Friday, February 12, 2021

Black supremacists and the black victimhood narrative mass production of illiterates

5th Graders in Failing Public School Celebrate Angela Davis, ‘Black Communism’

Whistleblower documents revealed a Philadelphia elementary school, ranked as one of the worst-performing schools in Pennsylvania, forced fifth graders to act out a “Black Power” rally in honor of radical Marxist Angela Davis and to celebrate “black communism.”

According to Critical Race Theory investigator Christopher Rufo, who obtained the documents and spoke to a source within the William D. Kelley School, a fifth-grade teacher designed a social studies curriculum “to celebrate the political radical Angela Davis, praising the ‘black communist’ for her fight against ‘injustice and inequality.’”


The William D. Kelley School's student population is 94 percent black and 100 percent “economically disadvantaged.” Academically, it is one of the worst-performing schools in the state: by graduation, only 13 percent of Kelley students will have achieved basic literacy.



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