Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progressives live in utopia-land where reality is just a fly to be swatted away.

Meet Obama's point man on electric cars

He takes a plug-in Prius to work and is unfazed by obstacles ahead

Once again I ask, where are the new power plants that will provide the juice for all these execrable vehicles?

I bet if you look in to figures you'll find that the electricity calculations are premised on the base rate of 11 cents per kilowatt hour or something in that range. But, to do that you have to use no other electricity in the house. Once you include the normal usage you're talking more like 40 cents/KWH. (These are figures from my household bill). What happens when your area suffers a power outage? Do people with plug in cars just not go to work? Anyone care to guess what happens to the charging system during a brown-out?

We are suffering through a period where the junk science of global warming has begot the junk science propagated by the lunatic left fringe.


Cammie Novara said...

As I followed a link to this outrageous hilarious Yes We Scam! B.S. We Can Believe In! Obama Approval Plummets Hubpages piece I convinced myself that Commonsense And Wonder's viewers truly must be able to pass judgment on this link! http://hubpages.com/hub/Yes-We-Scam-BS-We-Can-Believe-In-Obama-Approval-Plummets

Anonymous said...

There were union guys blocking traffic on a local commute the other day "advocating for Clean Coal." Yep, even though there's no such thing--they want their piece of whatever bullshit the govt. forces the industry to add to "clean" it, which will add another layer of money-for-nothing to our bills. The "Carbon Capture" stupidity will be even more entertaining.