Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Conservative Treehouse knocks another one out of the park. Be sure to read the whole piece

Is This What Ryan Julison Intended All Along?

Many people are noticing the uptick in young black males attacking, and in some recent cases, killing, white people.  One of the connections that joins them all appears just below the surface.   Each of these events are connected, and each of these connections are being totally ignored by the media.
Let’s just look at who was murdered in the last week:
Delbert-Beltonchris lane and sarah harperDavid Santucci
All of the people involved in the murders, and most of their accomplices, have a self-identified position of advocacy for Trayvon Martin via their own social media accounts.   Yet the legacy media, the national press, appear to completely disconnect themselves from this IN_YOUR_FACE similarity.
However, the sheer open advocacy of this Justice For Trayvon™ motive is enough to make you look deeper to see if there really is a Trayvon Martin related violent pattern here.
If you do a little research, and I do mean ‘just a little’, into news articles - what you find isSTAGGERING.
These are just a few which are dated from AFTER the trial completed.
The post trial snapshot is presumably AFTER the media had the opportunity to report all the facts which outlined evidence that George Zimmerman acted in self-defense; and protected himself from a vicious attack by Trayvon Martin.

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