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Democrats Channel the Nazis

The Nazism of Democrat Gun Control

November 9 marks the 81st anniversary of the first day of Kristallnacht, also known as the "night of broken glass."  For nearly a week, the Nazi Sturmabteilung paramilitary forces carried out a pogrom against Jewish-owned businesses, synagogues and properties across Germany and related territories; 267 synagogues and 7,000 businesses were damaged or destroyed, and 30,000 Jewish men were incarcerated in concentration camps.
There was another sinister motive equal to the anti-Semitism: gun control.
What many don't know is, weeks before, the Nazis had disarmed the Jews whom they terrorized; they knew who had firearms because of a compulsory, pre-Nazi gun registry created a decade earlier.  The Nazis were so precise that businesses adjacent to Jewish-owned businesses were untouched; we suspect that many non-Jews wanted to help, but they knew that assisting would likely mean death or imprisonment.
After Kristallnacht, what did Hitler say was the justification?  Confiscation of illegally owned guns, in response to the assassination of Nazi diplomat Ernst vom Rath by Herschel Grynszpan, a 17-year-old German-born Polish Jew living in Paris.
In his 1971 book Rules for Radicals, Chicago community organizer and Obama and Clinton hero Saul Alinsky coined the phrase "the issue is never the issue."

This is exactly what Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, Reich minister of propaganda of Nazi Germany, employed in their post-Kristallnacht propaganda.  Their "issue" was revenge for vom Rath's death, but the actual issue was disarmament of a population they intended to murder or enslave.
Democrats Channel the Nazis
Thanks to Robert O'Rourke, the chronically failing candidate and DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) Chia Pet, firearm registrations and confiscation are now cemented in the national branding and messaging of the Democratic Party and most of its 2020 candidates.  Democrats have always believed this, mind you; in the past, however, they at least had the decency to lie about it.
Now that the "Democrats aren't coming for your guns" toothpaste lie is out of the tube, expect Democrats to eventually — sooner rather than later — present their Final Solution to the firearm question: full-scale criminalization of any civilian firearm ownership, irrespective of the type of firearm.  The Democrats' voter base is rabidly and insatiably anti–Second Amendment.
The unholy matrimony between the Democratic Party and the Nazis has long been documented.  What's utterly shocking is how little Americans know about this history.  The Democratic Party is America's original hate group, and Democrats were Nazis before the real Nazis existed.  Just like today's Democrats, the Nazis were also anti-white; in Germany's case, the expendables were those deemed to be the weaklings in the pursuit to resurrect a mythological pure Aryan race.  The Third Reich's basis for the Holocaust was the belief that certain racial and biological traits made one inferior or superior as a human being.  Sound familiar?  "I voted for Obama because he's black"; "I voted for Clinton because she's a woman."
As South Florida residents, it's rare to meet Jewish Democrats who know the complete history of Kristallnacht.  In Palm Beach County, 20 percent of the 1.5 million residents are Jews, making it one of the largest Jewish-inhabited counties in the U.S.  Miami Dade and Broward counties have a combined additional 200,000 Jews.
Republicans Side with Democrats
In the wake of every mass shooting, we wait to see what Republican lawmaker will run to CNN or The Washington Post to lecture us about "doing something bipartisan," which is the peddling of peaceful slavery disguised as utopianism.  The most egregiously unconstitutional proposal, which is supported by many Republican politicians, and is law in Florida, is "red flag" legislation.  These laws allow police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of guns from an individual who may present a danger to himself or others.  In some cases, ex parte hearings are held, which allow judges to make rulings without all plaintiff and defendant parties present.  In some cases, the defendant isn't even aware that someone has filed a petition against him until he receives a notice in the mail, or hand-delivered by a law enforcement officer. Red flag laws don't solely violate our Fifth Amendment rights; they also potentially infringe upon our First, Second, Fourth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendment liberties.  (We've written extensively about national and Florida red flag laws here; they're too good to be true.)  The Second Amendment is where Democrat political and judicial activist tyranny most manifest themselves.  Yes, it also shows in their disdain for freedom of speech and religion, due process, and states' rights, but the Second Amendment is the right that has long provoked the most anti-liberty bloodthirstiness among Democrats.
Rather than respond with more laws that infringe upon our guaranteed, God-given, non-negotiable rights, why is it that Republicans never respond to shootings with impassioned pleas to Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights by arming themselves?  Because they're petrified that The New York Times will accuse them of "having blood on their hands."  Instead of challenging the debunked myths and conspiracy theories of Democrats and the DMIC, too many Republicans fall over themselves to let MSNBC's audience know that they really do care about the well-being of children.
Thankfully, President Trump — once a supporter of red flag laws — appears to be changing his mind.  Good thing, too; had he continued to side with the Democrats and Tessio Republicans (inspired by Sal Tessio, from The Godfather, who betrays the Corleone family, a Tessio Republican is one who betrays his or her core voters), he would have undoubtedly lost millions of votes, and we can't afford to lose any votes heading into 2020.
The grotesque irony of the Republicans' acquiescence to the Democrats and DMIC is, there's no such thing as "right-wing terrorism."  There are only two types of terrorism: that which has inspired Democrat ideology, such as Islamic supremacy, and that which was begotten by Democrat ideology, such as white supremacy.  Republicans aren't intrepid enough to state these facts, or they're grossly ignorant.  I'm hopelessly awaiting the day a Republican has the gumption to call for the mass production and ready legal availability of automatic firearms, which were in common use when the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791.
With a year to go before Election Day, we implore you to respectfully correct your politically like-minded friends, relatives, and associates who don't believe that the "it" in "it can't happen here" isn't here.  In America, the "it" is alive and well; gun registries and confiscations are but two of the myriad methods Democrats will employ to take our children, money, and freedoms. 
You may not want to hear that, but you need to hear it.
Rich Logis is host of The Rich Logis Show, at, and author of the upcoming book 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Becoming a Democrat.  He can be found on Twitter at @RichLogis.
Scott Newmark is founder and president of the Florida-based non-profit Americans for Trump, Inc.  He can be found on Twitter at @TrumpBroward.

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