Thursday, May 16, 2024

The face of Democrat Party election interference

Obama-Appointed Judge Smacks Down Marc Elias’ ‘Absurd’ Election Lawfare

The firm of Democrats’ favorite lawfare artist — who was also the attorney behind the Russia-collusion hoax — was all but laughed out of court in a recent Wisconsin election integrity case.  

D.C.-based Elias Law Group, founded by former Clinton campaign and Democrat National Committee lawyer Marc Elias, brought a “novel” absentee ballot complaint against the state that an Obama-appointed judge called “head-scratching.” 

In dismissing the lawsuit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission, U.S District Court Chief Judge James D. Peterson summarily rejected the leftist law group’s outlandish claim that a state law requiring a U.S. citizen witness and sign an absentee voter’s ballot is a violation of voting and civil rights. 

‘Absurd’ Interpretation

In a 37-page ruling, Peterson railed against the complaint’s core argument, concluding that “the most obvious problem with plaintiffs’ interpretation is that it simply does not make any sense.”

“The absurd results to which plaintiffs’ interpretation would lead are reason enough to reject that interpretation. But the text, purpose, and history of [Wisconsin Statute] § 6.87also support an interpretation that a witness is required to certify only the statements about the process of preparing the ballot,” Peterson wrote of the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.  

“It is plaintiffs’ interpretation that leads to head-scratching results,” the federal judge wrote. 

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