Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chelsea Clinton an acorn from the same tree of liars. BTW you don't get a year in jail for a minor offense. Aren't these the same people who want stiffer sentences for DUI?

Chelsea Clinton tweets she spent a year in Joe Arpaio’s tent jail — the reaction is priceless

Chelsea Clinton tweets she spent a year in Joe Arpaio’s tent jail — the reaction is priceless
Chelsea Clinton mistakingly tweets that she spent a year in Joe Arpaio's tent jail. The reaction is priceless. (Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images) 

Chelsea Clinton really stepped in it on Saturday when she tweeted a Washington Post essay from someone who spent a year in Joe Arpaio’s infamous Maricopa County jail.
Only problem was, Clinton tweeted the story headline without quotes, making it read as if she was saying that she spent a year in Arpaio’s jail.
“The year I spent in Joe Arpaio’s tent jail was hell. He should never walk free,” the tweet said with a link to the Post essay.
The essay details the horrors that Francisco Chairez faced while he was in Arpaio’s jail for a DUI conviction.
“[In 2014], I got into a bad relationship and I drove while drunk. I was arrested, and it took the county an entire year to prosecute me. I thought it was the worst year of my life, until I was convicted and sent to one of Arpaio’s jails,” Chairez wrote.
“How ironic it is, that the immigrant who committed a minor criminal act has to live with a conviction on his record for the rest of his life, while a criminal like Arpaio gets to walk away unscathed for his crimes, which are greater in scale and severity,” he added.
The essay was penned after President Donald Trump pardoned Arpaio, igniting a wave of controversy. The former Maricopa County sheriff needed Trump’s pardon because he had recently been convicted of criminal contempt for continuing a program in his sheriff department that deprived American citizens of their civil rights in an effort to combat illegal immigration.
Though Clinton was just tweeting the essay’s link and was missing quotation marks around its headline, the reaction to the tweet was priceless:
One social media user’s tweet yielded many hilarious responses:
Clinton later acknowledged the mistake:

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