Friday, September 30, 2022

A note to women against incarceration

Quavon Ewing, 32, appeared in court on Saturday after he failed to register as a sex offender for a previous conviction. According to prosecutors, Cook County Judge Maryam Ahmad released Ewing on the promise that he would return to court.

The following day, Ewing allegedly attacked three women in three separate incidents within 45 minutes. 

During a Wednesday bond hearing, prosecutors told the judge that Ewing put one victim into a bear hug. The 45-year-old female was able to escape the grip of her attacker by biting his neck. Prosecutors said that during the assault, the assailant moaned, groaned, and referred to the victim as “baby.”

Just 15 minutes after the first attack, Ewing allegedly grabbed another female by the shoulders. He punched her repeatedly and tried to shove her into his vehicle, prosecutors stated. A Lyft driver noticed the incident and intervened. The woman was able to get away from her attacker, who fled the scene.

Minutes later, Chicago Transit Authority subway station surveillance cameras captured a man believed to be Ewing urinating into a bottle and then throwing the bottle on a female.

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