Thursday, June 16, 2022

DHS plans to punish Border Patrol agents already cleared in 'whipping' of migrants

DHS plans to punish Border Patrol agents already cleared in 'whipping' of migrants

The Biden administration was left with egg all over its face when, after embracing a phony leftist narrative about Border Patrol agents "whipping" migrants illegally crossing into the U.S., it quietly dropped the matter and hoped no one would notice.

They should have apologized to the agents. 

Instead, they're coming for the agents a second time.

According to Fox News:

The Department of Homeland Security is preparing to discipline "multiple" horseback Border Patrol agents involved in the infamous "whipping" incident of Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border back in September. 

A federal source told Fox News an announcement on the matter is expected within the coming days. 

That is disgusting.

It was pretty obvious that a photographer's image of migrants attempting to break into the country illegally and overworked Border Patrol agents trying to stop them in the midst of a surge was all that was going on. 

But the left had its narratives to promote. The illegal crossers were black Haitians. The Border Patrol agents were Hispanic, which to leftists, was close enough to white. White Hispanics, see? The parallels to slavery with whips and black people were just what the left wanted to promote, first thing that got their interest on the bigger story, which was the border surge. 

But all they were were long reins.

So the Bidenites smeared the agents doing their jobs, claiming outrage, claiming they saw whips. The Department of Homeland Security placed the agents on administrative leave. Joe Biden himself declared there would be swift punishment, and "those people will pay." They vowed to get to the bottom of it -- swiftly, which, having nothing to prosecute, was not swift. Turned out there were no whips whatsoever and the agents were just doing their jobs. The crisis was entirely media-driven by ignorant Beltway reporters unfamiliar with horseback riding and the rough terrain of the U.S. border badlands.

You'd think the Biden administration would want to make it right with the agents and quietly drop the matter.


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