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The scope of fraud in order to keep the Mike Brown, gentle giant narrative is revolting in the disdain for ethics.

BUSTED *update* Video Added: Fake Mike Brown Family Autopsy Pathologist Shawn Parcells To Be Exposed Tonight On CNN…

Anderson Cooper is previewing his intention to reveal the fraud behind one of the Brown Family “pathologists” who conducted their “private autopsy”. The segment, scheduled to broadcast on CNN at 8:00pm, will focus on Scheme Team co-conspirator, Shawn Parcells.   We previously outlined the issues:

robles 3
On Friday August 15th, in response to the Ferguson Police releasing the strong-arm robbery video at the Ferguson Liquor Market, Daryl Parks held a press conference.
During the press conference Mr. Parks was asked a question about his organizing a 2nd autopsy of the body of “Big Mike” Brown. He responded thusly:
…”it’s done, and we’ll talk about that later, we’re not answering any questions about the second autopsy at this time; we will -in time- do that”….
However, when the autopsy was published as ‘media evidence’ the night of Sunday 8/17 by the New York Times (Robles), the article stated the autopsy was conducted by Shawn Parcells and Dr. Michael Baden on 8/17.
As the New York Times outlines Dr. Baden flew to Saint Louis on 8/17 to perform the task.
Well obviously you can see a problem.
How can Brown family attorney Daryl Parks say the second autopsy was completed prior to the Friday 8/15 press conference, if Dr. Baden didn’t arrive until Sunday 8/17 ?
The legacy media and the New York Times obviously didn’t question the disparity, so we wrote about it HERE hoping to bring in the sunlight.
A pathology blog, already holding previous concerns about the use of unlicensed, uncertified and untrained Shawn Parcells, picked up the issue we outlined and contacted Mr Parcells for clarification.
[…] Obviously this is a very serious allegation, especially in such a high profile case such as this, and I wanted to give Mr. Parcells a chance to respond. I called and left a message on his voice mail, and he called me back within five minutes.
Mr. Parcells readily admitted he went to St. Louis a few days prior to Dr. Baden’s arrival so as to help the Brown family’s attorneys with some administrative matters.
While he was there, he learned the mortuary where Mr. Brown’s body was being held was planning to embalm him due to the fact it did not have a cooler in which to store the body.
Mr. Parcells stated he did take some photographs of Mr. Brown’s body and injuries in order to document the appearance of the gunshot wounds prior to embalming since the embalming process can alter gross findings.
But Mr. Parcells was emphatic Dr. Baden, who did review the pre-embalming photographs Mr. Parcells took, was physically present and conducted the official second forensic examination of Mr. Brown’s body on August 17th.
Mr. Parcells then asked me to look at an image of the preliminary autopsy diagram he and Dr. Baden put together, which is below (click to enlarge).
However, despite the New York Times, CBS, Washington Post, and Associated Press calling Shawn Parcells a “forensic pathologist”, he’s not. Not even close.
[…] After Mr. Parcells described himself as a “forensic pathologist assistant and medical investigator”, Dr. Mitchell says:
That is a degree that does not exist in my knowledge, except in the mind of Shawn Parcells…You cannot claim the title, because it is a formal, licensable position. You can assist somebody; in this way I can say, for instance, I have paid my taxes, so I am an assistant President of the United States…He has none of the qualifications that are required. He has experience as a morgue technician, somebody who would move bodies around, clean up after an autopsy…
To his credit, Mr. Parcells admitted he is not certified as a pathologist assistant, but rather he is qualified due to his experience working under Dr. Young.
To this Dr. Young responded:
“Shawn hung out at the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office but was not trained by me.”…. “He has been representing himself in a way that is not appropriate by giving forensic pathology opinions when he is not qualified to do so.
So, it would appear, if we are to reconcile the Daryl Parks statement, an unlicensed guy who “hung out at the Jackson County Medical Examiners office” named Shawn Parcells, was given instructions by Parks and Crump to do a 2nd autopsy, which they now claim was only pictures and preliminary autopsy work, prior to the arrival of Dr. Michael Baden, who would do the “real second autopsy”, now technically the 3rd, a few days later.
Both ‘hang out guy’ Parcells, and Dr. Baden signed off on the autopsy diagram.
A diagram which, after they signed, was then manipulated by Parks and crump to give the appearance of another injury to the back and inner aspect of the right arm – therefore selling their media narrative of evidence for a shot from the rear.
mike brown autopsy presser
This, we call, the mysterious “Red Mark” noticed during the live media broadcast – which is absolutely not present in either the original diagram, or the diagram published in the accompanying New York Times article.
OK, got it ?
This is how the factual construct of an official autopsy, is spun inside the blender of Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump, and now officially becomes, ta da’, Media Evidence.
But why would Dr. Baden go along with the ruse and risk his “credibility”? A question raised by some, but within the pathological community (‘forensic’ intentionally omitted), a question long ago since answered and recently encapsulated:
You folks who are old enough to remember the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson will know the name. He was a well respected forensic pathologist who began selling his services and his testimony to the highest bidder. 
He is the “expert” who testified for O.J. Simpson, then, when questioned by the media about his testimony claimed he hadn’t said what he said on the stand. Baden also “testilied” for the defense in the murder trial of music mogul Phil Specter. 
But hey, his wife was Specter’s defense attorney. What would you do to keep peace in the family? 
We wouldn’t have hired someone with those sorts of questionable ethics, but the Brown family can do what they want while they have someone else paying the freight and looking for a big payout later.
Baden tells Fox News that Brown was shot six times, four times in the right arm, twice in the head, and one of those wounds was in the top of the head. Interesting. Every time a black thug is shot by police we are treated to statements like “He didn’t deserve to die like that. They could have shot him in the leg or something.” Well, it seems this officer did just that by putting four rounds into Brown’s right arm. Brown kept coming. The wound to the top of the head indicates Brown was likely still charging at the officer when he caught that one.
The race hustlers haven’t quite figured out how to spin that fact yet. Don’t worry, they will figure out something with the help of Dr. Baden. They are trying hard, though. 
They held a press conference this morning claiming those six wounds support the stories told by “witnesses”. Um, yeah, not so much. They hope you will concentrate solely on the number of rounds fired and forget all those other aspects of the “witness” statements where they claimed Brown was standing there with his hands in the air and other nonsense not supported by the Fact family.
You could claim Parcells and Baden reviewed Parcells earlier work, checked the photographs, and then redid the entire autopsy again – while together on 8/17 – as the New York Times sat waiting in the lobby…
….But given what we know of the historical track record another plausible situation is just as possible: The guy who “hung around the mortuary“, Parcells, did the make shift autopsy, and Baden flew in, looked over the body, and signed off on it solely to give it credibility.
How did the non-credentialed, non-accredited and non-licensed Shawn Parcells and Baden’s path’s cross?
2010 […] “However, I assisted Dr. Michael Baden, a famous and talented forensic pathologist, with a case once. A family had hired him to perform a second autopsy to see if the ruling of suicide was correct; they felt their family member could not have shot himself because of a shoulder issue. The man had been buried for 18 months but was well preserved, and we were able to perform our work to determine the manner and cause of death. We concluded it was a suicide, and in the process, I was also able to meet and work with Kathy Reichs, a famed forensic anthropologist. The case was featured on A&E’s ‘Investigative Reports’ with Bill Curtis, and so I had a short five minutes of fame. I learned so much at the young age of 19 working with Dr. Baden, not to mention I loved his show ‘AUTOPSY’ on HBO—and here I was working with the same person!” (link)
And just so you can be sure the hammer hits the nail head squarely – This guy Shawn Parcells is a massive liar of significant proportions as evidenced by his own explanation of his credentials unbelievably delivered to a court in 2011 (pdf link here)
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