Thursday, March 30, 2023

Transgenderism and the Democrats completely immune from facts. You would think the transgender child murderer was a victim


Image source: Twitter video, @Townhallcom - Screenshot 

Just days after six Christians were murdered in a brutal school shooting by a female transsexual,  Democratic Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts  gave a speech honoring the trans "community," which she claimed "is being forced to fight for its very existence."

Beyond honoring transsexuals, Clark, who serves as Democratic whip in the House, also denounced those who stand in the way of the full execution of the transsexual agenda, including the very groups ostensibly targeted in the Nashville shooting.

'Not one tragedy but two'

In the aftermath of the Covenant School shooting, a number of LGBT activists and trans advocacy groups vilified Republicans, religious institutions, and others. In a number of instances, they appeared keen to displace blame from the transsexual woman who murdered three children and three adults.

Where are the dead transgender bodies? This Democrat is a loathsome piece of crap!

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