Friday, February 24, 2017

Beach vacations for the poor? California is going off the deep end. Government control of vacations

Beach vacations for the poor? California is going off the deep end

Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press
Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press

This week, California lawmakers introduced a new bill that will use taxpayer dollars to help low-income residents go on beach vacations. This is not simply an abuse of tax money — it is a perfect representation of how far California has drifted away politically from the rest of America.
The legislation, introduced by Democrat Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher, would direct state agencies to develop new, low-cost beach rentals and to improve existing ones at taxpayer expense. 
While so many across America voted for lower taxes and less regulation, Californians chose a different path of higher taxes and more regulation. The politicians they elected have continued to fight for this agenda, which is part of legislative Democrats’ demands of radical solutions for societal ills.
After over two decades of Democratic control, California now faces an unfunded pension liability of no less than several hundred billion dollars, largely in part to the embrace of public sector unions and high minimum wage laws by the California Democratic Party. 
The state is also experiencing unprecedented middle class flight, skyrocketing housing costs that are 250 percent more than the national average, and the highest poverty rate in the nation, which can be largely attributed to the highly taxed and regulated environment in the state. 
With such grim statistics, can California truly still be considered “The Golden State”?
Despite holding over two-thirds of the seats in both the Assembly and State Senate, and all eight statewide elected offices, Democrats continue to blame everyone but themselves for the state’s growing problems. For them, the only solution is to move further and further left, while snubbing any attempts to consider an alternative viewpoint.
“Californians should be wary of the national calls for unity and healing… Californians do not need healing, we need to fight,” Democratic Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon proclaimed in his first speech of the Assembly session.
Democrats in California continue down this path because their worldview is entirely different from the rest of America’s. To them, a commitment to liberal ideology trumps national unity, pun intended.
As California moves further and further to the left, the time will come where Californians need to stand up and put an end to Democrats’ radical agenda. If we want to keep calling our home “The Golden State,” we had better act quickly before it is too late.

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