Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The sub prime mess

"People familiar with the matter said Freddie was being pushed by advocacy
groups to come up with new loan products to offer to low-income and minority
borrowers. "

Here is an article about the sub prime fanancial debacle as seen by the WaPo. It is sanitized to protect the names of the guilty but essentaially correct. Those people mentioned in the above quote are community groups especially ACORN, the Rev. Jackson's group and the race baiters like Maxine Waters (D) Congresswoman from the LA area, Barney Fank (D) and Chris Dodd (D) and others. No mention of Franklin Rainer or Mr. Johnson (both Obama advisors) who were found guilty of cooking Freddie, Fannie's books.

Internal Warnings Sounded on Loans At Fannie, Freddie

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