Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Left's hierarchy of criminal martyrs

Kamala Harris's embrace of Jacob Blake is the latest blow to #MeToo 

It's been quite a week for Kamala Harris. In addition to promulgating anti-vaccination conspiracy theories about any coronavirus vaccine released during the Trump presidency, she met with the family of Jacob Blake, a man famous for fleeing from the police with his children in tow when he violated an existing restraining order after being charged with sexual assault.

Blake has been famously lionized by the Left after being shot by the police when officers tried to arrest him as he reached in his car (telling them after the shooting that he had a knife, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). Unlike the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, both of whom did not pose a semblance of deadly threats to officers and were preventable, it's unclear if any feasible policy change would have prevented Blake's shooting. After all, Blake subverted multiple nonlethal attempts to subdue him, and by all available evidence, the police in question only resorted to shooting him when the officers had reasonable suspicion that he was reaching for a knife.

Yet, it's not just the radical Left that has embraced Blake. Harris decided to wade into the active criminal investigation and take the side of a man charged with sexual assault and domestic violence.

"I mean, they're an incredible family," said Harris after meeting with his family while Blake called in. "And what they've endured, and they just do it with such dignity and grace. And you know, they're carrying the weight of a lot of voices on their shoulders."

To recap, Blake broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend back in May, digitally raped her while one of their children slept in bed beside her, and stole her car keys and debit card prior to fleeing the scene of the crime. Wisconsin issued both an open warrant for Blake's arrest for third-degree sexual assault and a restraining order for the victim. Blake violated the restraining order, triggering the police encounter in question.

So, one has to ask Harris, really? An incredible family? Not just the man who knowingly endangered his children by evading arrest for sexually assaulting their mother, but also his father, Jacob Blake Sr., who has spewed the sort of anti-Semitism that wouldn't be out of place on the Daily Stormer?

If 2016, characterized by visceral loathing from both sides of President Trump's and Bill Clinton's sexual malfeasance, was the election that paved the way for #MeToo, 2020 is proving to be sort of the opposite. The multiple allegations against Trump have become an afterthought to a media more obsessed with Russia and social justice, and Joe Biden and Harris have proven willing to ignore Blake's victim entirely, instead turning him into a hero.

The 2016 election offered Democrats to wipe their hands clean of the Clintons, start anew, and live up to their standards positing principled opposition to Trump. Since then, they've weaponized a baseless sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, then discarded their facade of care for the #MeToo movement with their attempted rehabilitation of Clinton and now the celebration of Jacob Blake. And thus, the death of the #MeToo movement continues apace.

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