Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another case of corruption in a government run system. Government agencies are incapable of managing anything efficiently

Probe reveals improper fund usage in city hospital system

A citywide unit of the municipal hospital system was so out of control that a supervisor who moonlighted as a minister performed a wedding ceremony in his office during work hours.
That’s one of the startling findings of an inspector general’s report obtained by The Post that found rampant nepotism, cronyism, improper use of funds and other violations at the Health and Hospitals Corporation.
The 32-page report issued by IG Norman Dion said the outlandish behavior in the corporate-support services department continued unchecked for years because of lax management.
Among the misconduct:
■ Three top officials hired friends, neighbors or associates for temporary gigs with little responsibility. One of the hires was found “raking rocks that comprise the driveway and parking areas” on Staten Island’s Sea View Hospital campus.
■ The director of the construction division had no real experience in construction and no college degree, and the head of security had no formal security or law-enforcement experience
■ Six top officials hired at least one family member, many of them unqualified, including one whose file at an employment firm read: “I would never send him out for a job site.”
■ Several employees said they saw a supervisor who was reportedly also a minister perform a wedding “in his HHC office during his HHC work hours.”
■ A manager paid $3,000 to check e-mail while on vacation in Aruba using an HHC data card.
The 10-month probe, which was prompted by anonymous complaints in early 2012, resulted in 10 temporary employees being fired. A host of managers and supervisors either retired or transferred to other departments.
“Nepotism and cronyism were an acceptable practice, and HHC funds were improperly or injudiciously expended,” reads the November 2012 report, which was obtained by The Post after repeated attempts under the Freedom of Information Law.
Hospital officials said the department’s head count has since been reduced by half and oversight has improved.

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