Sunday, September 25, 2022

The most destructive racial hoax in modern American history

Democrats Used A Massive Race Hoax To Gain Power

For two years, a U.S. presidential administration has perpetrated a racial hoax. Teamed up with Black Lives Matter (BLM), an unscrupulous, failedcorruptorganization that promotes violence, Americans have been duped by the world’s largest racial hoax.

In mid-2019, driven by Trump hatred, congressional hearings on Confronting White Supremacy laid the groundwork. Those hearings introduced a concept that Team Biden and the media would recite endlessly: White supremacists are extremist domestic terrorists and the biggest threat to the nation. Democrat congressman Jamie Raskin said that, in 2018, the FBI identified 39 such murders (less than 0.02% of deaths from drug overdoses). He said that, even though this number was more than those associated with foreign terrorists, it was still an undercount because the FBI was too focused on international terrorism. Also, hate crimes were not categorized as domestic terrorism. Both needed to change--and change they did.

For the Democrats, George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020, was a gift from God. They made him the centerpiece of their evolving racial hoax. Rather than being caught having passed counterfeit money while having enough drugs in his system to drop a horse, the narrative said George Floyd was the victim of an oppressive White cop. From there, the narrative quickly evolved to claim that all Blacks are victims and all Whites are oppressors; that is, White supremacists and domestic terrorists lying in wait. At least those who were Republicans.

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