Biden's betrayal of Israel only means MORE civilians will die: MARK DUBOWITZ explains how Desperate Joe's latest blunder 'endorses' one of the terrorists's most repulsive tactics


A decade ago, former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates famously declared that Joe Biden, 'has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.'

Secretary Gates – you'll never believe what Joe's done now.

President Biden has made, perhaps, his most incompetent policy blunder yet (at least since his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan). 

In an interview Wednesday, Biden threatened to block the transfer of U.S. weapons to Israel, if the Jewish State launches a military operation against Hamas's last remaining stronghold in southern Gaza.

His ultimatum comes nearly seven months to the day of the October 7 slaughter – and after the White House admitted they had already secretly halted the delivery of bunker-busting bombs that Israel requires to root out terrorists hiding in deeply buried underground tunnels.

Indeed, the mastermind of the Hamas massacre, Yahya Sinwar, is believed to be sheltering in these tunnels – cynically dug beneath the feet of about 1.3 million Palestinians.

It's not only layers of concrete, dirt and sand that shield these terrorists from the Israeli military. These monsters hide under women and children.  

But Biden blames Israel.