Saturday, May 14, 2022

The increasingly intrusive government bureaucracies....

What are the details?

The Crawford family — consisting of parents Kami and Ben and their six children — competed as a family in the Flying Pig Marathon, an annual race that takes place in Cincinnati on the first Sunday of May. The marathon is a qualifying event for the Boston Marathon.

The family completed the 26.2-mile marathon in 8 hours and 35 minutes.

But now they're being accused of "child abuse," according to WCPO-TV, because their youngest child — 6-year-old Rainier — competed in the event. Last Friday, CPS even visited the family home to interview the family.

The Crawfords explained in an Instagram post that CPS "arrived at our home unannounced and interviewed our children, parents & grandmother."

"This is a scary process because usually children are interrogated away from parents, against their will, and their answers determine the agency's legal right to take away the kids," the post added. "CPS requires SPECIFIC actions be reported like times, locations and specific abuses. Since these do not exist people had to make them up."

The specific complaint claimed the parents dragged their young child for more than 13 miles until they reached the finish line, "pulling him against his will." But eyewitnesses who were present during the marathon, and their own video footage, contradicts the allegations, the parents explained, adding that their son's only complaint was that he wanted to finish the race in less time.

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