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Judicial malfeasance. Waste on absurdity. The evidence convicted her no matter what you knew in advance.

Watch the video linked below for the meat of the conviction. Subsequent to her conviction I watched a documntary about the case. She was 5000% sure she wanted him murdered.

Are jurors only to come from the population of cave dwellers?

Dalia Dippolito: New trial ordered for wife accused of hiring cop to kill husband

JUPITER, Fla. - Dalia Dippolito, the Boynton Beach woman convicted of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband, is getting a new trial.
Wednesday, a state appeals court ruled the original trial in 2011 wasn't fair and Dippolito deserves a second chance to prove her innocence.
The ruling reverses the 2011 conviction which means Dippolito is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. 
Boynton Beach police officers set up a sting in 2009. Dippolito thought she was hiring a hitman to kill her husband, Michael. She was actually setting up the deal with an undercover police officer.
Michael Salnick represented Dippolito during the 2011 trial. He argued then there were issues with the jury selection process. Wednesday, the appeals court agreed.
"There was a taint in the case from the very beginning because this was a jury who knew a lot of things about this individual that were neither relevant nor necessary for a fair and impartial jury," explained Salnick.
Dippolito has a new defense lawyer for the new trial. From his office in Miami Beach, MIchael Grieco said his client is happy with the latest news. "She's elated by the fact she woke up this morning a convicted felon and by noon she's not."
The prosecutor who worked the first trial and Dippolito's now ex-husband, the intended target, were not as thrilled.
"He [Michael Dippolito] is disappointed," Elizabeth Parker told us. "He is a very strong guy considering what he's been through, but to him he is trying to move on this life and this is a huge step back."
Parker left the state attorney's office and now represents Michael Dippolito privately.
Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffery Katz released this statement:
"The Boynton Beach Police Department is committed to enforcing the law and ensuring the Constitutional rights of everyone with whom we interact, Ms. Dippolito is no exception.  We trust our State Attorney Dave Aronberg and his team to present this case and represent the best interests of our community.  We believe we have done our part and will continue to cooperate with what we believe will be a dispassionate and just judicial process. I remain very proud of the fine work performed by our officers and detectives on this case."
Dalia Dippolito has been on house arrest since the appeals process began in 2011.
It's unclear when the new trial will begin.

How to make everyone other then the elites poorer, raise the price of everything

IMF urges higher energy taxes to fight climate change

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Energy taxes in much of the world are far below what they should be to reflect the harmful environmental and health impact of fossil fuels use, the International Monetary Fund said in a new book on Thursday.
For the first time, the IMF laid out exactly what it views as appropriate taxes on coal, natural gas, gasoline and diesel in 156 countries to factor in the fuels' overall costs, which include carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution, congestion and traffic accidents.
Under its chief, Christine Lagarde, the IMF has delved into the impact of climate change, arguing that tackling the fund's core mission of economic instability is impossible without also addressing environmental damage.
At the book's launch in Washington, Lagarde said countries should not have to wait for global agreement on climate policies, and instead should move ahead in adjusting energy prices on their own.
Nations are now working on a United Nations deal for late 2015 to rein in greenhouse gas emissions that have hit repeated highs this century, but progress has been slow as nations fret about the impact any measures could have on economic growth.
The IMF's book argues higher energy taxes should not hurt growth if done right.
"On this point, let me be crystal clear: we are generally talking about smarter taxes rather than higher taxes," Lagarde said, according to prepared remarks for the launch of the book.
She said higher energy taxes are the most efficient and simple way of dealing with environmental harm and would allow governments to stop relying on a "patchwork" of other uncoordinated policies to deal with climate change, such as subsidies for renewable energy.
Higher energy prices would prompt people to shift to cleaner fuels or more fuel-efficient vehicles on their own, Lagarde said, adding that they could also allow governments to lower other taxes on consumption or income to reduce the burden on people, or pay down more public debt.
The IMF estimates implementing efficient energy taxes would reduce deaths from fossil fuels by 63 percent, cut carbon emissions by 23 percent, and raise revenues by 2.6 percent of GDP for the world as a whole.
The IMF has made a big push in recent years for countries to rein in energy subsidies, which it says hurt the environment while rarely helping the most vulnerable and eating up valuable government funds that could be put to better use elsewhere.
"But we need to go well beyond the elimination of direct cash subsidies, and make sure that energy tax systems around the world properly reflect environmental side effects," Lagarde said in prepared remarks for the event on Thursday.
Climate fraud is the statist's dream come true.  Give us more money and more power of you. 

Two sets of rules: One for Jews the other for Palestinians. There must be no radical Islamist groups.

France mulls ban on radical Jewish group

Paris (AFP) - France is considering disbanding a radical Jewish group whose members clashed with pro-Palestinian activists during rallies over Israel's offensive in Gaza, a source close to the case told AFP on Thursday.
News of the mooted ban on the Jewish Defence League (LDJ) came just ahead of an evening pro-Israel demonstration outside the Jewish state's embassy, located near the French prime minister's office.
Police said around 4,500 people joined the rally called by the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF). Another 1,000 gathered at the Great Synagogue in Lyon.
They were held in response to weeks of pro-Palestinian protests that have been marred by clashes, arrests and allegations of anti-Semitism in which synagogues were targeted and Israeli flags burnt.
The presence of charged-up JDL activists on the sidelines of recent rallies has been seen as one of the reasons they turned violent, with clashes outside a synagogue on July 13 leading to a ban on subsequent pro-Palestinian protests.
A source close to the case confirmed to AFP a report by French newspaper Liberation that steps were being taken to disband the LDJ, saying: "We are carrying out an extremely fine analysis of the law."
Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve did not specifically refer to the LDJ but said on Thursday that "any group that can pose a problem" or did not abide by the law would be banned.
The CRIF's head Roger Cukierman distanced his group from the LDJ as news of the possible ban emerged, saying: "We share neither their ideology nor their methods."
"It's a tiny organisation comprising a few dozen members from what I know," he said, but expressed surprise that the government was not planning to ban "pro-Palestinian groups which have tried to vandalise eight synagogues in the Paris region."
The main Jewish students' union echoed that view. Its head Sacha Reingewirtz said: "I condemn all forms of extremism... but if the government disbands it (the LDJ), it should also ban all the radical groups behind recent anti-Semitic violence."
Police kept a firm grip on Thursday's pro-Israel demonstrations in Paris and Lyon.
"There have unfortunately been many protests where we have heard hatred of Israel and Jews," said Joel Mergui, president of the Israelite Central Consistory of France.
"Tonight, with this gathering, there is no hatred of Palestinian people. There is hatred of a terrorist movement whose objective is the 'Final Solution' for the Jewish people."
- LDJ's actions 'excessive' -
Last week, Interior Minister Cazeneuve said the French LDJ's actions were "excessive" and "should be condemned".
The French LDJ denies breaking laws, but it takes inspiration from the far-right Jewish Defense League, labelled a terrorist organisation by the United States' FBI in 2001.
It also uses the emblem of a banned Israeli far-right party, the Kach, a raised fist inside a black Star of David, set against a yellow background.
The Gaza conflict has stirred up huge passions in France -- home to the largest Muslim and Jewish communities in western Europe with around five million Muslims and half a million Jews.
While many protests around the country have gone smoothly, some demonstrations in Paris and the northern suburb town of Sarcelles have descended into chaos and looting in which Jewish businesses were targeted.
French far-left and Muslim leaders have been calling for action against the LDJ, with the French Muslim council branding it "an extremist, racist and violent association."
The government has come under attack for banning some demonstrations, while far-right leader Marine Le Pen has blasted the ruling Socialists for failing to stem "riots in the heart of Paris".
"We must protect the right to demonstrate but from the moment that the state takes a decision to ban a rally they must provide the powers so that the ban is respected," the National Front leader said.
"We ask policemen to confine troublemakers within a specific perimeter but... neither to arrest them nor to burn or break everything," she said on Thursday.
Scores of people have been arrested following the riots and unrest that marked most of the Gaza demonstrations in and around Paris.

Closing the Ethics Committee empowered to investigate him raises some serious questions

U.S. Attorney Warns Cuomo on Moreland Commission Case

In an escalation of the confrontation between the United States attorney in Manhattan, Preet Bharara, and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomoover the governor’s cancellation of his own anticorruption commission, Mr. Bharara has threatened to investigate the Cuomo administration for possible obstruction of justice or witness tampering.
The warning, in a sharply worded letter from Mr. Bharara’s office, came after several members of the panel issued public statements defending the governor’s handling of the panel, known as the Moreland Commission, which Mr. Cuomo created last year with promises of cleaning up corruption in state politics but shut down abruptly in March.
Mr. Bharara’s office has been investigating the shutdown of the commission, and pursuing its unfinished corruption cases, since April.
In the letter, sent late Wednesday afternoon to a lawyer for the panel, prosecutors alluded to a number of statements made by its members on Monday, which generally defended Mr. Cuomo’s handling of the commission. The statements were released on the same day Mr. Cuomo first publicly responded to a report in The New York Times that described how he and his aides had compromised the commission’s work.
Gov. Andrew M. CuomoCreditDominic Nahr for The New York Times
At least some of those statements were prompted by calls from the governor or his emissaries, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation who were unwilling to be named for fear of reprisal.
One commissioner who received a call from an intermediary on behalf of the governor’s office said he found the call upsetting and declined to make a statement.
The letter from prosecutors, which was read to The New York Times, says, “We have reason to believe a number of commissioners recently have been contacted about the commission’s work, and some commissioners have been asked to issue public statements characterizing events and facts regarding the commission’s operation.”
“To the extent anyone attempts to influence or tamper with a witness’s recollection of events relevant to our investigation, including the recollection of a commissioner or one of the commission’s employees, we request that you advise our office immediately, as we must consider whether such actions constitute obstruction of justice or tampering with witnesses that violate federal law.”
Reached late Wednesday night, a spokesman for the governor did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the letter from Mr. Bharara’s office. A lawyer for the commission declined to comment on the letter.
The Times reported last week that Mr. Cuomo’s office had deeply compromised the panel’s work, objecting when it focused on groups with political ties to Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat who is seeking re-election, or on issues that might reflect poorly on him.
Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan.CreditAnthony Lanzilote for The New York Times
The Times’s article prompted condemnations from government watchdog groups and newspaper editorial boards. Mr. Cuomo, facing perhaps the harshest scrutiny of his three and a half years as governor, remained out of public view for five days as criticism mounted.  
Late Sunday night, Mr. Cuomo’s office announced that he would make an appearance in Buffalo on Monday morning, setting in motion what appeared to be a coordinated effort by Mr. Cuomo and his aides to present a defense for their conduct.
Just hours before Mr. Cuomo faced reporters, one of the co-chairs of the commission, William J. Fitzpatrick, released a three-page statement in which he asserted that “nobody ‘interfered’ with me or my co-chairs.”
Facing questions from the news media, Mr. Cuomo repeatedly citedthe statement by Mr. Fitzpatrick, the Onondaga County district attorney. The governor called the statement “very helpful,” explaining that Mr. Fitzpatrick “knows better than anyone else what happened with the Moreland Commission.”
“Now we have facts that we can actually deal with, right?” Mr. Cuomo said.
Mr. Fitzpatrick’s statement seemed at odds with frustration he had expressed to colleagues last year; in one email reported by The Times, he wrote that Mr. Cuomo’s office “needs to understand this is an INDEPENDENT commission and needs to be treated as such.” Mr. Cuomo dismissed that email as “snippets of conversations.”
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Timeline: The Short Life of an Anticorruption Commission

Mr. Fitzpatrick’s statement on Monday also appeared to contradict previous statements he made to federal prosecutors, according to three people briefed on the matter but not authorized to speak on the record.  Mr. Fitzpatrick did not immediately return a call late Wednesday seeking comment.
Also Monday, Thomas P. Zugibe, the Rockland County district attorney and a commission member, released a statement in which he asserted that the panel “did incredible work” and said, “At all times it was clear that all investigatory decisions were within the exclusive discretion of the Commission.”
Another commission member, Frank A. Sedita III, the Erie County district attorney, issued a statement that acknowledged there had been “rumors” that Mr. Cuomo’s office had sought to block the issuance of some subpoenas. But he said that Mr. Cuomo’s office ultimately “agreed not to interfere with our work.”
And in an interview with Gannett, Gerald F. Mollen, the Broome County district attorney, said he believed that he and his colleagues had “absolute independence to go wherever the commission wanted and the governor could not stop us if we choose to go somewhere.”
The letter noted “the commissioners and the commission’s employees are important witnesses in this ongoing investigation, and information from those with personal knowledge of facts of the investigation is highly material to that investigation.”
The letter warned that tampering with the recollections of commission members or employees could be a crime, and directed them to preserve any records of “actual or attempted contact” along those lines.
James Margolin, a spokesman for the United States attorney’s office, declined to comment Wednesday night.

I may have missed but have you heard the UN say anything about the slaughter now going on in Mosul?

The UN and the west seem to have a blind-spot for Islamists killing others. Chaldean Christians in Mosul in particular.

Should the Israeli's lose will the UN be equally disinterested?

I fear the radical egalitarianism has made us susceptible to radical moral equivalence...where it is impossible to differentiate between good and evil. Compassion rules over reason. 

Two tenets of liberalism:

Profligacy with other people's money

Self serving hyper compassion at someone else's expense.

Here is a true picture of who is at war with Israel...Islamists of every stripe

Israel 42

  • Hamas (since 1987) armed and political group
    • Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (EQB) or Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades (EQB) or Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades (EQB) or al-Qassam Brigades (armed wing)
  • Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) (since 1970) armed group
    • Al-Quds Brigades (Jerusalem brigades) (armed wing)
  • The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) (since 2000) armed group
    • Al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades (armed wing)
  • Al-Ahrar Movement
    • Al-Ansar Brigades (armed wing)
  • Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) (since 1964) armed group
    • Marxist-secular Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) (since 1967) armed group
    • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) or Popular Liberation Front of Palestine-General Command (PLFP-GC)
    • Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades (armed wing)
    • Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) (since 1969) political party
    • Abu Nidal organization (ANO) or Fatah - the Revolutionary Council (FRC) (since 1974) armed group
    • Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) (since 1977) armed group
    • Arab Liberation Front (ALF) (since 1969) political party
    • As-Sa’iqa or Vanguard for the Popular Liberation War (VPLW) (since 1966) political party
    • Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF) (since 1967) political party
    • Palestinian Arab Front (PAF) (since 1968) minor faction
      • Fatah or Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine (since 1960) political party
      • Tanzim (since 2000) militant armed faction
      • Force 17 (since 1970) (now as Palestinian Presidential Guard) armed group
      • Fatah Special Operations Group (Fatah-SOG) or Martyrs of Tel Al Za’atar, Hawari, and Amn Araissi (since 1970) armed group no more actvie
      • Ahmed Abu Reish Brigade armed group
      • Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (since 2000) armed group
      • Al-’Asifah (since 1964) armed wing
    • More armed groups:
      • Holy Jihad Brigades (since 2006) gruppo armato
      • Jamaat Ansar al-Sunna (Iraq salafi group that has a Gaza armed faction) armed group
    • Armed groups linked to al-Qaeda
      • Army of Islam (Jaysh al-Islam) or Organisation of al-Qaeda in Palestine or Palestine Army of Islam or Tawhid Al Jihad or Jihad Brigades operating in Gaza Strip (split by Al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades). armed group
      • Jund Ansar Allah (Allah warriors) (since 2008) armed group
      • Fatah al-Islam (since 2006) armed group
      • Jaljalat (since 2009) operating in Gaza Strip. armed group
      • Lions of the mujahideen in Palestine (since 2010) armed group
      • Mohammed Bin Moslama Brigade (salafite group)
      • Abu al-Hareth
      • Jaysh al-Umma or Jaish al-Umma or Jaish al- Ummah or Army of the Nation or Army of the Faithful
      • Masada al Mujahideen
      • Jaish al Mu’minun or Jaish al-Muminun or Army of Believers
      • Jahafil Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad fi Filastin o Tawhid and Jihad Group in Jerusalem o Tawhid and Jihad o One God and Holy War o The Armies of Monotheism and Jihad in Palestine
      • Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem (MSC) or Mujahideen Shura Council (MSC) or Mujahedeen Shura Council (MSC) or Magles Shoura al-Mujahedeen or Magles Shoura al-Mujahadin or Mujahideen Shura Council of Jerusalem (active also in Sinai-Egypt ad in Gaza Strip) since 2011

If DHS compiled the numbers you can bet it's much worse then reported.

Posted By Scott Greer 
The Department of Homeland Security’s report on the facilities housing the recent flood of “unaccompanied alien children” (UAC) from Central America describes conditions where diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) and scabies are spreading, and staff are being exposed to human waste.
The report lists off the types of diseases that are becoming prevalent in the facilities and that are requiring treatment. They include “respiratory illnesses, chicken pox, tuberculosis, and scabies.” These diseases have also spread to several DHS employees working at the locations, the report states. (RELATED: Scabies Outbreak At US Border)
The report also includes notes that these facilities are now in unsanitary condition due to “UAC and family unit illnesses and unfamiliarity with bathroom facilities” and these conditions have resulted in staff members and migrants being exposed to human waste. (RELATED: Medical Staffers Threatened With Arrest For Divulging Information On Illegals’ Medical Conditions)
The DHS study mentioned that facility staff have been purchasing clothing, food and games for the UACs housed in the various holding locations.
In addition, the study stated that some facilities lack a sufficient amount of food for the migrants and there is a severe discrepancy in the amount of UACs and staff tasked with handling them.
According to The World Bank, the United States has had one of the lowest incidence rates of TB in the world over the last several years.
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Not enough money for essential services but plenty for this. Democrats use compassion as a cudgel

Immigrants to be Housed in 'Suites' Near San Antonio

There are multiple updates to this story. Please click here to get the latest information.

Updated: Jul 31, 2014 4:50 PM
KARNES CITY - Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Friday will open a remodeled detention center three hours north of the Rio Grande Valley.
The Karnes City center will house women and children who entered the country illegally through the Valley.
The 532-bed facility underwent a massive renovation to house women and children. The center housed only adult immigrants in the past.
Immigrants will be at the facility for an average of 23 days.
The feds said the rooms will be referred to as "suites." The suites are furnished with bunk beds, play tables for children, flat-screen television sets and landline telephones.
"I will refer to everyone in this facility as a resident. ICE generally refers to people in custody as detainees," ICE San Antonio Field Office Director Enrique Lucero said.
Lucero oversaw the transformation of the center.
The center has a soccer field covered with artificial turf, basketball courts, ping pong tables and a weight room. Officials also have plans to install a playground.
A charter school from nearby San Antonio will provide schooling and access to a library for the immigrant children.
The immigrants will get medical screenings. Children will receive physicals within 24 hours of arriving at the center and women within a week.
"There is a dentist on site," Lucero said.
There is a room where the immigrants will get to pick new clothes. Every illegal immigrant will be able to choose six sets of clothes, including shoes and socks.
"While residents are here ... we will provide a safe and humane environment," Lucero said.
The feds estimate it will cost approximately $74,000 a day to house 532 immigrants at the center. That's an average of $140 a day per person.
Officials did not disclose how much the government spent to refurbish the center.