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Clarice:The Democrats Create an Alice in the Looking Glass World

The Democrats Create an Alice in the Looking Glass World

Like Alice dropped into an illogical world, I’m looking at the past week and seeing a chaotic, topsy-turvy, irrational series of policies, events, and outcomes. There are many possible examples to choose from. I’ve chosen four: The open border, the inexplicable disparities in the handling of crimes by Democrat district attorneys, the Administration’s song and dance with Iran and UNRWA, and China, and there’s a degree of overlap in some of these.

North of the Border

Millions of people -- mostly military-age men -- from almost every country on the globe are being processed by the Borden Patrol and released with orders to show up for hearings, many not set for several years distant, during which time the Democrats will certainly seek an electoral advantage. Since districting for voting and disbursement of federal funds is based on the number of residents, regardless of their legal status, districts with lots of illegals will get a weighted advantage. Most of the asylum applications are groundless, but most likely, the Democrats will seek amnesty for these millions. President Trump had begun wall construction and set in place policies to stop this. Within 100 days of taking office, Biden took 94 executive actions which smoothed the way for the massive influx of illegal immigrants. Legalizing them will effectively create a one-party state. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who is now facing impeachment proceedings, worked to make deportation of these people nearly impossible. Elon Musk on X:

“Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas issued written guidance making it clear that: 1. Illegal presence alone is not grounds for deportation. 2. Criminal charges, convictions or gang membership alone are not enough for deportation. You basically have to be a convicted axe murderer to be deported!“

The Supreme Court has made it nearly impossible for states to act when the federal government will not stem the invasion. Jonathan Turley:

[T] his crisis is the result of decades of court rulings expanding executive powers while limiting the ability to challenge those policies. The court’s decisions narrowing standing have been deleterious, limiting those who can challenge unlawful or unconstitutional acts by the federal government.

States such as Texas are absolutely correct that this is a breach of the original understanding with the federal government. The combination of the sweeping preemption by the courts and diminishing enforcement by the agencies has left states as mere observers to their own destruction. It is like watching your house burn down as the fire department works primarily to prevent anyone else from putting it out.

The Biden fire department is claiming that, just as it has the authority to put out fires, it has the authority to let them burn . 

Irrational Democrat Law Enforcement

A pack of illegal migrants attacked New York City policemen. Videos captured the assault, and several of the men were arrested. District Attorney Alvin Bragg arranged for them to be released on bail, and they were photographed laughing and flipping off photographers.  Then, using  false names, they persuaded a sympathetic-to-illegals charity to give them bus transportation to California, where they will receive “free health  care, housing, food subsidies, scholarships for illegal aliens in Gavin Newsom’s $ 68-billion-in-the-red state.”  Confronted by a reporter concerning the no-bail policy for illegal criminals, New York's Governor Kathy Hochul suggested they be deported, contrary to sanctuary cities in both states. 

Questioned why he chose to arrest and demand $100,000 bail for Daniel Perry, who saved a subway car full of passengers from a violent man threatening them, while at the same time seeking no bail for illegals who beat up cops, Bragg said he lacked evidence to hold them, this despite all the passengers who supported Penny and thanked him, and the assault of law enforcement officers being on videotape. The message is this -- in Bragg’s NYC jurisdiction, we’re going to allow people to brutally attack you with little consequence, and you dare not defend against that.

A congressional aide engaged in anal intercourse in a Capitol hearing room, videotaped it, and made it public. The U.S. Capitol Police declined to charge him, though imprisoned Jacob Chansley and most of the other January 6 defendants engaged in no misuse of government property when they walked through rope lines in the Capitol and engaged in friendly exchanges with the Capitol Police while there. Instead of prosecuting felonies in the District of Columbia, the U.S. attorney for D.C. is still directing massive amounts of manpower to track down January 6 trespassers who reside around the country to prosecute them.

The District of Columbia is the site now of a really horrendous crime wave, including many brutal carjackings. The D.C. attorney general Brian Schwalb claims we can’t stop this by arresting the young men engaged in these crimes.

Fani Willis, who seeks to convict Donald Trump under some notion of RICO, now admits that she has a “personal relationship” with the man she hired to prosecute the case, a man with no experience in such prosecutions. Her paramour’s friends bankrolled her campaign and, in return, received lucrative contracts, and she is charged with having misused federal funds.

Iran and UNRWA

Either Biden is stupid or he thinks we are. After repeated aggression by Iranian proxies, including the killing of three U.S. servicemen and women, the Administration said it was going to take countermeasures. It announced six days before acting where it was targeting and unsurprisingly, by the time it did so, the targets certainly had moved to safety. This is in line with its policies of giving Iran a free pass.

While Robert Malley was placed under FBI investigation and was removed from office as Biden’s Iran envoy, the administration has not deviated from the never-disclosed policy he set in 2016 while he was with the non-governmental agency, the International Crisis Group -- a Memorandum of Understanding with the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Biden will not enforce sanctions against Iran, has instituted no arms embargo against Iranian drone purchases, and has not interfered while Iran builds up its nuclear arsenal. Those drones Iran purchased are apparently the very ones the Iranian proxy Houthis are firing at vessels in the Red Sea. We keep announcing that we are shooting down those drones, but it’s a costly “victory.” The drones are worth about $50 thousand each, and the cost of destroying them before they damage our ships is in the millions. Certainly, reason suggests it’s time to destroy the drone launch pads and launchers and abandon Malley’s plan.

As to UNRWA, in the face of its proven collaboration with Hamas and participation in the attacks on Israel, a significant number of countries and the European Union have announced suspension of further contributions to the organization. Biden did as well. But -- hold on a minute -- we only suspended $300,000 of our contributions. So far this year, we have contributed $121 million dollars to UNRWA, doubtless a good deal of it after October 7. Remember, Trump suspended contributions to UNRWA, and Biden reinstated them.

The Great Afghan Folly

Regarding our disastrous fast-footing out of Afghanistan, leaving a fortune in military equipment behind, a new Department of Defense IG report indicates that, in 2022 and 2023, we spent a total of $5.1 billion in fiscal years 2022 and 2023 to house, feed, transport, and resettle Afghan evacuees, and here’s the kicker: the beneficiary of all our labors, lost troops, and fortune expended in Afghanistan will be – guess who -- China.

“The Taliban has asked to join China’s Belt & Road initiative and has already signed contracts with China allowing the Communist regime to drill for oil and gas in Afghanistan and to mine lithium and copper in the mineral-rich country” per a Pentagon IG report.“ 

I wish, like Alice, we could all realize this was some kind of weird dream, but I know it isn’t.

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