Friday, May 27, 2022

The focus of this tragedy should be on the mother, drugs and the absence of a father (not ever mentioned)


A former co-worker of the heinous Texas school shooter said that he was open about his plans to save up his money in order to purchase weapons, and he quit just when he raised enough money.

The revelations come as investigators try to piece together the motivation for Salvador Ramos who was killed after he shot and murdered 19 elementary school children and 2 teachers.

18-year-old Grace Cruz told the U.S. Sun that Ramos quit his job at the Wendy's just weeks prior to the shooting after raising the money he wanted.

“He had mental problems, emotional problems, personal problems, every type of problem," Cruz said about her former co-worker.

She said he would work the drive-thru area but that he would often make mistakes at his job and cause patrons to complain. And he was very open about his plans. 

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