Friday, May 8, 2009

The answer Mr. Hanson is that she and her fellow Democrats will lie cheat and steal for power.

Have You No Sense of Decency, Ms. Pelosi, at Long Last? Have You No Sense of Decency? [Victor Davis Hanson]
The news that Nancy Pelosi was, in fact, briefed on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques as early 2002 should have two repercussions. Her status as a legislative overseer involves more responsibility than was true of the legal advisors who offered opinions that could or could not have been accepted by the administration and those select few in Congress charged with monitoring CIA protocols.
Second, Pelosi has repeatedly misled the country about her exact role in such oversight and the degree to which she was briefed — quite unlike Yoo, Bybee, etc. who have not denied their briefs, but sought to argue they were legitimate options given the crises of the times and the nature of the killers involved. All of which leaves us in a quandary — will those who are on record demanding to indict, impeach, disbar, etc. lawyers who offered legal briefs (and have told the truth of their role in offering such opinions), now turn their animus to others who (1) had the legislative authority to stop cold what they knew was going on, but instead approved it, and (2) have not been at all truthful about such complicity?
What we are seeing is yet another chicken, albeit a large one, coming home to roost — especially when we were lectured throughout 2007-8 that what has now become the current Obama anti-terror protocols (e.g., rendition, wiretaps, email intercepts, Predator drone executions, staying the course in Iraq, etc) were once all proof of Bush's trampling of the Constitution that had only empowered our enemies.
At some point, someone in the Obama media is going to have to come to their senses and admit, "Okay, enough is enough, this is getting shameless beyond belief."

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