Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Man smashes through front door, begins beating woman in home. But her husband in his 70s gets his gun and ends attack — along with intruder.

A Florida homeowner in his 70s was in front of his Panama City residence early Tuesday morning when he saw a man walking down the street "screaming and swearing, and, according to witnesses, acting very aggressively and erratically," the Bay County Sheriff's Office said.

What happened next?

Then the man walked down the homeowner's driveway and approached him in a threatening manner, the sheriff's office said, adding that the homeowner retreated into the garage and then into the house to get away from the man.
But the man followed and started beating on the house's front door before busting though the glass and entering the residence, officials said.
The intruder then knocked the homeowner's wife to the ground, got on top of her, and was beating her about the head, the sheriff's office said.
Her husband told officials he didn't believe he could physically stop the intruder, so he went upstairs and got his gun.

The homeowner then fired multiple times, ending the threat, the sheriff's office said.
Deputies arrived at the home just after 6 a.m. and found a man shot on the floor as well as a handgun on the kitchen counter, officials said, adding that emergency medical services pronounced the man dead at the scene.
EMS took the woman to a hospital for treatment of her injuries, the sheriff's office said.
Sheriff's office investigators identified the intruder as Nathan Jerrell Edwards, 31, of Georgia who was staying in a short-term rental a short distance from the home he entered, officials said.
Here's a report from WMBB-TV:

What else went down?

The sheriff's office said in a separate Facebook post that Edwards was part of a group of friends visiting the area, and investigators found drugs — including LSD, cocaine, THC resin, and unknown substances believed to be hallucinogens — in plain sight when they made contact with the group.
Investigators also found an unsecured firearm, over $1,600 cash — and children.
The sheriff's office said the three women and one man — 42-year-old Ellecia Bryant, 19-year-old Ashayla Lewis, 26-year-old Ourania Moore, and 35-year-old Khary Johnson — were arrested on drug and child neglect charges.
Image source: Bay County (Florida) Sheriff's Office

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