Monday, September 17, 2012

Here's what the Chicago teachers turned down

Term: Three Years, 3%, 2%, 2% with an option for a 4th year at 3% raise by mutual agreement. Eliminate “wage reopener” 47-2.2.
Maintain PSRPs’ Annual Salary Table. PSRPs get 4%--2% COLA with 2% for the longer year. Steps and Lanes: full value of steps are preserved, increase raises for steps 14, 15 and 16. Lanes
are preserved. No merit pay.
Benefits: Health Care benefits preserved at current levels with no increase in rates or co-pays. Wellness program.
School Calendar: 175 full student attendance days; 6 half days; 7 full PD days; 6 half days; 2 report card pickup days (non-student attendance)=190 days total. 8 holidays; 10 days of vacation. We WILL make up the days lost to strike.
Forces Board to hire 512 additional “specials” teachers—art, music, physical education, etc.
Longer Day
No Merit Pay (“Differentiated Compensation”) and Preserves Lanes
Maintains full value of teachers/PSRPs career ladder (steps); increases value of highest steps (14, 15, and 16)
Eliminates “PEP”
Longer Year
New Recall rights • Creates “CPS Hiring List”—at least 1/2 of all CPS hires must be displaced members • 10 months “true recall” to same school if position opens • Teachers “follow students” in closing, phase- out, and consolidation
Cuts layoff benefits to 1⁄2 former level (5 months RTP, 5 months Cadre for school closings, school actions)
Improves language on • PSRPs: “The BOARD shall not reclassify a Teacher Assistant to a Special Education Classroom Assistant who does not perform diapering and feeding.” • Unified Calendar • Preparation periods for clinicians • Provides for books on day 1 • Creates recess • Board commits to hire nurses and social workers if it gets new revenue • Paperwork reduction language—new paperwork shall be accompanied by a corresponding reduction of existing paperwork. • Anti-bullying provision
New Right: mediation/arbitration in discipline cases.

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