military veterans who
murdered non-muslim active duty members,veterans and civilians in the name of ALLAH
(If I missed a muslim veteran killer let me know)
1. USA ARMY MUSLIM Nidal Hasan MURDERED 13 USA veterans at Fort Hood (active or not) at Fort Hood . He fatally shot 13 people and injuring more than 30 others in the Fort Hood mass shooting on November 5, 2009.
13 dead
1, ARMY VETERAN Michael Grant Cahill  
2 LTC Juanita L. Warman
3. Major Libardo Eduardo Caraveo  
4. CPT Russell Gilbert Seager
5. SSGT Justin Michael DeCrow
6. CAPT John P. Gaffaney  
7. SST Amy Sue Krueger
8. SPEC Frederick Greene
9. SPEC Jason Dean Hunt  
10. PFC Aaron Thomas Nemelka
11. PFC Michael S. Pearson
12 PFC Francheska Velez Was pregnant when killed, and the baby also died.
13. PFC Kham See Xiong
2. MUSLIM USA ARMY Sgt. Hasan Akbar, of the 101st Airborne Division, was sentenced to death for a grenade attack on fellow soldiers in March 2003 in Kuwait, at the beginning of the American-led war in Iraq He .threw four hand grenades into three tents in which other members of the 101st Airborne Division were sleeping, and fired his rifle at fellow soldiers in the ensuing chaos.
2 dead
1. Army Captain Christopher S. Seifert was fatally shot in the back, 
2. AF Major Gregory L. Stone was killed by a grenade.
3. MUSLIM Army veteran Omar Mateen who murdered 49 people in 2016 at Orlando Pulse Club. I am sure there were USA military veterans among the dead.
4. MUSLIM Army veteran John Allen Muhammad and his MUSLIM sidekick Malvo murdered 17 people as the BELTWAY SHOOTERS in 2002 in the name of ALLAH but the government scuttled any talk of that despite the fact that “in at least one of the ensuing murder trials, a Virginia court found Muhammad guilty of killing "pursuant to the direction or order" of terrorism
While imprisoned, Malvo wrote a number of erratic diatribes about what he termed "jihad" against the United States.[30] "I have been accused on my mission. Allah knows I'm gonna suffer now" AND “A series of trial exhibits suggested Malvo and Muhammad were motivated by an affinity for Islamist Jihad.
Exhibit 65-006: A self-portrait of Malvo in the cross hairs of a gun scope shouting, "ALLAH AKBAR!" The word "SALAAM" scrawled vertically. A lyric from Bob Marley's Natural Mystic "Many more will have to suffer. Many more will have to die. Don't ask me why."
Exhibit 65-016: A portrait of Saddam Hussein with the words "INSHALLAH" and "The Protector," surrounded by rockets labeled "chem" and "nuk".
Exhibit 65-043: Father and son portrait of Malvo and Muhammad. "We will kill them all. Jihad."
Exhibit 65-056: A self-portrait of Malvo as sniper, lying in wait, with his rifle. "JIHAD" written in bold letters.
Exhibit 65-067: A suicide bomber labeled "Hamas" walking into a McDonald's restaurant. Another drawing of the Twin Towers burning captioned: "85 percent chance Zionists did this."
More scrawls: "ALLAH AKBAR," "JIHAD," and "Islam will explode."
Exhibit 65-103: A lion accompanies chapter and verse from the Quran (Sura 2:190): "Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you and slay them wherever ye catch them."
Exhibit 65-109: Portrait of Osama bin Laden, captioned "Servant of Allah."
Exhibit 65-117: The White House drawn in crosshairs, surrounded by missiles, with a warning: "Sep. 11 we will ensure will look like a picnic to you" and "you will bleed to death little by little."
Exhibit 65-101: Malvo's thought for the day:
"Islam the only true guidance, the way of peace."

    Conspiracies abound

    Still No Clues in Murder of DNC’s Seth Rich, As Conspiracy Theories Thicken

    By Emily Zanotti12:22 pm, July 29, 2016
    Washington DC’s up-and-coming Bloomingdale neighborhood remains gripped by fear three week after the murder there of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich — with still no reported leads, suspects or arrests in the killing.
    At the same time, conspiracy theories surrounding the murder have reached a new frenzy, especially after the hacking of DNC e-mails led to the resignation of its chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


    Rich was beaten, shot and killed early on the morning of July 8 while he was walking home and talking on the phone to his girlfriend. Police have said they haven’t determined if his murder was a botched robbery or something else. The killer or killers appear to have taken nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.
    A makeshift memorial for Seth Rich.
    A makeshift memorial for Seth Rich.
    DC’s Metropolitan Police Department tells Heat Street on Friday that there are “no updates” in the case. But while information from authorities may be scarce, the Internet has certainly taken Seth Rich’s story to some very dark places — despite no evidence to back up any of the reigning conspiracy theories.
    Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI that fateful morning, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family.
    Further “investigation” dug up no such court case and there is no evidence whatsoever that Rich, who did voter outreach work for the DNC, had any knowledge of alleged Clinton misdeeds.
    More recently, Wikileaks’s thousands of DNC emails and voice mails have piqued Reddit’s interest, with Redditors combing through years of communications looking for any clue to Rich’s murder.
    Reddit’s pro-Donald Trump subreddit, /r/The_Donald posited that Rich could be the DNC’s “leaker” – the one who ultimately gave Wikileaks 30,000 emails to publish.
    The reward poster.
    The reward poster.
    The theory is apparently based on Julian Assange’s recent ITV appearance, where he scoffed at the idea that Russian hackers could be responsible for the data dump, and said that “anyone” within the Democrats’ organization could easily have sent Wikileaks the offending messages.
    Given that Rich as a DNC staffer presumably would have had some access to its servers, Reddit is absolutely positive Rich paid the ultimate price for exposing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC’s crusade against Bernie Sanders.
    The crazy conspiracy doesn’t end there. /r/The_Donald had even put together a timeline, worthy of Russell Crowe’s back shed in A Beautiful Mind. Not only does the subreddit link Rich to the Clintons through a series of (alleged) side jobs and encounters, it also links the 27-year-old junior staffer to powerful environmentalists who may or may not be Bernie Sanders supporters. Based on their theory, these “green” bigwigs pushed Rich to release the DNC’s emails, prompting the Clintons, who somehow knew about the operation, to order a hit.
    Other conspiracy theorists are seeking to link Rich’s murder to that of Molly Macauley, a beloved “space economist” who had testified before Congress. Macauley was killed just a few days before Rich, while walking her dogs in an upscale Baltimore neighborhood. As with Rich’s death, the murder remains unsolved. There is no evidence to connect the deaths.
    Seth Rich’s death is just the latest in a long line of high profile, DC murders that inspire such investigatory fantasies. The proximity to power DC aides enjoy makes them objects of intrigue. The 2001 murder of Capitol Hill intern Chandra Levy, for example, is still in the news, as charges against her accused killer were just dismissed on Thursday – the result of “new” evidence prosecutors say clears the man convicted in her death of responsibility.
    Until Seth Rich’s murder is solved, then, expect the Internet to keep digging.

    'One ISIS attack every 84 hours' spurs dread and anger in Europe. When CNN sees the problem you can bet it's bad

    'One ISIS attack every 84 hours' spurs dread and anger in Europe

    Turkey becoming a Sunni version of Iran. Where Islam rules no other religion is free. Islam is a political force dressed up as a religion.

    TURKEY'S BACKLASH: Christians pay price as extreme Islam surges after attempted coup

    The attempted coup in Turkey sent shockwaves around the world. Here was a Nato ally, thrown into chaos overnight. MARCO GIANNANGELI in Istanbul uncovers how the power struggle has paved the way for a more extreme form of Islam to take hold.

    Rally in Taksim Square, President ErdoganMARCO GIANNANGELI / GETTY / REUTERS
    Hundreds of people turned up to Takasim Square to watch a televised speech from President Erdogan 
    Amid the cacophony of police sirens, low-flying helicopters and rifle fire, there was another sound during the attempt to overthrow president Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The wailing of Turkey’s imams. 
    From the nations’s 85,000 mosques, their amplified voices were heard calling upon the faithful to take to the streets and defy the plotters. The people listened. 
    Some bravely stood in front of tanks as they defended the democratically elected president. Around 240 from both sides died and 1,400 were injured. 

    For others the night presented different opportunities as hardline Muslim Sunnis, whipped up to a frenzy, targeted Turkey’s Christian community. 
    In Matalya, a sprawling city in Anatolia, once the heartland of Christianity in the East, they targeted a Protestant church. 
    The word church is a grand term for the small, modern shopfront nestled in the city’s minority Alevi district.
    For, despite a tolerant constitution, Protestants are not allowed to build churches in Turkey. Even the name church must be coupled to the non-threatening “association”. 
    Gangs chanting “Allahu akbar” rounded on it to smash its glass frontage. “The attack on the church was light. But it’s significant that it was the only shopfront attack in those three days,” said its minister, Pastor Tim Stone, last night. “We were the only targets.” 
    Nor was Matalya alone. In the Black Sea city of Trabzon others attacked the Santa Maria church, smashing windows and using hammers to break down its door. 
    The events of that Saturday night were not new for either city. In 2007, three Christian employees of a publishing house for bibles in Malatya were attacked. After being tortured, their hands and feet were tied and their throats cut by five Muslim assailants.
    A year earlier Father Andrea Santoro, a 61-year-old Roman Catholic priest, was murdered in the Santa Maria Church. Father Santoro was shot from behind while kneeling in prayer in the church. Witnesses heard the murderer, aged 16, shouting “Allahu Akbar”. 
    Turkey, which once boasted two million Christians, has barely 120,000 now, fewer even than Iran. But what shocked people most about July 15’s attacks was how much hatred still remains after almost 10 years.
    Though it is nominally a secular republic there can be little doubt that the government and Turkey’s 117,000 Sunni imams work together. 
    Since the night of the failed coup, imams have been chanting the Selah prayer, usually reserved to announce a death, on a daily basis as a rally call. 
    Tank in TurkeyREUTERS
    The failed coup has sent shockwaves around the world
    “The reality is that Turkey is neither a democracy nor a secular republic,” said Yuce Kabakci, a pastor in Istanbul. “There is no division between government affairs and religious affairs.” 
    Turkey is neither a democracy nor a secular republic 
    Yuce Kabakci
    Subsidised by taxes the Diyanet, the department in charge of religious affairs, boasts an £1.1billion annual budget, part of which goes to pay imams’ salaries. 
    The minister in charge is directly appointed by the president. And it is a sermon written by department chiefs that imams read out on Fridays. One sermon warned that Turks should not befriend Jewish people or Christians because they serve the West.
    “There’s no doubt that the government uses the mosques to get its message across to its grassroots supporters,” said Mr Kabakci. “There’s is an atmosphere in Turkey right now that anyone who isn’t Sunni is a threat to the stability of the nation” he added. 
    “Even the educated classes here don’t associate personally with Jews or Christians. It’s more than suspicion. It’s a case of ‘let’s get rid of anyone who isn’t Sunni’.” 
    Turks defying the curfew during the coupTWITTER
    Residents heeded their president's call by breaking the curfew imposed by military forces
    Now even Istanbul’s Hagia Sofi a building, a powerful symbol of pre-Islamic Turkey, is under threat, with imams allowed to recite prayers from under its Byzantine dome. 
    It was one of the most important Christian churches until the fall of Constantinople when it became a mosque. However, in 1935 it was made into a museum, in line with Turkey’s secular approach. 
    “I very much doubt that it will be turned into a mosque anytime soon but that’s not the point,” said Mr Kabakci. “They have that option open to them any time they want to take it. It’s a daily reminder as to who is in charge.” 
    Ihsan Ozbek, chairman of the association of Protestant churches, agreed. “Things got better in 2008, but that was when Turkey thought it would join the EU. Now intolerance is growing once more,” he said. 
    “Erdogan thinks he is the father of the nation. As a father he thinks he is protecting his children by being firm with them.”
    Erdogan’s Svengali-like popularity is real. Hundreds of people, even families with young children, have turned out to mass rallies in Istanbul’s Taksim Square every night since the July 15, to watch televised speeches by the leader. 
    “I’m not saying he isn’t making mistakes. But without Erdogan things would be worse,” said businessman Hosrof Koletavitoglu. 
    “I went to school with him. He was quiet and a very good soccer player.  Erdogan is a populist. He comes from the street. People understand him. He is the only type of person to take the country somewhere.” 
    President ErdoganGETTY
    Erdogan enjoys a 'Svengali-like' popularity
    Asked about the 50,000 soldiers, academics, journalists and government officials detained since the attempted coup, he added: “Democracy will come. But democracy carries a personal responsibility to the community.” 
    Notably, many don’t consider joining the European Union worth the price of admission, he said. Nato is viewed as a Western club. Erdogan has threatened to re-introduce the death penalty and has already overturned the ban on women wearing the hijab in Government buildings. 
    “Turkey is like Iran in 1975,” said one Iranian in Istanbul. “I’m sure we will see it become an Islamic Republic very soon. “But Erdogan is clever. He will survive.”