Sunday, July 24, 2022

Democrats will protect the cartels from any actions of consequence.

Former AG Bill Barr says Mexican drug cartels should be wiped off the face of the Earth 'like ISIS' because they have too much money and power for courts to ever bring them to justice

  • Former AG Bill Barr, 72, said the Mexican government isn't 'serious enough' about disbanding the cartels, who are 'poisoning' Americans with fentanyl
  • 'I think [the Mexicans] have to be forced and pushed into action with us,' he said. 'We have to approach the cartels more like ISIS and less like the mafia'
  • He also said the individualized prosecution against cartels is ineffective, as they are 'effectively' acting like 'terrorist organizations' 
  • Barr said the cartels are bringing in methamphetamines and other drugs with fentanyl and 'poisoning' Americans, who 'don't even know what's in the drugs' 
  • Barr claimed Biden 'abandoned the border,' where more than 207,000 migrants tried to cross in June  

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