Thursday, June 23, 2022

Notice it's always men claiming to be women

Transgender mountain biker Kate Weatherly slams ‘horrifying’ new rules on trans athletes

New Zealand racer Kate Weatherly, 24, spoke out while attacking new rules from the world swimming’s governing body, FINA, that would ban her from competing if also applied to mountain bikers.

“People talk about the fact that we’re coming in and ruining women’s sports — but there are way bigger issues that women’s sports face,” Weatherly insisted to 1 News.

“The idea that a few trans women coming into a sport – and often times not even winning – and that’s what’s going to ruin women’s sports is pretty horrifying,” she said.

Weatherly’s own transition to women’s events, however, got off to a spectacular start when she made the jump in 2018, a profile by Stuff noted at the time.

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