Thursday, August 31, 2017

Peeling back the onion of Leftist violence...the Revolutionary Communist Party is involved

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA Linked to Pro-Amnesty Protests at Murrieta

The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA is just one among several left-wing radical groups that have flocked to the Murrieta protests to oppose local residents who are demonstrating against the transfer of illegal aliens to their community. One group of activists chanted “white supremacists out” and danced to drums last Friday as several shredded, and some upside-down, American flags were hoisted above the crowd.

Later in the day, shredded flags were displayed on a fence surrounding the Murrieta Border Patrol station. 
Breitbart News shot video (above) of chanting and dancing from one group of illegal immigration supporters while torn American flags flew above and bullhorn announcements blared from a communist group. The red flag being held up by a woman in the video is identified as the Mohawk Warrior flag. At one point a man wearing a shirt that read, “BA Speaks: Revolution-Nothing Less,” shouted through a bullhorn, “You’re blind, you can’t see, better get some glasses like Run D.M.C.”–a reference to the Run D.M.C. song “You’re Blind.” The man’s shirt matched those of at least two cohorts, which revealed a connection between these three demonstrators and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.
A message on the RCP-USA website called for supporters to wear their party shirts on the 4th of July and send pictures of themselves in to the site along with information on where else they plan to wear their shirts over the summer.
The site lays out a “Strategy for Revolution” and includes the following statements: “Revolution requires consistent work building for revolution, based on a serious, scientific understanding of what it takes to actually get to the point of revolution, and how to have a real chance of winning” and “In order for revolution to be real there must be: a revolutionary crisis, and a revolutionary people, numbering in the millions and led by a far-seeing, highly organized and disciplined revolutionary party” (original emphasis).
Another page on the site hosts a donation button that requests funds specifically to send copies of their “Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America” to prisoners in “America’s dungeons.”
A sign spotted among the crowd at Friday’s protests was investigated and reported on by Ann-Marie Murrell of The sign listed a website for Stop Mass Incarceration, a 501(c)(3) organization created by Carl Dix. Carl Dix is also a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Murrell notes in her report that articles listed on the SMI website link back to the RCP USA site.

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