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Iran: Not good news for the world as the 7th century Islamists win parliamentary runoff vote

Iran's hardliners win parliamentary run-off vote

17 hours ago

Iran's hardline factions have strengthened their grip on power in a run-off parliamentary election. Most independent and opposition candidates were barred from running.
Iranian police officer votes in run-off election
Hardliners have taken the remaining seats in Iran's run-off electionImage: Vahid Salemi/AP/dpa/picture alliance

Iran's hardline factions have won most of the remaining seats in a parliamentary run-off vote, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday.

Hardliners have secured 233 of 290 seats in Iran's parliament, according to a tally by the Associated Press news agency.

What do we know about the run-off vote?

The "principlist" faction won 10 of 16 remaining seats in the run-off vote in Tehran, with the Coalition Council of Islamic Revolution Forces (SHANA) receiving the remaining six. Both groups are classified as hardline factions.

The majority of the remaining seats in the provinces were also taken by hardline groups.

Most independent and opposition candidates were not allowed to run in the election, with the Guardian Council banning them months before the vote.

Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi said the election saw "good participation" without giving concrete figures.

"All elected people have had a relatively good and acceptable" number of votes, he said.

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