The Richmond City Council passed a resolution Tuesday supporting a ban on space-based weapons after a lengthy discussion over whether individuals are being psychologically and physically harmed by exotic government-patented attacks from high in the sky.
Councilmember Jovanka Beckles, a member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA), introduced the resolution, saying it begins to address concerns of a Richmond resident who claims she’s been targeted by “remote transmission” from space-based weaponry. Others claiming to have suffered physical and psychological attacks traveled from around the country to speak at Tuesday’s council meeting. One speaker claimed to have been zapped multiple times right before his testimony at council.
The resolution supports the Space Preservation Act and Space Preservation Treaty permanently banning “space-based weapons,” even though the legislation first introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich in 2001 has never gained traction in Congress. It appears that Richmond is the first municipality in the U.S. to take up this lofty issue in more than a decade. In 2002, the City of Berkeley passed a similar resolution supporting the ban.
Conspiracy theorists believe the resolution is a step toward ensuring secret weaponry such as chemtrails, which are trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft that supposedly emit a chemical or biological agent, can no longer target unwitting citizens. For RPA members on the council, the resolution is also an anti-war initiative.
RPA members on council, Gayle McLaughlin and Eduardo Martinez, also voted in favor of the resolution. Vice Mayor Jael Myrick and Councilmember Nat Bates were the final two yes votes, although Bates claimed he was confused by the discussion.
“I’m going to support the resolution for the simple reason that we have voted on a lot of dumb ideas,” Bates said.
Mayor Tom Butt voted no, saying he believes the conspiracy theory behind space-based weapons is above the heads of city leaders and has taken time away from more pressing city matters such as the budget deficit, potholes, and crime. Butt has complained in the past about the RPA attempting to hijack council sessions to push a radical agenda regardless of whether the issues are important to Richmond residents.
The mayor also pointed to a signed 1967 treaty banning the militarization of space.
The other dissenting vote came from Councilmember Vinay Pimple, who pointed out that supporting a limitation on the ability of the U.S. to defend against attacks from long-range missiles might not be wise.
Pimple disputed what he called “knee-jerk” reactions from RPA members who depicted President Ronald Reagan’s proposed space-based anti-missile program of 1983, known as the “Star Wars” initiative, as inherently evil. The Cold War initiative was intended to defend against USSR missiles during the Cold War and was shelved not for the project’s moral ambiguity but its perceived effectiveness, Pimple said.
The idea behind Star Wars, Pimple said, “is you can knock out someone’s weapons long before they enter your air space. The U.S. used Patriot missiles to knock out Iraqi Scuds targeting Israel and Saudi Arabia, he added.
RPA members, however, argued that this issue is not just about war but about the individuals in the U.S. who believe governments are using futuristic weapons in space for the purpose of inflicting pain and mind control. Martinez argued that they may very well be telling the truth. He recalled a science fiction novel he wrote a paper on during college that predicted truths 20 years in advance.
“It’s easy for me to see that things which are wrong can happen because we have the wrong mindset,” Martinez said.
Myrick said he supported the resolution because he doesn’t support war.
“The weaponization of space…is something I think is extremely immoral and we should not be as a nation engaging in,” Myrick said. “Maybe some wars are unavoidable, that may be true. But whatever we can do to get our country away from that mindset…..that’s why I support this resolution.”
Amy Lee Anderson, a “targeted individual” who brought the matter to Beckles’ attention, was thankful that the council took up the issue.
“No where in the United States, no targeted individual can get this support,” Anderson said. “We just needed one person, one city. Because of that, you all our heroes. We are dying within because the technology is so sophisticated. It’s hard for someone who has no experience to fathom it, it’s so sophisticated.”


  1. C’mon Richmond Standard….your bias is showing!
    I usually despise the RPA but I’m glad to see the silent weaponry being used around the globe for at least the half century is finally being brought out into the open where it belongs.
    Good for Beckles!!
    See “Silent Weapons for Silent Wars” :
    Now, then, RPA, please condemn GM foods and weather manipulation that is causing the current unnatural weather and drought…the end game being corporate control of our food production and our water
     Marilynne L. Mellander | May 21st, 2015 
  2. Thank you , Thank you , This much needed passage on space based ( DEW , Directed Energy Weapon ) used on un-consensual American citizens is a torture that is very painful and needs immediate passage on the national level . I am a ” T I ” and a law abiding senior . Why am i being tortured 24/7 for over 2 1/2 years now ? My life is in the fourth quarter but i do not want to go out in this fashion ! Please do not drop the ball & get rid of this terrible type of weapondry that us ” T I ‘s ” suffer from it’s useage on a constant basis . Thank you !!!
     Ken Erwin , Sr. | May 22nd, 2015 
  3. Thank you , This much needed passage on space based ( DEW ” Directed Energy Weapon ) used on unconsenting American citizens is a torture that needs to be stopped . It is very painful and used constantly 24 / 7 . In my case for over 2 1/2 years now ! This needs to be passed on the national level now , immediately . Why is our government allowing us to be used as Guinea Pigs ? My life is in the 4 th quarter and i do not want to go out in this fashion . Don’t drop the ball on this terrible type of torture . Ken Erwin , Sr.
     Ken Erwin , Sr. | May 22nd, 2015 
  4. Thank you Amy Anderson and others for what you have accomplished. I wish for the same support soon here in FL.
     Melissa Sanderson | May 24th, 2015 
  5. A close friend here in Toronto has been a Targeted Individual for over a year now. She, and countless other Canadians, have nowhere to turn. Richmond CA has taken a brave and open-minded step, one “giant step for mankind”. Your City Council, and therefore each citizen of Richmond, is to be commended for this decision. Here’s hoping it will set a precedent.
     patricia f. morris | May 24th, 2015 
  6. I believe this falls under the ‘strange but true’ category. I’ve been a target of organized stalking (aka gang stalking, community-based harassment) since August 2014. I read in a former FBI agent’s sworn testimony that gang stalking is a covert FBI program, similar to Cointelpro (1956-1971). In the first Cointelpro, the government illegal surveilled folks – many of whom were civil rights activists, anti-war protesters, etc.) In this resurrected Cointelpro, the targets tend to be whistle blowers, activists, minorities and women, etc. Tactics are similar but more sophisticated (stalking, harassing, surveillance). So that’s the link between organized stalking and the government.
    The next connection is the idea of testing weapons in what is often called ‘no touch torture.’ (In a similar vein, those gang stalked call it a ‘prison without walls’). Everything these days seem to be ‘no touch.’ I had my temperature taken last week by something the nurse put in front of my forehead! We’re seeing robots work with bombs, cars parallel park themselves, etc. I think ‘no touch torture’ and unseen weaponry is the future of warfare and the government is experimenting on innocent citizens, like it has in the past (Tuskegee study, radiation, MK Ultra, Cointelpro, etc.).
    I can only speak of gang stalking but from the other targeted individuals I have met, the progression of this will turn to exotic weaponry. I hope it will not, but I fear it may. 
    Also, for the non-believers, the government has a lot of patents on these weapons already. And, the CIA has been experimenting with mind control since the 1960s. It’s just a matter of time before these weapons become mainstream for population control and warfare. 
    We have the opportunity in our life time to make sure this does not happen. Bravo to the Council for their forward-thinking and compassionate mindset.
     Jo | May 25th, 2015 
  7. DEWs are a reality and this may or may not be considered a conspiracy. It is merely a term the ignorant use to dismiss TIs and the abuse we receive 24/7. It has been almost two decades of perp harassment for this TI. Perhaps change is possible.
     Robert Butler | May 25th, 2015 
  8. I am exposed to chemical weapons through the vents in my apartment. The persons allegedly involve are the management/maintenance. We need the support you have in Richmond, Ca. In NJ and NY.
     Lorna Corpening | May 26th, 2015 
  9. As hard as it is for the public to believe that weapons like this exist you only have to look at the patents to see that they are very real. What do you think the military and the intelligence agencies have been secretly doing for the last 50+ years?
    What they are using against us now may one day be used against you in the future.
    Many of us describe this as Electronic Harassment. There is another side to this too called organized stalking or gang stalking, if you have never heard of it look at the following articles/news reports.
    News report from KENS 5 by Joe Conger, San Antonio, Texas.
    Central Coast News by Candice Nguyen. This news report was shown in California.
    American TV show called “What Would You Do?” This video illustrates how easy it is to recruit complete strangers to harass someone. This is similar to how gang stalking works
     Ashley | May 27th, 2015 
  10. lol. jesus, really? my taxes are paying to listen to this crap? give me a freakin’ break.
     christopher starkey | Jun 2nd, 2015 
  11. c’mon. get real people. or at least, realistic.
     christopher starkey | Jun 2nd, 2015 
  12. Please people, gang stalking is mind control, I have been a target now for 3 years, have every calling card every other ti gets the 1st year, my mind was too strong So conversely being abused and tortured around the clock for 2 years on my body.. Lets not forgot satlitte tv and radio to get to us around the whole world, bounces and leap frogs over 10’s of thousands of satlittes to get the the victim.. Federal located centrally SCUM building anything less then that is mind control Hence name of this Horrifc Crime, WAKE UP PEOPLE.. TALK AND ACT INTELLIGENTLY TOO MANY INOCENT PEOPLE ARE NOW IN AND OUT OF MENTAL WARDS AND ON MENTAL DRUGS, NAME OF THIS CRIME FOR FED SCUMS TO GET AWAY WITH.. POPULATION CONTROL AND COLLAPSING THE ECONONMY EVEN MORE!!!!!
     smartlady | Jun 3rd, 2015 
  13. I am commenting from Tullamore and Dublin Ireland – I Thank Richmond County for their commitment to their citizens in granting safety – Everything, every pain, every suffering, every tear the Targeted Individuals have put before Richmond County is happening to me here in Ireland – In my case I have been “used” by the Irish Government in torture – in Government paid rapes of my body and my life – I look at life going by all around me and yet here I am with my skin burning away – I have had “the handler” pushed into my life four years ago – would did gaslighting of every opinion, or action I had – He set up accidents where I have been medically tortured by doctors in Tullamore Hospital – I went in for one foot operation – they operated on the good foot and damaged the broken foot further – they have placed pins and plates in both feet and removed bones from my heel – Under anaesthetic they have shredded, lymph nodes, and many of my female parts and mutilated me – they removed a cartilage bone from my throat and have placed industrial patches in Novartis’s and Amgen’s sponsored trials – when I asked why I had many keyhole scars to my body – and why I had cuts in the pelvic area – I was dragged from my home in a wheelchair (as I could not walk after the operation) I was held down in a mental hospital and forced psychotropic drugs were injected into me. I truly thought Ireland had gone mad. I was held for five weeks and told that I must not say anything bad about Mr Eoin Sheehan – Orthopaedic Consultant as he has told police he is worried about his reputation – that was 2013 – in the last year I managed to get some of my medical files which proved everything I say was done to me was done – I was medically tortured an mutilated. I have put my story to the UN after exhausting all avenues in Ireland – I have been assaulted, beaten, with a kettle of water thrown (cold water) over me. I have been held virtually like a slave for pharma in this home here that I shared with Tom (my partner – it is his house). He sealed up the front door, letter box, and sealed all vents – I could hardly breathe – this his sexual assaults killed my inisde spirit – he set up many ways for me to commit suicide – even tying a noose on a tree outside near the shed that a young man committed suicide in in 2009 – That young man had also lived in this house, locals say he was found on the ground with a rope around his neck. No investigation despite police stating that the grid was not high enough for him to hang himself. That man had been in good spirits and was looking forward to doing a launch of something at the Tullamore Show. My passport, legal papers and my birth certificate are the only items that have been stolen from my personal belongings – I am in the process of applying for a new one but the staggering process is in place. I have no safety, just like Targeted Individuals worldwide – the more we do our best to live a peaceful normal life, the more we are tortured – this is Ireland today with crimes against women – I have done my own observations and investigations and I have outed Tom as a paid Government Agent to set up accidents and to kill me – Irish Psychiatry labels any mention of DEW as paranoia – even family members are isolated away from TI’s – Pharmageddon is also used in that when a patient visits a doctor or a hospital they are tortured through Gamma rays that can be sought out from any laptop directed at patient even with doctor or others in room. I pray and hope – Pharma sponsorship is known in the US as bribery and corruption – in Ireland it is revered and Pharma are treated like royalty and women like me mutilated and then the Irish army and Government agents torture us daily – I am on facebook – under Teri B Keane – I am not sure if my response will be posted here – I hope it is – Thank you Richmond County –
     Teri | Jun 14th, 2015 
  14. Can’t tell if these comments are sarcastic or genuine. Find it funny that people think that a city council’s decision (in Richmond of all places) has any bearing on what the US government or any other great power has on deciding on what they attempt on their own subjects via space, aircraft, food, or water. They don’t care and they wont stop just cause you ask or vote them too, especially if it pertains to anything that has to do with control of the masses. This vote was done to try a generate some type of positive hype for the council members since richmond is so far gone that they can only vote on an issue that appeases a few without angry others since there is no downside to approving this other than wasting tax payer dollars and the councils time. Just a waste of time and money to bring this bill to the floor and vote for it. Any doctrine generated by this council regarding national security or war is about as useful as a tissue used to protect an individual from a nuclear blast.
     More Vegetables | Jun 23rd, 2015