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Peeling back the onion of Leftist violence...the Revolutionary Communist Party is involved

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA Linked to Pro-Amnesty Protests at Murrieta

The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA is just one among several left-wing radical groups that have flocked to the Murrieta protests to oppose local residents who are demonstrating against the transfer of illegal aliens to their community. One group of activists chanted “white supremacists out” and danced to drums last Friday as several shredded, and some upside-down, American flags were hoisted above the crowd.

Later in the day, shredded flags were displayed on a fence surrounding the Murrieta Border Patrol station. 
Breitbart News shot video (above) of chanting and dancing from one group of illegal immigration supporters while torn American flags flew above and bullhorn announcements blared from a communist group. The red flag being held up by a woman in the video is identified as the Mohawk Warrior flag. At one point a man wearing a shirt that read, “BA Speaks: Revolution-Nothing Less,” shouted through a bullhorn, “You’re blind, you can’t see, better get some glasses like Run D.M.C.”–a reference to the Run D.M.C. song “You’re Blind.” The man’s shirt matched those of at least two cohorts, which revealed a connection between these three demonstrators and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.
A message on the RCP-USA website called for supporters to wear their party shirts on the 4th of July and send pictures of themselves in to the site along with information on where else they plan to wear their shirts over the summer.
The site lays out a “Strategy for Revolution” and includes the following statements: “Revolution requires consistent work building for revolution, based on a serious, scientific understanding of what it takes to actually get to the point of revolution, and how to have a real chance of winning” and “In order for revolution to be real there must be: a revolutionary crisis, and a revolutionary people, numbering in the millions and led by a far-seeing, highly organized and disciplined revolutionary party” (original emphasis).
Another page on the site hosts a donation button that requests funds specifically to send copies of their “Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America” to prisoners in “America’s dungeons.”
A sign spotted among the crowd at Friday’s protests was investigated and reported on by Ann-Marie Murrell of The sign listed a website for Stop Mass Incarceration, a 501(c)(3) organization created by Carl Dix. Carl Dix is also a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Murrell notes in her report that articles listed on the SMI website link back to the RCP USA site.

Al Qaeda affiliate mining uranium to send to Iran, Somali official warns US ambassador

Al Qaeda affiliate mining uranium to send to Iran, Somali official warns US ambassador

Catherine Herridge
An Al Qaeda affiliate has seized control of uranium mines in Africa with the intent of supplying the material to Iran, according to a diplomatic letter from a top Somali official appealing to the U.S. for "immediate military assistance."
The letter, reviewed by Fox News, was addressed to U.S. Ambassador to Somalia Stephen Schwartz. Somalia's Ambassador to the U.S. Ahmed Awad confirmed to Fox News on Thursday that the letter "has indeed been issued" by Minister of Foreign Affairs Yusuf Garaad Omar, whose signature is on the document.
The Aug. 11-dated letter delivered an urgent warning to the U.S. that the al-Shabaab terror network has linked up with the regional ISIS faction and is "capturing territory" in the central part of the country. 
'Every day that passes without intervention provides America's enemies with additional material for nuclear weapons.'
- Letter from Somalia's foreign minister to U.S. ambassador
"This issue can be summed up in a single word: uranium," the letter said. “Al-Shabaab forces have captured critical surface exposed uranium deposits in the Galmudug region and are strip mining triuranium octoxide for transport to Iran.” 
For the Trump administration, the warning represents yet another potential security threat, as the U.S. government simultaneously grapples with a nuclear standoff with North Korea, the prospect of a stalemate in Afghanistan and ISIS activity across the Middle East and North Africa.
But the letter said "now is not the time to look away," urging the U.S. ambassador to consider the request for intelligence and military assistance. 
“Only the United States has the capacity to identify and smash Al-Shabaab elements operating within our country. The time for surgical strikes and limited engagement has passed, as Somalia’s problems have metastasized into the World’s problems,” the letter said. "Every day that passes without intervention provides America's enemies with additional material for nuclear weapons. There can be no doubt that global stability is at stake." 
The State Department would not comment on the diplomatic letter, but did not dispute its authenticity and referred Fox News to the government of Somalia. Iran was supposed to pull back on its nuclear program under the terms of the agreement struck with the Obama administration.
Catherine Herridge is an award-winning Chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) based in Washington, D.C. She covers intelligence, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Herridge joined FNC in 1996 as a London-based correspondent.

UK TERROR HELLUK is home to 35,000 radical Islamists with 3000 ’worrying’ MI5 – says counter-terrorism chief. And, in the US?


UK is home to 35,000 radical Islamists with 3000 ’worrying’ MI5 – says counter-terrorism chief

Britain has more Islamists than any other European country and it's feared they'll try to target nuclear power stations and air traffic control systems with cyber attacks
BRITAIN has up to 35,000 radical Islamists, with 3,000 “worrying” MI5, the EU’s counter- terrorism chief says.
Gilles de Kerchove said the UK had more Islamists than any other European country.
 Britain has up to 35,000 radical Islamists says EU’s counter-terrorism chief
Britain has up to 35,000 radical Islamists says EU’s counter-terrorism chief
He also warned that IS would try to target nuclear power stations or air traffic control systems with cyber attacks.
And he claimed they could pay Russian hackers to do the work.
Mr de Kerchove, who works with Europe’s security services and governments, said: “The United Kingdom has identified 20,000 to 35,000 radicals.
"Of these, 3,000 are worrying for MI5, and of those 500 are under constant and special attention.
“France has 17,000. Spain many less, but more than 5,000. In Belgium almost 500 have been to Syria and there are around 2,000 radicals or more.”
He said there had been no recorded cases of cyberterrorism “in the sense of penetrating the systems of nuclear power stations, prisons or aerospace”.

A murder that needn't have happened.

The killing of a Santa Rosa woman by an undocumented immigrant two weeks ago has exposed a constitutional feud between federal and county governments over the detention of immigrants at the Sonoma County Jail.
The dispute stems from the release of a Guatemalan national, Nery Israel Estrada- Margos, 38, who bailed out of the jail Aug. 3, a day after being booked on domestic battery charges.
While in custody, Estrada- Margos’ fingerprints matched those in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement database.
The federal agency sent an immigration detainer request to jail officials, asking them to hold Estrada-Margos for up to 48 hours so it could take him into federal custody because he had returned to the country illegally after a 2008 deportation to Guatemala.
But the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t recognize such detainer requests. Estrada-Margos went free on $30,000 bail. Two weeks later, on Aug. 18, he turned himself into Santa Rosa police saying he killed his girlfriend, Veronica Cabrera Ramirez, 42, after a domestic dispute.
The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office maintains that holding an inmate for any length of time past their scheduled release because of immigration status is unconstitutional and violates an inmate’s Fourth Amendment rights.
“The county can be held liable for false imprisonment should an inmate be held past their release time,” said Sgt. Spencer Crum, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, citing a 2014 U.S. District Court case in Oregon.
Instead, the Sheriff’s Office treats ICE detainer requests as requests for notification of release, a Department of Homeland Security form. Before Estrada-Margos was released from custody, jail officials did notify ICE of his impending departure.
But James Schwab, a spokesman for ICE’s San Francisco office, contends the jail only gave a 16-minute notice before Estrada-Margos walked out the front door of the county jail.
“Sixteen minutes is typical. And look what happens when we don’t communicate with each other,” Schwab said, referencing the death of Cabrera Ramirez. “The majority of time we get a very short notice from the Sheriff’s Office.”
If the Sheriff’s Office gave ICE at least 48 hours notice of a flagged inmate’s release, agents would pick up every person for deportation proceedings, Schwab said.
As of Aug. 15, roughly 25 percent of the 176 inmates flagged by ICE this year have been picked up by federal immigration agents at the county jail, according to data recently released by the Sheriff’s Office.
Sheriff Rob Giordano initiated a new policy Aug. 18 to limit cooperation with ICE at the county jail, the same day Cabrera Ramirez died in her home from undisclosed injuries, allegedly at the hands of Estrada-Margos.
While the Sheriff’s Office once responded to every ICE notification request, jail officials now only respond if a person has been convicted of a felony listed by the California Trust Act, a 2014 state law that limits immigration holds. The jail also responds when a flagged inmate has been convicted of a Trust Act misdemeanor and roughly a dozen other crimes within the last five years. The additional misdemeanors, chosen by Giordano, include DUIs, battery and sex crimes relating to minors.
Inmates are now also given the right through an attorney to contest the Sheriff’s Office decision to notify ICE of their release.
When the Sheriff’s Office does respond to an ICE request, it typically gives 24- to 48-hours notice before the inmate is released, Crum said.
But there are times when giving ICE a 48-hour notice would violate a person’s Fourth Amendment rights. For example, when a judge dismisses an inmate’s case or a person posts bail, their release happens within hours, Crum said.
In the case of Estrada-Margos’ release, Crum disputes there was only a 16-minute notice given to ICE. Crum said it was a 45-minute notice.
ICE considers its detainer requests to be administrative warrants that allow for the detention of immigrants — whether in the country illegally or legally — for up to 48 hours, regardless of court cases that have ruled otherwise. Sonoma County disagrees, and will only hold an inmate when presented with a criminal warrant signed by a federal judge or magistrate that sustains probable cause.
California jails’ policies regulating cooperation with ICE differ from county to county. At the Marin County Jail, officials will not hold inmates on ICE detainer requests on constitutional grounds, but do respond to every request for notification of release, said Capt. Rick Navarro with the Marin County Sheriff’s Office.
In Napa County, jail officials also consider detainer requests to be unconstitutional, said Leonard Vare, director of the Napa County Department of Corrections. The Napa County Jail has a more restrictive policy than Sonoma County in responding to ICE notification requests of release.
Napa County Jail officials will only respond to ICE if an inmate has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony outlined by the Trust Act while also fulfilling the legal notification requirement of the Truth Act, a 2017 state law that requires jail officials to notify inmates and their attorney that ICE has flagged them, Vare said.
“There’s no way that people who run jails can predict future behavior of anyone released from jail,” Vare said about the Estrada-Margos case. “You can only look at past behavior to see if this person presents a danger to the public.”
Estrada-Margos had no prior convictions when he was released from Sonoma County Jail Aug. 3. Had the new policy been in place, jail officials would not have notified ICE at all. Prior deportations do not count as prior convictions.
Estrada-Margos’ suspected killing of Cabrera Ramirez has left her two teen daughters in Santa Rosa without their mother and two teen sons in Guatemala without their father.
Estrada-Margos’ younger brother, Guillo Estrada, told The Press Democrat in a phone interview from his family’s hometown of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, that his family was shocked — especially Estrada-Margos’ wife — to hear he was suspected of killing his girlfriend.
Guillo Estrada said his brother was living in Oklahoma when he was first deported in 2008 but returned to the U.S. for work in 2012 or 2013. He kept in touch with his brother over the years and has never been known to be violent or aggressive.
“He was the family joker,” Guillo Estrada said in Spanish, but noted his brother was the first to find their father after he hanged himself 21 years ago.
“We don’t really know what happened,” Guillo Estrada said of his brother’s alleged violence in Santa Rosa. “(But) we ask the family for forgiveness.”

‘Untouchable’ Kennedys boast about bad behavior all over Hyannis Port

‘Untouchable’ Kennedys boast about bad behavior all over Hyannis Port

HYANNIS PORT, Mass. — They’re America’s white-trash blue bloods.
The Kennedy clan has been famous over the years for limitless political ambition, immense wealth, excruciating tragedy — and seemingly constant scandal.
Their storied family tale began with an immigrant Irish family-done-very good and rose all the way to a US presidency, only to go from Camelot to trailer park.
So when father-daughter duo Max and Caroline “Summer’’ Kennedy were busted by cops during a raucous house party this month, the duo’s alleged low-life shenanigans were hardly a surprise.
It was all part of c’est la Kennedy, where bad behavior gets boasted about and consequences . . . what consequences?
“They don’t really feel like they have to answer to anybody,” a source close to the family recently told The Post. “They still have this outlook that they’re untouchable.”
Summer Kennedy’s response to cops on Cape Cod, as she and her 52-year-old father were being cuffed for disorderly conduct Aug. 20, seemed to sum it all up. Asked to take a Breathalyzer, the 23-year-old brat sniffed to cops, “No. I’m drunk. I know that,’’ according to police.
When the officers went to handcuff her, she allegedly stuck out her tongue and told them to “f–k off’’ — adding for good measure, “I went to Brown, and I’m a teacher, sweetheart!’’
Modal Trigger
John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy sailing in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.Getty Images
Max’s father was Robert F. Kennedy — former US attorney general, US senator and assassinated presidential candidate.
The only statesman in the prestigious political dynasty who outranked Bobby was older brother John. At the heart of the family today is Bobby’s wife and Max’s mother, 89-year-old matriarch Ethel Kennedy.
The queen bee is still feisty.
On July 4, she hopped behind the wheel of a golf cart — with a blue bandanna tied around her head — and drove along the parade route in Hyannis Port with her daughter Kerry by her side. They drove behind a parade float carrying hordes of Kennedy grandchildren.
A massive, booze-fueled party at the family’s famed summer compound surely followed. The sprawling estate, which consists of three mansions, sits on 6 acres of rolling green on the edge of sparkling Nantucket Sound. The Kennedys have flocked to the compound in times of triumph and tragedy — always close-knit, ever loyal, even three generations in.
“As a family, they’re constantly together, constantly doing something,’’ said a source who has worked for them.
But while the older generation made humanitarianism their life’s work, the younger Kennedy crowd is all about flitting “to events or galas and things like that,’’ the source said.
“That’s what their whole lives are about, socializing. The people who aren’t involved politically, they’re just socialites.”
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Max Kennedy (left) and Caroline KennedyBarnstable Police Dept.
The privileged air of those carrying the family name rankles some locals. At the Hyannis Port Yacht Club, where the family docks their half-dozen or so boats, the clan is known to race its sailboats out in the sound.
“Teddy was actually a pretty good racer,” one resident said, referring to Jack and Bobby’s late brother, former Sen. Ted Kennedy.
But the younger cousins recklessly use the waters outside their sprawling estate as a playground, some residents said.
“They act like little a–holes out on the water,” said an employee at a local marina.
“They come to Baxter’s [restaurant] and get trashed and then ride their boats out. One time, they were coming out of here and hit two boats out in the middle of the water.’’
The worker added there is a buoy in the middle of the harbor that the kids like to jump off.
“They’re always getting chased off it,” he said.
Less than a week after his arrest, Max was pictured on his brother Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Instagram account sailing with country-music superstar Kenny Chesney. Max was “burying the rail,” or catching so much wind that the boat’s deck was almost vertical, the boat’s side underwater.

His teeth were bared like a warrior shouting a battle cry, his hands tightly clutching the massive wooden helm, looking like he was straight out of a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.
“They’re very high-profile, and they know it,’’ the family source said. “They make you feel less-than.’’
Max is the ninth of Ethel and Bobby’s 11 children, a Harvard grad best known for penning a book about his dad: “Make Gentle the Life of This World: The Vision of Robert F. Kennedy.’’
This month, he became the seventh of the siblings to be arrested. Before their bust, he and his daughter kept a low profile — at least by Kennedy standards.
Caroline is rarely seen on the quaint, bustling streets of Hyannis Port. She has been known to frequent the rowdy Trader Ed’s bar and restaurant at Hyannis Harbor on Sundays for big events such the “Tuna Tournament” but “never at night,” according to staff.
She and her father are close, the family sources said. The night they were arrested, she was just sticking up for him, they said.
The source described Caroline as “sweet, very nice” and “one of my favorites” of the grandchildren.
She often heads to Salon 700, a beauty salon off Main Street, for waxing. The spot is a family favorite.
“But they can be tough to work with. They expect a lot . . . they’re like, ‘I’m here, so hurry up,’ ” a salon employee said.
Ethel feels so “entitled” that she goes to her salon barefoot, employees said. “She’s very eccentric . . . She gets chauffeured right to the door by her assistant, and . . . she feels like she’s walking into her home,” a source said. The matriarch is enjoyable to have around, though. “Ethel’s a hoot . . . She’s just fun,” a salon employee said.
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Ethel Kennedy (right) joins the Fourth of July celebrations in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.Splash News
Still, tales of family cheapness abound. During the recent wedding of Caroline’s cousin Meghan Kennedy Townsend to Billy Birdzell, a stylist had to “chase them” for money, the family source said.
The bill was about $875. “They’re very stingy,” the source said. When they’re not being cheap, locals say the family can be very petty.
A homeowner near one of the Kennedys’ homes put a pool in the back yard that apparently came just a little too close to the family’s property line, a landscaper said.
“They put a hawk coop up right at the property line,’’ the man said.
“The smell was really bad, especially in the summer. It was as bad as bat guano. The owners were always fussing about it, but [the Kennedys] refused to change it.”
But in the end, the town stays true to the denizens who put it on the map.
The workers at Salon 700 may groan a little when Ethel strolls in barefoot, but they still respect her and her history.
“We all kind of have our own little ‘Ugh, she’s here again’ when we see her. But at the same time, I respect her a lot. I know she’s been through hell and back, so I don’t really flinch too much,” a worker said.
The family’s presence can be felt everywhere, from the JFK museum on Main Street to the posters of the ex-president’s face plastered on every lamppost along the strip to celebrate the 100 years since his birth.
Like it or leave it, “They are Cape Cod royalty,’’ a salon worker said of the Kennedys.
“They’ll always be our claim to fame for the Cape.’’

Berkeley Mayor finally calls out Antifa as a gang.

Watch Berkeley’s Mayor Call Out Antifa Protestors, Classify Them As A ‘Gang’

They come dressed in uniforms. They have weapons. They're almost a militia. I think we should think about that when it comes to our law enforcement approach.'
After a bloody weekend of violent clashes between free speech rally-goers and violent leftists, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin said Antifa, a violent leftist group comprised largely of anarchists and communists, should be considered a gang by law enforcement.
“We should classify them as a gang,” Arreguin told local CBS affiliate KPIX in a televised interview. “They come dressed in uniforms. They have weapons. They’re almost a militia. I think we should think about that when it comes to our law enforcement approach.”
Media and cell phone videos show Antifa members viciously attacked Donald Trump supporters attending the free speech rally last weekend. Dressed in black, Antifa members chased after and beat up people they suspected may have sympathies towards the so-called alt-right.
“We’re going to have think big picture about what’s the strategy on how we’re going to deal with these violent elements on the Left as well,” the mayor said. “We also need to hold accountable and encourage people not to associate with these extremists because it empowers them and gives them cover.”
Arreguin, a liberal, is also calling on the University of California-Berkeley to cancel the Free Speech Week event on campus next month featuring Milo Yiannopoulos and Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire.
The university said it will not cancel the event as it’s being organized by students.
Bre Payton is a staff writer at The Federalist. Follow her on Twitter

Charlie Hebdo cover casts Harvey victims as neo-Nazis. Well, they found a way to be provocative without being killed! Idiots!.

Charlie Hebdo cover casts Harvey victims as neo-Nazis

The new issue of inflammatory French magazine Charlie Hebdo appears to mock the death and utter devastation wrought by Tropical Storm Harvey.
“God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas,” the weekly mag’s cover screams.

An illustration of half-submerged swastika flags and arms giving the Nazi salute accompanies the headline.
Critics were quick to blast the mag for poking fun at the mega-disaster, which claimed at least 37 lives and displaced tens of thousands of people.
“So the idiots at Charlie Hebdo are cheering the #Houston #Harvey disaster b/c they claim it drowned neo-Nazis. WTF?!” tweeted conservative pundit Debbie Schlussel.
“Hey Charlie Hebdo F— You Scumbag! Those were all God Loving Americans that Grandfathers saved FRANCE from NAZI’s,” tweeted user @USMC_Michaels.
The weekly magazine, which trades in controversy, captured international attention when it depicted the Muslim Prophet Muhammad — a taboo for adherents.
That issue prompted a deadly terror attack by two French-born gunmen who stormed the publication’s office.
Hebdo’s cover is not the first bad take following the historic storm.
A Florida college fired a professor Tuesday for saying Hurricane Harvey was “karma” because Texans supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election.