Thursday, April 25, 2019

The violent left

WATCH: Video Surfaces Of Pro-Abort Breaking Elderly Pro-Life Woman’s Leg

Senior woman holding head in hands in despair
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An elderly pro-life woman in Kentucky was thrown to the ground outside an abortion clinic earlier this month, suffering a broken leg and head injuries. The incident was captured by a surveillance camera outside the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville.

"I was there, as I am five days a week, talking to girls, offering them alternatives to abortion," Durning told the outlet, adding, "I saw a lot of hatred in her face and, I'm not exaggerating, I saw the face of Satan in her eyes."
The suspect remains at-large.
According to LifeNews, abortion activists in the area are using the assault to bolster calls for so-called “buffer zones,” which “prohibit pro-lifers from coming within a certain distance of the abortion clinic.”
Durning, however, remains undeterred from continuing her pro-life activism. “I’m there to help mothers and help them save their children,” she said.
Pro-lifers have been victimized by a string of assaults and acts of vandalism. For example, Marie-Claire Bissonnette, a woman from the youth branch of Canada's pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition, was kicked in the face by a Toronto-area male feminist identified as Jordan Hunt during a pro-life demonstration in September.
"Someone call the cops! Do not touch me!" Bissonnette can be heard yelling in the video after the assault.

SICK: Just now a pro-abortion advocate roundhouse kicked a young pro-life woman from @clcyouthprolife in Toronto

He has not yet been found, RT!!

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A pro-life activist in Massachusetts was punched in the face in March while demonstrating outside an abortion clinic.
“At around 9:30 a.m., officers were called to Women’s Health Services in Brookline after a male pro-life protester was physically assaulted by a female outside the clinic,” The Daily Wire previously reported.
“Police were dispatched to Women’s Health Services on Harvard Street for a disturbance. A woman believed a man, who was standing out front of the address, was videotaping her. The two exchanged words, the woman struck the man in the face then left the area,” a Brookline Police News report detailed, adding, “Police were able to identify the woman and summoned her to court for assault and battery.”

Abortion Clinic Customer Assaults Elderly Pro-Life Woman, Pushes
Her to Ground and Breaks Her Leg

This is the 2nd time in two months that an elderly pro-life person
has been assaulted. 

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