Saturday, September 12, 2020

Gov Newsom thinks it's climate change when all along its been gross forestry mismanagement

Four people arrested for arson for deliberately starting blazes along West Coast as death toll from devastating wildfires climbs to 29 and Oregon officials prepare for a 'mass fatality event'

  • Two men in Washington state, one man in Oregon and one woman in California are facing arson charges 
  • Michael Bakkela, 41, was arrested Friday over a blaze in southern Oregon that merged with the Almeda Fire - that has so far killed at least two 
  • In California, Anita Esquivel, 37, was arrested Friday for fires on Highway 101 near Boronda Road 
  • At least 20 have been killed in California, 8 in Oregon and 1 in Washington state in deadly wildfires   
  • Authorities in Oregon and California expect casualty count to rise as fires continue to burn through states  
  • Dozens are missing in Oregon's Jackson County and Marion County, where fire continues to burn near Salem
  • Some 68,000 were ordered to evacuate in California where largest fire in state history burned 740,000 acres
  • August Complex Fire raging through Mendocino National Forest around 120 miles northwest of Sacramento 

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