Sunday, December 20, 2015

While the media ignores we are losing Afghanistan

Losing America’s forgotten ‘good war’

Even as President Obama’s desperately trying to convince the public he’s on top of terror, ISIS and Syria, look: Afghanistan’s headed into the crapper.
The only Western headlines on the country are about the unfortunate US accidental bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz. But that came amid the Taliban’s brief takeover the city — which was just part of the Islamists’ recent offensive.
Some 2,200 US troops have died there — more on Obama’s watch than President George W. Bush’s. Yet what Obama used to call the “good war” (as opposed to Bush’s Iraq intervention) is in worse shape than when this president took over.
The Taliban now control nearly all the roads in the nation, when they want to. They’re on the verge of ruling six provinces, and are a major threat in a dozen or so more (of 34 total). And ISIS has a presence in at least three provinces.
The under 10,000 US troops there are at their limit — and Obama plans to bring the number down to 5,000 soon.
The endless war has produced its own refugee problem, with a million or more fleeing — including hundreds of thousands to Iran.
Iran’s found a silver lining: With promises of citizenship, it has recruited refugees for a “foreign legion” — and sent the troops to Syria to help Bashar al-Assad’s bloody war to keep power. That unit is now the second-largest foreign force in Syria.
Afghans are actually around 15 percent of the refugee wave swamping Europe — even as other Afghans fight in Syria, helping to create even more refugees.
Wonder why the whole world seems in trouble? Obama’s anti-leadership has fostered even more disasters than the ones he’s busy explaining away.

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