Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Suing mom and dad

What is it about kids in New Jersey suing their parents for tuition? 
Last fall, Rachel Canning walked out on her parents and then demanded they still pay her tuition at a local Catholic high school. She lost her suit, and is now back with her mom and dad.
But Caitlyn Ricci hit the jackpot. This South Jersey daughter is on the outs with her folks, Michael Ricci and Maura McGarvey. This month, mom and dad took a financial hit when a state judge ordered them to pay $16,000 a year toward Caitlyn’s tuition at Temple University after she sued them. 
There are conflicting stories about whether Caitlyn left her mother’s house on her own or was kicked out. 
But there’s no dispute on the other main facts: Her parents are split; Caitlyn is living with her paternal grandparents; and she and her folks have barely spoken to one another these past two years.
In his ruling, the judge cited a 1982 New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that parents may be required to pay their children’s college education. That’s nuts. The good news is that a state assemblyman is proposing a law that would prevent these kind of suits. 
We understand family squabbles can be nasty, and children are often the victims. But Caitlyn Ricci is not a helpless child. She’s a 21-year-old adult. Even in New Jersey, it should not be impossible to hope the law would treat her as one

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